Buchanan: We arrived to pick up, and she gave birth to daughter

So we are now throwing grain free speech of the free world to For you, dear fellow citizens, too, start with the fact that feeds us and works with what our beginning and our end. "These words were broadcast twentieth day of May, 1954, in the first transfer station "Liberation". Wrote and read their editor Peter Sych. Stalin’s last prisoner, hero of the Battle of Monte Cassino. A few municipal boundaries flew his voice on the small waves to Belarus. Including to the village of Buchanan, where he had left his family. Peter Sych was arrested in 1939, when his

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Deepest festival

Not only the light that in the window — it’s true. But it is also true that the world is not just somewhere far away. Because the question: "festivals? .. — Cannes? Venice? Carlsbad?" — I have the second year in a row say, "Deepest," Magnificat "; suitcase and collect food to look cinema.

"Magnificat" in the deepest — is Catholic Festival of Christian films and television programs, but to no avail secular people would hesitate to serious words "Catholic" and "Christian." It is not the number of mentions the name of God, and not the presence of crosses, candles

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Mogilev commemorated the victims of Stalinist terror

Requiem celebrated Greek Catholic priest, Father Basil Requiem celebrated Greek Catholic priest, Father. BasilHe helped the young deacons with the Roman Catholic, but the Belarusian Autocephalous Churches.

Historian Igor Pushkin ignorant of Stalin’s terrorshootings began here in 1918.

Misha Bulavatsky and daughter shot priest Jadwiga Antonovna very hard and difficult, "- said at a rally historian.Igor Pushkin Undercover terrible career opened the case. Builders began to take away their own needs sand and found human remains. Public activist Misha Bulavatsky

Cross memory Avenue Dimitrovaresearch and fact-finding defeat people here."The Commission has decided what to do —

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Varakomshchyna: Cossacks and Adamczyk

Varakomshchyna — the village is very bright and quiet. Quiet so that unwittingly have doubts — and whether there inhabitants? Blackened old houses drowning in green scrublands narrow streets.

Reporter: "What are your feelings here?"Vladimir: "You know what? Previously there were no fences. Previously, I knew where the house key hanging. Did not lock anything. No fences were not. And the village is very very different. If no fences, you can go to the relaxed home at least some . Here at the moment so much pile up fences that even in your own home there is not suneshsya. "Our

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In Nyasvizh burned monument UNESCO

Journalist Ales whitewashed i witnessed the incident said "Freedom" that he saw."Fire was not visible — smoke billowed from under the roof. People running around in the archives. Was here and Chairman of the Executive Committee Nesvizhsky Makar. Were his deputies. One of the deputies even climbed onto the fire escape.According to the preparatory version rescuers in the courtyard at the walls of the restaurant hall that there is currently working, was a red-hot grill, coals from which came under the roof. This caused the fire. When we arrived, there were already five crews of firefighters. These rescuers were running

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Search Drahichhyn

Vladimir on the phone said that the police were waiting for him at home and forced open the door. According to Vladimir, during a search police found nearly two thousand copies of the newspaper freshest "Here and now." 11.20 In search lasted more. Vladimir Kazeko states that this time the room was already 5 employees Drogichin police department."They constantly use mobile communication. Ask questions like that to find where to find and how to find? Warned me that there would be a protocol, and can be taken to the police station building," — said Vladimir Kazeko.Vladimir Kazeko 45 years, he

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The whole country is 800 square meters

Today in St. Petersburg, Russia opened a unique layout with reduced copies of all that we have: cities, forests, lakes, the cosmodrome and even people.

Then everyone feels Gulliver. Average growth of the people of this country — just over one and a half centimeters. All life on the layout less than the usual 90 times. In order not to miss anything, we have to literally stick your nose where it should be, but to strain the eyes and ears need not.

From the center of St. Petersburg of Peter and Paul Fortress — perfectly clear to Moscow —

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Passion in the park

"Im 30 years old! 30 years that tree! There were blue spruce, reddish maples, oaks! There were a lot of beautiful trees! Already destroyed it all!".There were quite constructive expression:Pensioner: "President, Why did not he come?"Lady: "He would never come. He has his own area spotless, lovely. "(Laughter from the crowd)

At the site were "paddy" and the bus with the commandos. Several young men dressed in dark shirts and pants tucked into boots, walking around the crowd. Reporters saw that a couple of times they came and sat in the car "Lada", driving which was policeman.

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Do you want to ask for political asylum in Europe?

Get ready to live in a concentration camp

Oppositionist not found abroad is not only paradise, but even a tent

Olga Klaskouski — a journalist from Belarus opposition activist. In 2006, the first emigrated to Poland together with her little daughter. Then — in Norway and Sweden. There she married and had a son. A few days ago Swedish migration authorities have decided to deport Klaskouski.

You understand that a man suspected of sympathizing with the Russian authorities (not to mention Belarus) is impossible. The more valuable it becomes evidence with which to

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Who will educate the teacher, if he does — a slave?

For example, in high school number 1 village everybody Pukhavichy district Minsk region saw a 5 soc teachers. BACKGROUND layoffs figured our correspondent.Soc teacher Anastasia Popova states that from the school in the village of "everybody" under pressure. States that school officials intimidated her, accusing participating in an unsanctioned rally. Whereupon young teacher wrote a statement on the dismissal. Her position:

We have many teachers — huge Conservatives

"To me there are 5 people quit. They simply could not withstand the pressure. Example, I was against that students here impose its own look at how they live. I on this

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