Highlanders eyes of Russian classics

Russian literary classics could give politicians of, the military, journalists and the entire Russian society invaluable information on how to how we meet the enemy in the Caucasus. Whether it's the attention to literature manifested, we have been able to subdue Chechnya lower blood.

Ah well, Pushkin describes highland robber and his current value in their own romantic "Prisoner of the Caucasus":

Circassian obveshen instrument; He is proud of them, they comforted; He wore armor, a musket, a quiver, Kuban bow, dagger, lasso And the sword, endless friend His work, his leisure. (…) His heritage — proud stallion,

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Borough Austria: balls, music, art

Vienna city called balls and music not only because it lived and went about their work of majestic composers such as Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart, Strauss, Brahms and Schubert. In this town they honor the musical traditions of the past, and therefore there throughout the summer sound famous waltzes, serenades, symphonies. Music sounds not only in concert halls, and on the street — in parks, squares and boulevards.

Since the beginning of the Austrian capital illumine the season starts music festival, which takes in the winter and spring. It attracts prominent people all over the world someone would

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City, who does not want war

From the way people greet each other in different countries, we can say something about their disposition, desires, values. For example, we, Russian, say "Hello" — the terrible climate in our sturdy, good health can not hurt. Resilient Greeks they say "Khair" — "Rejoice" — Greece under the sun, the sea, in the midst of ancient columns, left over from the days of antiquity, indeed, you can rejoice in the fact that you live. And in the Arab world, the main greeting sounds like "Salam Alaykum" which means "Peace be with you." There may appreciate the world, although in

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Hitler, fires and low season in Yurtsev

Society Relatively recently, a colleague showed the latest issue of the Ministry of Defence "Army" — they say, is in Belarus in 1943, near the village of Yurtsev in Orsha district, was built Hitler's bunker, code-named "Olga". Where Hitler supposedly was going to lead the operation of Kursk. Cited the figures — it was already flooded with 400 cubic meters of concrete and equipped with 3599 square meters of the complex. Only asked — why such information is not a sensation, and no evidence of local people who would not have left the construction site outside attention? He decided to

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Indigo children in Russia — Star Children

October 28, 2011 18:09

I am now at the stage of research on the topic of "new" children often have to tell the ignorant in the matter of the signs indigo children, their main difference from ordinary people. But long before I took up this same professional colleague for UFO Research, Captain I rank retired, chairman of the Commission for the Study of anomalous phenomena in the Russian Geographical Society of St. Petersburg Eugene P. Litvinov. He systematized information about the children of Indigo Books Lee Carroll and Jan Tober "Indigo Children" and "Children of the Indigo-2. Holiday color Indigo

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Barentsburg — Russian city in Norway

A microcosm of the 400 people on the archipelago is called Barentsburg, easily covered by a single glance, and surprisingly enjoys the attention of tourists. 

Why on Norwegian territory.Prior to 1920 Spitsbergen was nobody, followed by the Treaty of Paris, he placed under the protectorate of Norway. However, member states are free to contract to carry on business here. That is why Russia as a signatory of the contract coal mines here, now — only for the needs of Barentsburg.

Barentsburg — a town of miners. On the territory detached from the

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The demons of the past Holy Will


At the church's oldest living resident Michael svyatavolski Paramonavich Kalanchuk. A year'm 90 years old. But to call him a very old man does not work. So he lives in mimicry, in movements, in his voice.

Michael"There were people of the sea. Jews were more than 400 souls. Only the Jews. Shoemakers, carpenters, do what you want. There was a large sawmill. The Jews went to work here, and Belarusians. All together. There was a large commune. Telehany, Holy Will and Logishin. Three fairs in such villages were located. In year three fairs. Exported cattle to sell. Traders came

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Mogilev: Protestant protect their property

Society Today, in Mogilev two dozen faithful Christians of Evangelical Faith protected from destruction by a fence around their house of worship. According to authorities, the fence prevents the construction of multi-storey houses, and the administration of October district decided to demolish it.

Demolition of the fence has been appointed to 14 hours. By this time, near the house in which he lives a large family of believers, and that it is private property, people began to gather. On machines with a bulldozer came to the utility. Immediately came the police and government officials. To them through megaphones asked the

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Activists attended the funeral of the victims of Stalinist repression of Vitebsk

Society Like every year at this time, the activists removed improvised memorial area of the field near the village of Vitebsk region, where in the 1930s and 50s there were mass executions of civilians.

Place of burial of victims of Stalinist repression in the village fields are marked with a memorial cross, installed in different years. Vitebsk opposition began to establish crosses at these places are still 20 years. But the memorial symbols from time to time unknown vandals destroyed. Now here is a tall iron cross with the words "the victims of the totalitarian regime" and several smaller wooden

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Pending doomsday terrorized the French countryside, intending to depart on UFOs


However, it seems that's not all, that are capable of going crazy followers of the apocalypse theories … The closer to the cherished date, the more insanity will grow stronger. Judge for yourself.

Residents of a small French village Byugarash, located near the Pyrenees mountain range, preparing for the end of the world according to the Mayan calendar. And it's not superstition of the local population, and in the nearby mountain, where by December 21 are going to come hundreds, if not thousands, of followers of esoteric teachings and ideas of the

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