Walking with heritage.

20 Heritage Walks is an assemblage of twenty booklets and eighteen maps which like an equiangular spiral covers myriad of places which are important in cultural, historical and architectural senses. While leaving no part of Delhi untouched, the authors and their team of experts of sketches, maps, line drawings and photography have maintained an immaculate balance between esoteric architectural debates and a proletarian understanding of landscapes and their history. There is dexterous relating of people with things that went into the making of structures and superstructures. It is well conveyed that evolution of architecture is not an adventitious upshot. There

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On conserving some historic gardens and landscapes of Delhi.

The built heritage of Delhi is more commonly defined both by experts and lay people by its historic buildings. What it eludes in the process is, of course, the city’s considerable landscape heritage, both constructed and natural. Examples of the constructed landscape heritage would include the extant Moghul Gardens, such as the Safdarjung Tomb Garden, Shalimar Bagh among others, and examples of the natural landscapes would be the Ridge and the River Yamuna. Both need to be conserved for the same reasons we invoke to conserve the heritage buildings; but they are not.

At one level the problem is related

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Heritage Renovations

Details matter. In the world of home renovations, this may seem an obvious statement, but unfortunately, it is not always the case. Yet the attention to detail, the painstaking dedication to the craft and devotion to quality, is what sets Heritage Renovations apart. Remodeling Oklahoma homes and businesses since 1985. Heritage Renovations is family owned by native Oklahomans who bring this attention to every detail to all facets of the business

For the homeowner who dreams of a new look, seeking a fresh perspective on living space. Heritage Renovations offers expertise and experience. When working to infuse new life into

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Documenting urban open spaces heritage.

Various typologies of public spaces in the city of Delhi were documented by the First Year students of Department of Landscape Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi with objective to study the spatial organization, relationship to the city and various landscape aspects. The study was guided by Prof. Rommel Mehta, Minesh Parikh, Jasleen Waraich, Nandini Rewari and Pankaj Jain.


The Ajmal Khan Park is located at Karol Bagh — a northwestern part of Delhi. This park was named in honor of Hakim Ajmal Khan, a former President of the Indian National Congress and a founder

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Poland defends Grodno monuments

The representative of the Ministry of Culture and State inheritance Poland Menhes Philip told us that, according to the ministry, the destruction of an old building Grodno must immediately end."Immediate destruction of monuments in the historic center of Grodno is a concern and protest the Polish Ministry of Culture and State inheritance. Grodno old city belongs to the multicultural heritage of this town where lived together Poles, Belarusians, Jews, Lithuanians. This place should especially cherish."In a letter to the Polish Ministry of Culture to the Director General of UNESCO, Koichiro Matsuura, in the midst of the rest, they say, that

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What lines Yanka Kupala minchane remember?

Listen:Woman: "No, I did not immediately remember. But here works can be called. I know there Polesskaya poems -" Pilot "," Ales. "Also" Pavlinka "," scattered Nest "," Bondarovna "," Tuteyshyya. " do not know anymore. "Man: "In principle, I know:" From our forefathers syzveka left a legacy. "Guy: "To be honest, I always confuse it with the Ear. Maybe that would have mentioned, but suddenly it will spike. And so shamefully, and that will be even worse."Lady: "My native kut like you dear to me, you is not able to forget." I no longer remember what it was "Pesnyary"

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Heritage Radziwill pilfered firewood (photo)

Former estate Radziwill that 10 kilometers from the dumpling, had perennial title Radzivillimonty. Brand new in its place — reddish star — was be the emblem of socialist transformation. The palace became the club outbuilding — the barn. Stables, a brewery, a shed, equip to the threshing floor adapted for the cannery. The building office, house steward and lodge and now living elderly. Now local pilfered firewood rest inheritance Radziwill: wood wall before the once famous palace princes. Says Ivan Novick local inhabitant.Novick: "It’s sad that the Palace destroyed. Now local authorities one task — like quickly write off this

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Version explosion legacy Patarkatsishvili and E. Zeltser’s arrest

I had another brilliant version of the explosion, which is in a sense the same specification of guesswork. Its meaning is simple — Zeltser’s arrest, South American lawyer, if not the main, the principal party in a court case about the heritage section of the Georgian billionaire Badri Patarkatsishvili, Alexander Lukashenko very much spoiled chyiyustsi tuned circuit, swung to a very significant monetary interests. Heritage Patarkatsishvili, according to various sources, measured by the sum from 1 to 13 billion dollars. Even if closer to the truth of the first digit is all the same quite significant funds to "business people"

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Belarusians who leave Minsk Lukashenka?

On these questions seek out the answer of spices in the field of architecture, men of science and culture.Most people who have received higher education in Minsk universities were readers of so-called "Lenin Library." There wrote essays, term papers and theses, dissertations, preparing for exams. Poet Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk recalls that the main library of the country are very fond of Vladimir Karatkevich, and later his younger colleagues want about the monument at the entrance to the Master of the building.

All the buildings that are in the center of Minsk, have their poetic appeal

Generally, stresses Dranko-Maisyuk, "in fact

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V.Glinnik heritage protection system is not working

Glinnik: "I am very upset, because it is one of the best buildings, erected in the 20th century in Belarus. Practically talking about crazy destruction of a cultural heritage of our people. And, definitely, very highest object properties. There are different ways of reconstruction of old buildings. But wear — this is the most primitive, cave resolution of the situation. And most importantly, that thereby violated its own laws, which are the same managers write. general, I do not understand how this can happen in the presence of the law, prosecutors, the Ministry of Culture. All that we worked for

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