On conserving some historic gardens and landscapes of Delhi.

The built heritage of Delhi is more commonly defined both by experts and lay people by its historic buildings. What it eludes in the process is, of course, the city’s considerable landscape heritage, both constructed and natural. Examples of the constructed landscape heritage would include the extant Moghul Gardens, such as the Safdarjung Tomb Garden, Shalimar Bagh among others, and examples of the natural landscapes would be the Ridge and the River Yamuna. Both need to be conserved for the same reasons we invoke to conserve the heritage buildings; but they are not.

At one level the problem is related

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We Were Soldiers

The first season of Canadian-Irish historical drama «The Vikings» successfully completed

April 28 with high ratings and was immediately renewed for a second season. Now you can surprise someone with simple Scandinavian warriors, when the whole world hooked on «Game of Thrones»? It turned out that, yes. Single-line plot, a fresh cast, no elements of fantasy and intrigue unfolding slowly — «Vikings» did these qualities to their advantage.

For Canadian channel History This project was an attempt to attract a new young audience — the first full series of the original script from the creator of ‘The Tudors’ Michael

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Guest night air — historian Ales Smolenchuk

Now our guest the night air is the doctor of historical sciences, one of the initiators of the Grodno referendum on the preservation of historic buildings Smolenchuk Alexander. Inhabitants of Grodno in our survey utter, whether, in their opinion, to coordinate the reconstruction of the historic center of the town with urban residents.In our present night air — a report from the presentation of the report of the historian Igor Kuznetsov: report dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the climax of Stalin’s repressions. We will mention the incident of beating air forces in Belarus in September 1995 balloon with South

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The middle shot in Katyn was a lot of Belarusians

The sole purpose of the unofficial visit of Polish President Lech Kaczynski in Smolensk region was to visit Katyn.Lech Kaczynski laid flowers at the memorial cemetery in his speech, highlighted: "In the midst of those killed in Katyn were coupled with the Poles Jews, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Muslims and even the Germans — in other words all those who lived in the second Rzeczpospolita".Doctor of Historical Sciences Alexey Litvin, military history researcher states:"Naturally, there is a certain percentage and Belarusians. Got there and from Western Belarus and Western Ukraine so called "Poles". These are guys who are in Katyn, said our

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The initiative will help out an old Orsha ready to boycott Dozhinki 2008

Orsha activists made public four letters collective management of the town, as the presidential administration to save from destruction of monuments construction 18th and 19th century — house number 17 and number 19 on the streets of Minsk.Historical buildings Minsk streetPreviously, the two buildings were included in the list of historical sites protected by the state, but several years ago in the list of seized. Grounds local historians have not learned. And that historical buildings scheduled for demolition, too, learned the case."After you alone remain the same" box "concrete …" — "So what?"Make an appointment to the executive committee chairman

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Sueddeutsche Zeitung: Grodno was a beautiful city?

"With zapadnobelorusskogo town, on the border of Poland, Lithuania and Belarus could get weird substrate historic buildings, churches, palaces built during the stateliness Duchy of Lithuania, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Russian tsarist Because … Belarus historical legacy of this almost 900-year-old town has a special and inimitable. There are many places that allow you to judge the general history of the country and are the key to challenging the Belarusian identity. " Sueddeutsche Zeitung also writes that "in the future, this unique city to make up a large list of risks is very poorly restored Belarusian construction sites. Approximately 70

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Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. August 14

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with historian Ira commandant.• Historical legacy took rescue journalists• Poll: Is it worth destroying historic buildings for new ones?• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." "Postscript".2nd part:• What caused the restriction on the import of meat from abroad?• Poll: how affects your welfare ban on meat imports from abroad?• Global education: race race• Belarusian website in "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski• In Dresden action starts dedicated Belarus and Belarusians • «Night rap." Verses Ales linden.

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In Grodno destroyed the roof of the tower in the historical building

Passport object indicates that the walls are preserved, and together with the reconstruction of an old house built. Image shows that the future building will be appearance inherent specifically historical building center of Grodno. The project has made architectural and Restoration Bureau Stanislav neck, which experts believe the best in town.According to local historian Igor Lapeho Grodno, house vul.Urytskaga 12 was built in the late XIX century. It forms the patio in the then style. Ethnographer states that builders should leave two front wall. This is a positive, since the other side vul.Urytskaga another castle destroyed quite recently.Now lasts reconstruction

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Grodno: Constituent Assembly voted for a local referendum

The meeting was attended by 64 people, mostly young people. Manage group elected Hist. Ales Smolenchuk.Now the list of active groups in which a total of 126 persons difficulties also questions for the referendum will be transferred to the city council for registration. Coordinator prior process was Vadim Saranchukou. He said that was the main problem, why had a couple of times postpone the date of the meeting?"It’s a pretty simple procedure. Denied registration on the activities of the group are at least some formal basis. In including, if the authorities deem that those questions that are put to a

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Grodno historians suggest not to destroy, but to build

Convened a meeting of the Belarusian Historical Society, the editors of the magazine "Historical Almanac" and the city organization of the Belarusian Society of the school. Participated in the discussion first historians architects.Participants approved a resolution which expressed requirements local authorities. Midst of these requirements: true observe general development plan of the town, to prosecute officials who are responsible for the destruction of historic buildings. Public opinion was also in town for the restoration of the restoration workshops and even the idea of rebuilding the destroyed Russian power tower in the historic center — on the streets of the Castle

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