House with residents while nobody buys

The fate of the inhabitants, according to the terms of the auction, the new owner must take care. Auction was not held, there were no volunteers.Inhabitants 2-houses on the street Mickiewicz, in the center of town, received a letter from the Design Institute, in which a warning that their homes sell at auction. Designers in place already planned to build houses a cafe. One of the houses in the private property, and the other — in a communal. Despite the fact that the pre-war building houses, people outraged sheet itself, as none before them did not come for nothing in

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What awaits village Kukshinovo?

By Myasnikovich no reason that would prevent the construction of nuclear power plants Kukshinovskoy site does not exist. The results of research work of a special commission sent to the Government of Belarus having the final decision.Kukshinovo village is 50 km away from Mogilev, 14 — from Gourock and 33 kilometers from Shklow. By the Belarusian-Russian border — 30 km.Previously, the village belonged to the farm "Precepts of Ilyich", now — agricultural enterprise "Oatmeal." By the central manor, village Oatmeal — seventeen miles. Three kilometers from the village is the railway station "Bison".One of the residents of the village Kukshinovo

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Radunitsa Kurapaty

Now Kurapaty many people. With candles, candles, flowers. Manages member of the Conservative Christian Party Valery Buffalo.Buffalo "Now people come and will come for a day or, for now Radunitsa, the sacred day of remembrance Protz. Conscious Belarusians who have memory, go to Kurapaty, on this sacred place, the national memorial. We decorated crosses towels, plant flowers. People come with candles, light a candle. Belarusians not forgets about this holy place. " Alina Dubrovskaja and Jadwiga Plavinsky are Kurapaty every Saturday, clean the area, tended flowers. Currently there zatsvili tulips and daffodils.Correspondent"Almost everyone around the cross — small Polish national

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Radunitsa at Eastern Cemetery

For half an hour I spent there, I saw — in most cases, people stayed near the grave national writer of Belarus Vasil Bykov.A student who identified himself as Dima came to bow to the man he is honored Belarusian civilization: "Vasil Bykov means a lot for Russia, it is almost all done for Republic of Belarus. But the authorities did not allow him to die at home. No, I’m not confused, I know that he died there. But our government does not give him the ability to quietly retreat to the light in the homeland. Very sad that the

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Government pressure is proportional to the

Felt it for yourself at almost half the 10-ka years ago, when I did there documentary film about corruption. The nomenclature sly transfers to private companies on their own relatives and friends municipal trading business. Democratic activities of the group of deputies of the city council with the help of ex-speaker Stanislav Shushkevich then allowed to stop grabbing. But the specific reason to call Borisov "complicated" the city has existed. Went immediately to the employees with a regional newspaper’s oldest-independent country — "Borisov announcements." It contains many materials in Belarusian, but the Russian title. Most of the 150 with superfluous

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Pilgrims come, drink, steal …

Pilgrim: "I here from time to time come as a pilgrim."Reporter: "From a distance?"Pilgrim: "With Borisova." Reporter: "You’re driving from Borisov here?"Pilgrim: "Yes. Want at least one trip to the post."Reporter: "Why did you drive here specifically? In Borisov, there is a temple."Pilgrim: "Temple — this temple. A monastery — it completely different. In the monastery of other furnishings. Father here very great. Listen. "Reporter: "And you will find here …"Pilgrim: "Help. Divine assistance."Holy Annunciation Orthodox monastery started its activities in 1994. Need to pay tribute to the churchmen. They are not distorted view of the temple where

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While the government does not trample fontanelle, God’s will …

Despite the fact that my guide and driver, historians Misha Burachevsky it was the second visit of the hill, 35 km from the district center to the village Dyatlovo we won only one hour. With all this sand roads at intersections not beheld pointers. Well, the road itself was deserted — a day or working of this. On fields that both parties have seen far except that the old "Kiravtsa." Nothing unusual, I will say later, a local resident.Lady: "We end Dyatlovo district, on Slonimsky. On the outskirts of our land we live …"But on the way had a meeting

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Gainovka: We speak in their own

Travel to the town, which is called the Belarusian bleat in Poland, began rather abruptly. A few miles to Hajnowka shuttle bus was stopped by 3 police cars and passengers claimed "personal reason." And in the not to distant suburban village has people with weapons in civilian forced the driver to open the bins … They say here, 10 kilometers from Belarus, is sometimes happens when someone secretly cross the border … Although the borders are not always there. Before the war was far Gainovka not part of the Russian border of Belarus. Local ethnic Belarusians recall the time a

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Dawn: You are not here

Belarusian business to the Stalinist repression in general no. In 1-x, tired of hearing and reading the same. In-2, that to us dekulakization NKVD — forgotten by history. B-3, Siberia and the Gulag is infinitely far away, somewhere in the Ural Mountains, where do we? Municipal propaganda not only cherish such samapachuvanne, and adds the new catalysts oblivion. Allegedly, the repression was necessary to build "moshchnay" industry, and security officers were suffering from the bends together with the people and not just more of it, because we celebrate the anniversary of their glorious every organization, and those whom they were

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Belarusians impose Chinese cars

Participants Chinese auto landing no secret that came to Belarus in order to search for partners to build cars here. According to forecasts, in two years in Belarus will be up to 10 Chinese avtobrendy and more of favorite it would be appropriate to organize the assembly of Chinese vehicle. As the representative of the company «Chery» Zhou Inchzhe if governments 2-states support the proposal, joint projects can be successfully implemented. At least, businessmen from China noted the attractiveness of the Belarusian market. How are similar prospects spetsy? "Chinese" and "nice car" — two different thingsAnatoly Shevchenko, who not so

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