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Urban High


The front door swings open, and your eyes immediately land on the black-and-white wallpaper that runs from the short entryway to the dining area. Its botanical print grabs attention without being overbearing—an ideal choice for the space, declares interior designer Gelo del Mundo, who wanted something brazen to break the long expanse of the wall.

That wallpaper somehow encapsulates Gelo’s design treatment for the three-bedroom corner condominium unit: bold and classic, but with soft angles. “As you would notice, there are a lot of references

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Spectacular Spectra

Every electronics enthusiast dreams of making a hi-fi deck at least once in his life time. While he dreams, he plans, “the deck set will have excellent sound quality and wattage. It will be equipped with a 10-band graphic equaliser. Each band of the graphic equaliser will be accompanied by a IQ-level spectrum analyser. And when lights in the ten bands of the spectrum analyser will dance with the beats of drum and throbs of cymbals, what a great display will it be! «But when becomes back to reality and faces the great expenses involved, he has to omit a

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— The Official Story

W H Smith Exclusive video — Castle Communications.

Narrated by Michael Aspel. Running time approximately 82 minutes, £12.99.

A RATHER DIFFERENT title from the usual for me, but interesting and informative none the less. The video describes the history of airborne troops in the British Army, from their inception in 1940 (on Churchill’s instructions) to the present day. It is an officially sanctioned production with an introduction by the Parachute Regiment’s Colonel-in-Chief, HRH the Prince of Wales, and the narration, by Michael Aspel, is excellent throughout.

The British Army came rather late into paratroops with the

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Specify the door

Decorator Olga Maltseva offers transform the interior by means of antique and vintage door.

I remember how in the hangar with vintage furniture, I froze in front of a high carved oak doors. Once they decorated the entrance to the house and perfectly preserved to this day. I could not resist from buying, but did not know why. Later, they became the central element of the interior of the living room, giving it a grand appearance. I note that vintage items are not price higher than the cost of new ordinary and sometimes much lower. But beware: the vintage items

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High style under the High Line

Integrated architecture and lightning transform Intermix’s newest store

The challenge to house the latest Intermix branch in a red brick, 80-year-old former warehouse space was unlike anything the design team had previously encountered.

«There it was —a full-scale set of train tracks overhead,» recalls architect Steve Scuro, who, with partner Mark Janson of New York-based JansonGoldstein Architects, and lighting design consultant Bill Schwinghammer, observed the future store at Gansevoort and Washington streets in New York’s Meatpacking District.

Their previous expertise in creating traffic-generating branch stores in other locales for the contemporary mid- to high-end apparel and accessories Intermix chain paced

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High in the Sky

The summer days are long and the skies are full of watchful wonders that arise dreamy photographic opportunities, something Daugirdas Tomas Racys has taken full advantage of. Jessica Bracey finds out about his technique

Whether you’re an adventurer of the skies, a fan of Around the World in 80 Days or have a complete fear of heights, there’s no question that hot air balloons are magnificent forms of transportation. Magical in their functionality and awe inspiring with their presence when you see them gracefully glide above our heads, they hold a special place in our imaginations that make them just

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A specter is haunting

An interesting phenomenon: fans of Age of Wonders, which, contrary to expectations, it was quite countless, do not want to hear about the similarity of the object of his adoration with HoMM. No, they say, no-guys-not-similar. And what on earth is it like? And even at all Master of Magic, are responsible. I do not know you, the fans, something completely strayed from the hands of …

If not for this modest way of life …

This, of course, live classics: Listen to the music, as if came to us from the transfer of «Visiting a fairy tale» of

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Build a Solid and warm home for moderate money is quite possible, if properly selected wall material. House of aerated concrete is characterized by high capacity for heat saving, and they are built quickly enough.

Aerated concrete blocks made from cement-lime-sand mixture to which is added a blowing agent — the aluminum powder. Aluminum reacts with lime and water, resulting in gas evolution and the formation of a finely porous structure. The resulting product was placed in an autoclave chamber. Here, in the conditions of high temperature and moisture curing occurs and curing of the material. The process is the same-dimensional, without the occurrence of Schshk internal stresses and, as a consequence, usadoch-deformations.

perfect fit

The final product has excellent mechanical strength, thermal and performance. This aerated concrete blocks have accurate geometrical parameters. Building

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Ass and Trash haulers

OPERATION DESERT SHIELD in the last quarter of 1990 was a graphic reminder of one of the basic essentials of war; «getting there firstest with the mostest», as Andrew Jackson pithily put it. The tremendously rapid build-up of force halfway across the world, from the country which supplied the majority of it, can be regarded as decisive. In terms of size, speed, and distance, it was unparalleled in the entire history of warfare, and one day, when the definitive history of the Gulf War is written, air logistics will be acknowledged as the foundation of victory.

Once the shooting starts,

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An Island High n Dry

Yefim Gordon visits Russia’s Ostrov Naval Aviation Training Centre

THE DIVISION OF the Russian Air Force into branches — tactical aviation, long-range aviation (the strategic bomber force), army aviation, air defence (PVO) fighter units etc — calls for the establishment of a single tactical training centre for pilots and navigators within each branch. These training centres are responsible not only for mastering new types of hardware but for developing combat tactics against any potential adversary. (Like the USAF, the Soviet Air Force had its own ‘aggressor’ units.)

Such centres are staffed with the best military tacticians and flying instructors and

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