Electro capacity framework

In the journal «Beekeeping» № 7 of 1961 g.opisan method elektronaraschivaniya framework in which to reduce the need to have a voltage transformer. Lower the voltage is possible without a transformer. Here’s how.

Liter or three-liter glass jar filled with water, and dissolved therein a pinch of salt. The water is lowered two cords with stripped ends. The free end of the cord inserted into the power grid, and the second with the help of the plug with a pin attached to a wire frame in place of its lower output. The third wire is attached from the network (the

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Does not work on conscience

1 ordinary farmer, have or household apiary.

Beekeeping is very profitable industry, as bees produce marketable honey and pollinate crops. But our true farmers say apiary farm income is not given, and if they give a little, it happens every five years. But you have to pay workdays beekeepers, watchmen, needed equipment, transport. These losses fall on the farm. This question very much excites me. For my own bees produce income, and collective farm — a loss.

We have a collective farm «Rodina» has four apiaries, about 200 families. They stand in the woods. From early spring is a good

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The Ryazan region is still uncommon apiary where 60-80 families served by the beekeeper with the assistant. Therefore, before our beekeepers issue of increasing labor productivity is particularly acute.

At the suggestion of the Institute of beekeeping, we are at the beginning of last year, switched to team leader maintenance method apiaries. Link of three people — one beekeeper and two seasonal helpers — served 300 bee colonies, which stood at two stationary apiaries located from each other at a distance of three and a half kilometers. At one point placed 90, and the other — 210 bee families,

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Multihull hives — the young staff

First of all, I want to share his success with his teammates. Five years ago, my wife and I served 100 bee colonies. Last year already 145 and received from them 9.5 tons of marketable honey. Season 1963 also brought us satisfaction: apiary gave 185 families au pair

9 tons of marketable honey. In addition, we have increased the apiary of 35 families and 32 in the winter allowed nucleus with extra queens.

It is known that a good honey harvest is possible to obtain only from strong families. To build strength of bee colonies to bribe the chief

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Multihull hives — the key to increasing productivity and honey collection

The problem of raising labor productivity in beekeeping, for that matter, in any sector of the economy is not new and has always, at all stages of the development of any industry, has been the focus of beekeepers. They are constantly sought, sometimes unconsciously, to improve their work, improve its performance.

Take for example the wild, the state of our forestry industry, when people hunted honey, taking his bees settled in the hollows of trees. Then the man did not care for the bees themselves and often condemns them to death from starvation. His work was difficult and unproductive.

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OPINION experienced beekeeper

More than 50 years working Nikita Abrosimovich Kop’ev in beekeeping, 32 of them, at the kolkhoz apiary. During this time, he tried a lot of different systems hives. As a result of sunbeds she refused absolutely, and in double-hulled contains only 10 families. Honey in these hives he never received more than 12ramochnyh shops. Now Nikita Abrosimovich manages a farm in 482 bee families and serves 133 families with an assistant.

In 1961 he bought the farm 50 multihull hives. That is the opinion of these hives oldest beekeeper: — We did not imagine the value of multi-hives and

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And we can get high honey yield

In the Minsk region can obtain high collecting honey. For this it is necessary that the family has always been strong, workable and had the required number of frames of the land.

I am engaged in beekeeping since 1951. First, preparing the family for wintering on the outside, cut back the nest, straw hives sheltered and belong to the same place. But soon I came to the conclusion that it is unjustified labor and time. Now I leave the hive in the same place where they were in the summer. The nests in the winter is not reduced, only

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Honey bees from a hive and combs

Honey bees from a hive and combs guide presents

Guide to choosing eco-gifts 2012-2013 ' 8 '  

If you are unable to engage in beekeeping and honey collecting yourself, give bee colony, hive, honeycomb, and guidance on breeding bees from Heifer International to those who might be interested in this. Thus, together with the company, which is fighting for sustainable development, not only can you please someone a nice present, and himself in the latter useful and sweet honey, but to do useful work for the planet. After strategically placed beehives can double the yield of certain

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In the U.S., reported the disappearance of at least half of the population of bees

April 11, 2013. Scientists and beekeepers puzzled bee colony collapse syndrome (CCD), which is characterized by the sudden disappearance of the working population of the hive.

According to the USDA, the symptoms of CCD include the absence or presence of a small adult, but the presence of honey in the hive and immature bees, which implies a sudden adult bees abandoning the hive. Be that as it may, the bees do not find anywhere else, they just fade away and die somewhere.

Usually the uterus drop, and not being able to create a new population, it dies.

Syndrome of

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Death of bees in Kazakhstan



17.08.11.V Northern Kazakhstan killed 20 million bees. Their ease off as pests on rape fields, and thus destroyed dozens of beekeepers.

Now they need to bring the head of one of the local farms to justice. Not only have the bees, and poisoned all the honey in the comb.

Bees individually considered rejected, usually weight. Here three kilograms of poisoned bees. Just yesterday it was buzzing hive, and today — evidence for the investigation.

On rapeseed field unusually quiet. But beekeepers are buzzing like a disturbed beehive. Mentees ease off in front of them.


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