Mechanisms to work with applets 1C: Accounting 8.2

One of the most popular accounting software is now the product of 1C. Now the study of this software suite dedicated to the whole course of economic institutions, as now, bookkeeping IP or a large company it is difficult to imagine without 1C.

In this article, and make out the processing procedure in the data recording 1C:Accounting version 8.2. This is one of the most advanced software sectors, which allows not only the accounting services business, and spend quite effective accounting personnel policy.

So, in order to exploit a full software suite 1C:Accounting 8.2, it is useful,

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In Kazakhstan, the lake turned red, dying livestock

And in the Almaty region inhabitants of New Chemolgan faced with this environmental disaster. Local lake suddenly painted in scarlet. Local residents began to sound the alarm when the area became home to die bastard. On the shores of Lake colored visited Askar Mendybayev.

Kudaibergen Tazhiev daily tries to fight off his herd from a dangerous body of water. All in vain. The whole area is the only reservoir. Shepherd sure murrain associated with this water.

Kudaibergen Tazhiev, villagers NEW Chemolgan ALMATY REGION: — I recently lost about 10 horses, the whole

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Seliger and Recreation

Summer — time for vacations and warm weather, when you do not want to stay home. It's time to go on vacation close to nature, where you can qualitatively relax, socialize with other people and gain new emotions.

In our country, a lot of places, but the most interesting is the Seliger summer vacation. Of course, those who have never heard of it, is the name most likely nothing to say. However, those who have already been there, and again wants to go there. Seliger popularity is very simple and to be here can be anyone. It should tell you

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Profitable business via the Web

If you have decided to find out what the extra income, you can apply to that topic as the ready web store.

Now the trade sector attracts hundreds of millions of people around the world, and the means is vsepolnotsennym constant source of income for those people who do not want to wait cents from their own country for the economical activity. If you have a desire to engage in trade, then there will have to hold high-level analysis of the market. Meditate everyday trade now is problematic for a number of reasons. This bureaucratic red tape that

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Society This touching picture took Sergei Shapran in June 2003 while visiting a patient in the hospital Vasily Bykov in Borovlyany Gregory Baradulin and Gennady Buraukin.

The history of the death of Vasil Bykov known. She spoke in his movie "Vasil Bykov. Last Days" Sergei and Galina Navumchyk.

In the picture reflected Shapran the last days Bykov. This is one of the very tragic images in the Belarusian photos (let's call him "Farewell").

Together, the three big Belarusians. Bulls on the bed sick on the floor beside him sits Ryhor Baradulin, near the feet of Bykov — Gennady Buraukin. They

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In the queue for questioning — hundreds of mobile phone owners

Society Hundreds of subscribers of mobile operators VELCOM, MTS and Life called in for questioning to the police, the KGB, so they explained what they were doing on December 19 in October Square and Independence Square — say, their mobile phones, "spotted" in places of protest. Or "give up" the mobile operators to its subscribers?

After the release of the next propaganda film of the Belarusian TV "area. Iron Glass" in many cell phone owners was a shock totally mobile phones are tapped. Moreover, not only in the opposition politicians, presidential candidates. And then there's the people were summoned for

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A resident of the Chita region went to collect firewood and found a treasure


Deconstructing an old abandoned house, treasure hunter found vintage jewelry, the value of which is comparable to the budgets of the three areas.

  Summer — the busiest time for professional treasure hunters. In high season, gold and diamonds literally lying under their feet — they say. It is necessary to dig up the sand at the beach.

However, in the Chita region local resident found the golden calf — the old-fashioned. The other day, going through old abandoned house on the wood, he found a real

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In Saratov, a new building opened Youth Theater named Kiseleva

In Saratov, the opening of a new theater, which was erected a record 25 years. For a quarter century, the project had changed several times and survived the 6 regional managers (first secretaries of the regional committee, and then the governors).

On the night before the premiere seconds count. The most famous unfinished in Saratov — Theatre for Young People — finally delivered. Where the builders were busy yesterday, today grow roots actors.

"All you need now is to learn, to fill the content, here you need to bring our homes, spirits of the old theater

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Land and water

Society seems to be that it may be easier for this photo: linen friend (wild grain) of grass on a background of endless water. Simple — but you can not look away. Photo attracts like a magnet on it a pleasure to watch! We immediately see that this simple beautiful story (photo 1) master shot pictures. (The picture is called "Grass on the beach. ")

A pleasant experience is based on a comfortable sense of security, asvetlenastsi the sun and the beauty of semitones that gently come in blurred distance.

Comfortable sense of security arises from the

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Life Force (6 films) watch online

TV channel NHK Enterprises presents you a documentary series "Life Force" ("Life force"). 75% of mammals, birds, amphibians, are currently doing on the verge of extinction. This is 3% of the entire animal kingdom on Earth. Our Wednesday — is the result of geological changes and shifts in the global scale. Mountains and plains that form on the surface of the Earth, torn pieces of land configuration in ocean currents, and almost everything else that has led to the creation of unique and different habitat areas. All climatic conditions to assist in the development of plants and animals that

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