Top Gear Australia watch online

Welcome to the massive car show "Top Gear Australia"! If you want to hear advice about buying a home machine, then walk past — this transfer is not for you. Even despite the fact that this project is the next version of the English programs from «Top Gear», overlooking the channel SBS TV, there is a real drive and adrenaline. Here there is no such machine, which came to a quiet and measured family.

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Mosgorsmeh watch online

The main characters of this comedy television series — from Moscow and the city in which they live. People similar to them one can meet the capital's streets, subways subway, in elevators. In each of them one can find something familiar. They can adore and respect or contempt, and not portable.

As well as the very Moscow: Giant, echoing and full of life. Someone came here can not withstand the huge pressure of a large city and went to own quiet and measured provincial town. Anyone fascinated this sparkling lights and bustling with life in the capital

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Rapidly dries Kuyalnitskogo estuary. Video

8.10.11.Za recent years the level of water in the estuary Kuyal'nitskogo fell below its long-term critical level of approximately 5 meters. Save the estuary! National property of Ukraine — Odessa resort "Kuyalnik" — suffers ecological disaster. Over recent years the level of water in the estuary Kuyal'nitskogo fell below its long critical level almost 5 meters. Together with the estuary killed its flora and fauna.

Yutyaschiesya near residual water gulls but once dug posts for the salt. So today looks Kuyal'nitskogo estuary. In early summer, the wheels were under water. Now medicinal mud dries in the sun.


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The city of Feng Shui

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Doctor: Dmitry Bondarenko disease — a serious matter

Now Olga Bondarenko Society seeks to 5th hospital of Minsk, in which a year ago was treated Dmitry. officially sent to the KGB detention center of its clinical diagnosis, the results of MRI and other studies.

In a conversation with the "Freedom" Olga Bondarenko named principal, in her view, the causes of ill health spouse:

"The reasons: the cold, stressful situation and, of course, all these things that tell Michalevic. This stretch is finding naked in a cold damp room. I do not know why they were forced to squat. Maybe for them to warm up naked ? Maybe it

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American photographer Matt Hoyle (Matt Hoyle) made portraits and recorded the stories of people who came in contact with the aliens.

Ed, Everglades,? Florida, USA

I was 13 years old? We were on the march and set up a typical scout camp. We settled in the shack, which stood in the middle of the clearing in the woods and around — swamps.? When it was my turn to go in the shower? Outside after dark. I got in the shower when he heard a terrible roar and squish steps.? First I thought, What friends decided to play a trick

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Zimno — Church of the monastery …


While hunting ground of the prince,  

He monks settled here.     

Baptizing all of Russia — it is winter time will not forget.        

And in centuries gone his case,       

But the memory of the Baptist alive …

If you want to build a ship, do not pick up people to bring wood, and assign tasks, and better awaken in them a longing for the endless sea gave …

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Zimnensky Church of the Assumption Convent — Stauropegic Ukrainian Orthodox Church monastery

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The road to hell. Camp Earthworms Regenwurmlager

Not far from the Polish city of Mendzyzhech is a network of underground tunnels, construction of which was held from 30's to 1943, as a strategic defensive position on the Eastern Front. This Camp Earthworms «Regenwurmlager». Length already built part is about 30 miles away, which was to include about 80 miles of underground tunnels and more than 50 firing points. The depth of up to 70 meters in the north. According to the plan it should be completely self-contained complex with underground hospitals and power plants.

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Welcome to the Skeleton Coast!

A small part of the coast in Namibia has received the mystical and chilling name "Skeleton Coast". The fact is that it is here killed a great number of ships due to heavy fog and intermittent streams. And even if some sailors made it to shore, they suddenly die of thirst. After all, everywhere are nothing but sand dunes.

Not all part of the Skeleton Coast is open for travelers. They can only get to the south coast. You can even find several villages, whose inhabitants catch and sell fish. The most

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A mixture of smog and fog almost paralyzed the Chinese metropolis

Chinese metropolis faced with the reality of fantasy scenario in which people can live only in special masks due to the terrible environment. In this regard, the Shanghai was bad as ever: the fog and smog enveloped and partially paralyzed everything here, go out without masks in the street has become impossible, and the next time will not give much positive, except that the end with the peak voltage.

Actual overcrowding China against overly high density of transport in cities — is damning factors for the local environment, annually deteriorating very rapidly. Could now only collects: natural air purification

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