Algerian combat helicopters Mi-24 SUPER HIND MKIII

1st Super Hind MkIII, modernized South African company Advanced Technologies and Engineering (ATE), entered service in the Algerian army in 1999. Helicopters equipped avionics similar to the South African attack helicopter Denel Rooivalk: bortovik development ATE, navigation system, cockpit adapted for the introduction of night vision goggles, gyro stabilized multisensor system review Kentron Culumus Argos 550 (TV and IR sensors, laser range finder). Super Hind MkIII also resettled helmet sighting Archer R2 development Kentron, 20-mm cannon with ammunition F2 840 shells and anti-tank Kentron ZT35 Ingwe laser-guided.  

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Mi-24. Foreign upgrade options

Russian Union weave set Mi-25 and Mi-35, which is operating in almost all the countries are pretty object modernization. At Le Bourget in 1999, the department «Tammam» Israeli aviation concern IAI showed the option of upgrading Mi-24 — «Mission 24.» Without making configurations in airframe, power plant and the support system is proposed to establish modern navigation equipment, airborne defense and a night vision system. The instrument equipment cabs «Mission 24″ implemented the principle of «glass cockpit» and «kruglosutoch Values» provides the functionality of complex optoelectronic HMSOP. Helmet-mounted screen allows you to frame the turret machine gun by turning

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Bloggers looking for sadists, tore a dog paw

The shocking case of a homeless dog bonus that crippled unknown sadist, severing his hind legs and cut the neck causes a stir Peter. Bloggers looking fanatic and check all versions. The most likely — the dog wanted to eat, and therefore suspended by his feet and lowered blood. January 23 indifferent people will gather at the St. Petersburg group gathering against cruelty to animals and require the authorities of the laws on the protection of animals.

On the bleeding mongrel with torn hind legs stumbled upon the young skier, and ride on Saturday, 15 January, Yuntolovsky sanctuary on the

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