Changed the face of communication

The creator of "communication" — Polish Radio Bialystok journalist Jaroslav Ivaniuk — improves its online library for 7 years in his spare time. First it was the same name page newsletter Belarusian service of Radio Polonia, which over time became transformed into online library."I then decided to put on this page a lot of historical texts, first articles that were published in the Belarusian historical collection, which delivers in Bialystok Belarusian Historical Society. Later on page got all the materials that society. Turned out that guests" Kamnikatu "specifically such Online materials they lacked what they needed, "- says the emperor

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Freedom Night Yura Bushlyakovym. September 18

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Talk with the Monday winner "Win the book" Freedom "Dmitry Pankovtsom from Minsk. • Talk with a medical history of Sciences, one of the initiators of the Grodno referendum on the preservation of historic buildings Ales Smolensk.• Survey in Grodno: "The city is prettier and prettier"• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Kasia Kamotskaya and the "new heaven".2nd part:• Igor Kuznetsov: "We must remember that this 1937"• Anniversary disaster: flowers at the stone with the inscription "I’m sorry"• Dmitry Podberezskaya takes Belarusian network "night of the siege"• Research Canadians in Belarus: human milk does not help

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Grodno initiate a referendum in the preservation of historical heritage

These are the questions that are proposed to put on a citywide referendum:1st Do you support the public transport system development project Grodno, which in accordance with the Master Plan 2003 provides for the construction of the fourth bridge over the Neman and the reincarnation of the historic center of town in the pedestrian zone?2nd Do you agree with the requirement to cancel all decisions of the demolition of buildings 19 — beg. 20., That are within the historical center of Grodno, also, between the streets Mickiewicz — bitter — September 17 — Dzerzhinsky?Third or acting you for the fact

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European Parliament in defense of the historical part of Grodno

Committee representative Tadeusz Zvefka also prepared a special statement in which condemned programm reconstruction of architectural monuments of the historic center and a call to Grodno local authorities suspend such acts. • Poland defends Grodno monuments, 14.08.2007

Historical Heritage undertook to rescue journalists

The public and journalists should play an important role in the preservation and protection of historical and cultural heritage of Belarus — stated during this meeting "round table" in the Belarusian Association of Journalists. Organizing Committee created a media company, whose chairman was the Yanina Melnikova, journalist "Newspapers Slonim":"We think that the castles, palaces and manor houses, the most beautiful places in the our country should get help from the community, that we have not lost our history, our roots. "One of the main problems of the participants "roundtable" dubbed the lack of contact with the bureaucrats who often decide

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Tygodnik Powszechny offered readers insight into the history of Belarus

One of the favorites of the democratic movement in Belarus Alyaksandr Milinkevich in the foreword to this series of historical articles expresses gratification that, despite the controversy regarding awards and state ownership of separate historical pastatsyav Poles still want to know the history of Belarus."In centuries more massive neighbors Belarus tried to write for it and to impose her vision of history, especially contemptuous of Belarusians to their culture and traditions," — says A.Milinkevich. In his view, despite 16 years of independence, the Belarusians are still faced with the task to find and difficult to realize own historical destiny, which

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In the center of Minsk again destroy historic homes

Old town district in Minsk less resembles the historic center monument. Ladies, what "restored" to complete the restructuring, partially have nothing to do with the layout. However, some buildings are destroyed just to make more space instruments of glass and concrete. "Methodically destroying the era that were to Lukashenko"In These days are behind the facade of buildings on the street of the International destroy buildings of the XIX century.

Sergei Hareuski: "We are dealing with a conscious, methodical liquidation starasvetchyny all in our country, with all that reminds of the era to Lukashenko"

As the architectural historian Sergei Hareuski that

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Bialystok: created a public initiative SOS Grodna!

At the invitation of the authorities in the town of Bialystok were representatives of the unregistered movement "For Freedom." Some of them, Igor Lyalkov, said that the development of the initiative "SOS Grodna!" was announced at a press conference in Bialystok on Sunday.Participants porazdavali publishing houses and photos of Grodno, which is planned to demolish or already gone.Led a meeting of the Polish Sejm deputy Robert Tyshkevich. At a press conference said that in Bialystok Hrodna consider architecture as a joint historical heritage, as previously was a long time between one government and towns there was no limit. For tourism

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Grodno memorable symbol in place of the destroyed house stood a few hours

This information is contained on a memorial sign that stood for several hours, after police removed him. This is what we told the young activist — one of protesters.Since October 6, 2006 destroyed the castle in the style of constructivism

June 21 in the town of Neman, a round table entitled "To destroy Grodno profitably?". Organizers — Belarusian Historical Society, Grodno "Historical Almanac" and the city branch of Grand Slam — invited to the role of historians, architects, intellectuals and all comers. One of the organizers, D.Sc. Ales Smolenchuk said that the round table will be an attempt to be

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Retchitsa: Dozhinki prevented historic building

Initially, the wall was built as a general store. Early twentieth century it was converted into a women’s gymnasium, where she studied about 200 women. After the girls’ school was located here surveying college, later — a music school, house pioneers executive committee.Demolition of historic buildings pioneer became Rechitsky executive committee. Local authorities With years, that he was excluded from the municipal list of historical and cultural values Republic of Belarus.The building is closed part of the central area where you plan to open in September Republican "Dozhinki" role Alexander Lukashenko.

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