A man with your face. Doppelgangers.

Like it or not, people are surrounded by clouds of a variety of fears. They are born with us — the baby is not yet know how to laugh, but is capable of experiencing fear. Some nightmares unabated, accompany us since the dawn then, suddenly other updated, growing out of nowhere and suddenly becoming horror of our time. A relatively new character in the gallery frightening creatures became doppelganger.

Behind this strange thing we should thank the German Romantics; from there, from Germany, and takes her name (it. Doppelganger — double). But the concept of «doppelganger» means slightly more than

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«I want to sing and fly.»

His first song Zemfira, daughter Ufa history teacher Ramazanov and Dr. Talgat Florida, wrote the age of five. The song was not about squirrels and rabbits, and about how cool band Black Sabbath performs the song «Paranoid».

For hard rock Zemfira accustomed beloved older brother Ramil. For music — mom and dad gave it to a music school. Fidelity rock Zemfira keep forever. At fourteen, she took a guitar and began to sing rock songs in the street, near the Central Market, near the city hall of Ufa. The girl wore a dagger, ripped jeans, and trim whiskey machine charmed

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Max Payne

Everything you wanted to know about Max Payne, but were afraid to ask.

Today the exhibition is especially animated. Happy, but tired, visitors learn almost everything you dreamed of, but the soul still requires, and the legs themselves are in another booth — take a look at the new items and pull the nerves developers. Although some benefits of gab.

One group stands out crowds dancing to something dynamic girls in bright dresses. They advertise prefixed (so — bogomerzky, but somehow this cute heart) Space Channel 5. On the other crowd a mile away bears, sorry, silicone implants


Slowly but surely

Series creator Mitchell Hurwitz many years fans fed with promises to continue a family history Blutt as a feature film, but in the end everything turned out even better. Video rental service Netflix, decided recently to produce their own projects, agreed with the studio for the production of 12 episodes of the show. Writers and actors seize the opportunity and filmed material even 5 hours, and finally the fourth season of the show will consist of as many as 15 full-fledged series.

And it’s worth a little step back and look back at the series itself, trying to understand

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Masters are born on the islands.

A piece of land in the Baltic Sea — the island of Muhu. This tiny that you can get around for a day. But that he remembers the famous Estonian writer, winner of the Lenin Prize Juhan Smuul during the long journey to Antarctica. Remember the «Ice Book»: he had dreamed candle junipers and stone fences, grasses meadows — this anywhere else in Estonia will not meet …

Sea islanders made fishermen and native environment — master craftsmen.

Building Muhu eight-year school named after Yuri Smuul is in the thick juniper bushes. Summer colors district in pink, like a

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High sense

As a child commandment "Love your neighbor as yourself" I make me puzzled. Like this? In the Soviet school taught (and coasting taught and still do) that to love yourself — it is bad, indiscreet, unworthy. It should always be courteous, to put the good of the motherland and the team above their own, never nothing to brag about, even if deserved.

The result of such education is not only the eternal complex honors, and for the eternal guilt when you can barely afford to enjoy the victory or some achievement (well, as it is immodest!).

I think in

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All of this has the air of a spectacle staged by actors

In compositions as flexible as they are precise, as natural and instinctive as they are understated, he endeavours to report what he sees and what he perceives. At every moment he finds the right distance, one which states nothing other than the subjectivity of his perspective and he succeeds in combining a documentary approach with a sensitive affirmation of his vision.

One thinks, of course, of all those photographers who — from Robert Franck onwards, from Anders Petersen to Michael Ackerman — have known how to give us the gift of their way of looking, telling us that they wanted

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Anna Semenovich

«Every time a walk over to the fridge, I’m struggling with it»

Athlete, singer, actress, TV presenter, and finally

Just beautiful to tell you what to do to maintain excellent FORM

For men, it is the dream girl for women — a role model. Ambitious and confident, luxurious and glamorous — it is not surprising that our heroine is under the scrutiny of the press. One unfortunate aspect and tabloids explode: «Semenovich again put on weight!», «Do not have time Dressers alter her dress!» «She’s pregnant!»

Anya continues’s time to leave. Agree, often in addition to vivid impressions we

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A finish to behold.

Double, double, triple and trouble; Lytham reduced them all to rubble. All, that is, except Ernie Els, who has his own scrapbook full of woe to throw on the pile. If Adam Scott had to re-gift the claret jug, at least he passed the family silver on to an older friend who knows only too well what it feels like when a ton of bricks falls on your heart. Surely there’s a place in heaven where champions sit around, sip a shandy and compare old battle scars. When that day comes, calling the roll for the 141st Open at Royal

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Soon will be fined for what people breathe air

Lady: "Workers Public Utilities take payment for the technical service by multiplying the price per square meter on the size of the apartment. I would like to ask what is the service they performed in my private apartment. For every service when calling the wizard I pay myself. This is what a rip off on the white light throughout Belarus conducted? "Comrade Parties: "Comrade, owed, you are our constructive opposition, which design your party at least for this year, You can find out? Where young party change? The coming companions? Not to mention the regional affairs. This municipal media are

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