The Reign Of Spain…

Many years ago, when I first learned what the ‘ES’ part of the ES-335 stood for, the strangeness of the label only added to the guitar’s allure. It was also a surprise to find out that it was part of a long and distinguished line of ES instruments that Gibson produced. The 335’s place in guitar history has long been assured, but this month’s cover story goes a fair bit deeper than that. Not only do we celebrate the ES-335’s majesty, we also look into the other members of the Electric Spanish family, and discover why this model gained a

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The history of DAF

While there was no doubt that OAF had certainly established a strong market tor its trucks In the Netherlands and the other Benelux countries its strategy as far as the wider export market was less convincing. Efforts to expand trucks sales in Europe were somewhat tentative and in the 1960s the company was arguably more interested in promoting its cars rather than trucks. However, by the early 1970s the company was taking steps to expand its market outside its traditional markets.

The tie up with International Harvester in 1972 was an indication that the management’s view of market expansion was

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Names with wings

ITS TITLE IS curious (but probably the best available, considering the content) and the frontispiece of a Greek warrior donning armour implies one may have picked up a book on ancient history by mistake. After that, it gets better by the page.

The system — or, more recently, perhaps, the lack thereof — of allocating names to British military aircraft and their engines is not a subject for the superficial aircraft enthusiast, but those with a serious interest will find this book to be a mine of information. The Greek gentleman could be Hercules, Hector or Lysander (we are not

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Full story «SLAYER»

In early 1986 SLAYER had the opportunity to conclude a contract with a subsidiary of the company «Columbia" — «Def Jam » (property CBS).

AIDS kings of Los Angeles faced the dilemma of «all or nothing". When the contract was not yet signed by Tom Araya I was full of doubts: «Actually, I’m a little that know about them, do not even know what their name means. But the fact that this is a very professional operating company, which, thanks to the good work achieved awfully big contract with Columbia / CBS promises only good. «

SLAYER’s position in

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F-117. Nighthawk story — operational history.

The second part of Paul and Alison Crickmore’s look at the F-117 brings the story of this highly-specialised aircraft up to date with its operational record.

During the 1980s the f-H7s continued to operate within the security of the ‘black world’. With the Soviet threat diminished and the practicalities and cost of keeping the aircraft hidden from view, it was decided to move the project into the public domain in late 1988. Today the Nighthawk is considered by the public to be the epitome of American technology and with three operational tours under its belt and just a single aircraft

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Dana Delight

I was at the NYC convention this past May and I had the opportunity to meet and speak with your columnist, Dana Brunson, as well as his lovely wife, Dorothy.

Not only is Mr. Brunson a walking encyclopedia of tattoo history, but the man is a gentleman in every sense of the word.

This sort of thing is what conventions are all about. Hearing the stories about the “good old days” and passing them on to the kids coming up will ensure that tattoo history stays alive forever. And one man we can thank for keeping that history alive is

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20 history myths busted

Think you know your history? Much of it might not actually be true…


How fascist propaganda built a myth of perfect commuting

As far as defences of fascist dictators go, «Yes, but he made the trains run on time» has to be one of the most strangely humdrum. Perhaps that’s why it so often goes unchallenged, but it’s simply not true. There are many reports that the Italian train system during Mussolini’s reign was actually quite inefficient, with people often kept waiting for trains that sometimes never came. So how did this

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S.Horevskogo: Proclamation of BNR — it was a spectacle, it was carnival

Shupe: You — art critic and art historian. With your prof spectacle — here you go by today’s Minsk — or "see" you BNR?Hareuski: Certainly. Fortunately, in Minsk remained survived those buildings that were associated with the first days of the proclamation of the Belarusian People’s Republic. This is the Governor’s House and the theater, and the famous "Serpukhovskaya" — the last church archeology museum, and even miraculously survived the fire station of the former Brest-Litovsk the railroad where railroad sheltered dispersed Vsebelaruskiki Congress. So someone who knows the history of BPR, and the one who knows the history of

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Loshitsa: Cross memory of the victims of repression are willing to bear?

On the return of the Institute of History Freedom Now said the secretary of the organizing committee of the public to perpetuate the memory of the victims of Stalinist repression Vladimir Romanovsky."They asked: when, by whom, for whom the project was set to cross Loshitsa. If there are none, it raises the question of winding up of the cross. This is a signal of the Institute of History, where Tipo official inquiry came to the validity of the existence of the cross. How come? We decided Now figure out where. Either it made at the Minsk City Executive Committee, or

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G.Buravkin Names of Liberty: This book is very long waiting

On the "Names" Liberty "says poet Gennady Buraukin. "Our young people, unfortunately, do not very good knows our native history. And in order to know the history, it is better to know the people who make this story. And Vladimir Orlovdid it. Thus withdid it Literary very badabout. These short essays on the people of Belarus and sensual, and are not repeated, and a sincere and worthy of attention.This book is very long and expect many gratifying met. I wish I could only wish 1st: so read it possible more people. Especially for their native story will not only expensive,

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