In Evenki village Vanavara opened a new hospital


The new hospital Vanavary — the pride of the whole village. Since the beginning of the year in operation launched 1st Corps, in it and clinic, and hospital. Here immediately bought new equipment, equipped with everything — from dressing to the dental office.

Irina Vetsel previously received treatment at the old hospital, which was built in the 1950s. The comfort level of the patients in these wards do not compare with the old conditions.

Irina VETSEL: "Heaven and earth, of course. Everything here is good — and a toilet nearby, and a shower. The

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Don Stonehenge cherish from witches

July 19, 2012 10:11

Age sanctuary about 3 thousand years Unique "place of power" on the Don near Trehostrovskoy Russian village healers-recommended practices to protect from the "evil forces."

Photo: Sergei Novitsky

Contemporary pyramids

This unique place — "Don Stonehenge" — is not the first film was shot, written popular articles. It all began more than a decade ago. Archaeologists Volgograd State University found in a remote steppe Zadonsk unusual perfectly oval mound with a diameter of about 200 meters. However, this place is not far from the Don has long attracted the attention of local residents, scientists

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In Ufa, a new sports complex

A modern sports complex appeared on the territory of the village fire station Chesnokovka Kirov district of Ufa. Engage and enhance their professional skills here will not only firefighters, but all comers.

The complex includes an outdoor area for play indoor soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, two treadmills, winter will be here to play hockey and skating. Free access will be here every day except Thursday, from 16.00 to 23.00 hours. 

In honor of the opening of the sports complex in the village was a great sports festival, which was attended by 18 teams,

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In Ufa began collecting Italian ultra-light aircraft

Double air jeeps — they call them the pilots themselves. Ultra-light aircraft for pleasant walks in the sky now collected in Ufa. Design microplanes here are not engaged. Exceptionally assembly.

Enough to take off the 30-meter runway. Flight distance is 700 kilometers. Dressed plane 95 motor gasoline. Fuel 20 liters per hour. From the Italian corporation aviasborochnoe the company entered into a dealership contract. The plant exists on private investment.

Now here you are building a four-Canadian aircraft. All models of the aircraft will be presented at an air show in the summer. The project was supported as part of

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Says Radio Liberation. After the election, no change

Society Dear friends,

"Freedom" was broadcast on May 20, 1954 — and soon released a version of the book "Says Radio" Release ", a collection of selected programs. This collection presents the entire spectrum of broadcast — from political analysis to literary criticism, from stories about historical events prior to the inspection of the Soviet press .

Over the next week you will be able to get acquainted with some pages of this unique book, which has long been a rarity.

Alexander Lukashuk

Previous publication HERE and HERE.

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Archeologists and geologists have a chance to solve the mystery of Stonehenge

January 14, 2012 18:29

British geologists, reviewing thousands of samples of rocks, found a clue to the solution of the greatest puzzles of European civilization — the origin of Stonehenge. However, to discover the secrets of the prehistoric stone gates, you will need more than one key, and the whole bunch.

NTV correspondent Anton Wolski figured out the details.

There are two theories on the origin of Stonehenge. According to one, the stones brought to the valley glacier, and, later, local residents have laid this design. According to another Virtue, people have cut down these blocks

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Against anti-historical as liberal practice

News programs from Russian television channels, cool movie with a demonstration of the brutal murder of a favorite Socialist Jamahiriya, immediately after that but know how the natives of tropical tourist paradise ate German traveler. There is a hard logic in the presence of a 2-transfer these plots nearby. The defeat Mummara Gaddafi Libya — a country which has been associated with social and economic progress in Africa in general and in the South — it means that the "West is best" tool drives these countries into the stone age to the inter-tribal wars, barbarism, cannibalism …

The Libyan

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In Tobolsk district of the Tyumen region opens a new poultry farm

Adjacent to the foxes and foxes settled Africans. In Tobolsk district started breeding ostriches. The first Siberian winter new lodgers moved well. In fur farms "Barguzinskaya" flightless birds moved last year from a nearby ostrich farm. Wintering for them was successful, although the Africans themselves — the real picky. "They need at least 20 degrees in the winter temperatures. They are also very fond of the will, that is, they can not live in a zagonchike, they necessarily need here such cages. Nutrition also great because they eat both herbivores. They eat hay , freshly cut grass and grain,

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What is faith?

Pater DY explanation of "faith":

There is a notionVera(Ed.: should read in this chapter instead of solid character — another similar, but with a dash lower, "Yat", I just can not picture) is one, and there is a conceptfaith(Where "e" — a letter "is") is another meaning. These two concepts — not one and the same. "YAT" — is the link between earth and heaven. Therefore, this letter and sound like "s" — diftongovoe sound, "and" — it is a true heaven, and "e" — it is, earthly existence. When we say the old faith, Slavic belief, the Aryan

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In Taganrog hemodialysis center opens

In Taganrog outpatient dialysis center opened, designed for patients with chronic renal failure. Its placed on the base of the city hospital number 1. Saving procedure for purifying the blood of toxins Prince out here with the apparatus "artificial kidney".

The dialysis center is designed to help tens of eight patients. Now here there are already more than 30 residents who previously had to travel three times a week in a medical institution like the south of the capital. People with chronic renal failure, the kidneys work or not their function is minimal. Without the help of

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