Screen facade of the palace Big shows dynamic images

On media facades ice palace "Large", built to order "Olympstroy" broadcast moving images.

"Olympstroy" "Olympstroy"


LED modules are built into the surface of the dome hockey arena, now working as a news screen that reproduces text and graphic content. Each module is controlled individually using equipment hardware media facades. The combination of colors and glow power diodes regulated. Mixing colors, you can play it many shades and develop events on the facade in different scenarios.


On the dome — 38,000 units of luminous diameter of 5 centimeters. As part of each

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Four bulldozers CTZ sent to the Far East

Four bulldozers B-10M of the party "registered" vehicles CTZ, named in honor of the players, "Tractor", sent to the Far East — to help in the reconstruction of flood devastated infrastructure in the region.

It is worth noting that only 12 units shipped the Khabarovsk with symbols hockey club, the names and signatures of the players on the board.   On the eve of shipment "nominal" four B-10M in the company visited the team forward, Honored Master of Sports, world champion in ice hockey in 2012 Evgeny Kuznetsov. He tried the machine in action.

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Hockey: the defeat of the Russian Federation in the day of victory

In the main time of the match ended with the score 3:3 (2:0, 0:1, 1:2). Washers Belarusian side Andrew scored Mikhalev, Dmitry Dudik Alexei Ugarit with shootouts — Dmitry Myaleshka. So makarom, Belarusian team won the first point in their own subgroup.

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Or add Belarusians zeal Troopers from the NHL?

A day or two backwards in their own first team match Belarus last minute time lost with a score of 5:6 Swedes. As the game progresses Belarusians won twice. Is there a chance for a successful performance of pupils South American coach Curt Fraser? To this question in the material Igor Korneya meet sports spices.A.Varyvonchyk "No points — nothing to read"Sports observers predict not the most difficult path Belarus team in the group, where, apart from the Belarusians still play Team Sweden, Switzerland and France. The optimism is based on the first meeting with the Swedes, when students head coach

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Sports facilities opened in Krasnoyarsk

Almost three years ago, a sports complex, "Falcon" was closed because of the threat of roof collapse. Building with nearly 40 years of history torn down completely. In its place, it was decided to build a new multipurpose indoor ice rink with the logo of the hockey club "Sokol". Previously, it was this ice arena served as the home ground for the Krasnoyarsk professional team.

Old ice palace was closed because of the threat of roof collapse back in 2010, and now, after three years in Krasnoyarsk has opened a new sports complex is the European type. In its walls

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Sochi: Big Ice Palace opened for children

Young figure skaters and hockey players train at the site of Sochi, where the 2014 will compete for Olympic medals. This opportunity provided to them "Olympstroy" and the team responsible for the operation of the palace.

For the sake of future champions in the palace every day if you are ready to cook ice, adjust the sound and light, start up the complex system of ventilation and air-conditioning. While the "big" works for children 3 times a week.

Pavel Smirnov, a teacher-trainer Youth in winter sports Sochi: "We have here the second week of skating.

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Commissioned in ice complex Lada-Arena

August 1 in Togliatti was commissioned ice complex "Lada-Arena", built at the expense of the regional budget.



Ice complex includes the main ice arena at the 6122 visual spaces and a training rink (small arena) — for 456 spectators, as well as underground parking and outdoor parking. Overall its area is 34,107.9 square meters. meters, the total estimated cost of the project — 2,967,826,280 rubles.


Ice Arena is universal, it is designed to hold as sporting events (hockey matches of international level

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Opened the second stage of the Ice Palace Ufa Arena

It includes a standard hockey field with artificial ice, bleachers for 540 spectators, an electronic scoreboard and a variety of special facilities for training and official matches.

Present at the opening ceremony of the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov said that now one large modern sports facility in the country to serve the people.

— In 2013, the Republic plays host to the world hockey championship among youth teams — said Rustem Khamitov. — And the second place, "Ufa-Arena" will certainly help to hold one of the most popular sporting events at the

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Krasnoyarsk Yenisei won the World Cup hockey


In Sandviken (Sweden) ended the final match of the World Cup ball hockey, in which the Krasnoyarsk "Yenisei" won 4-3 over defending champion Sweden, the club "Sandviken."

Krasnoyarsk first opened the account — a goal scored in the 23rd minute, Sergei Lomanov with the transfer of Alan Dzhusoeva). Five minutes later, the Swedes beat back the ball, and early in the second half of the meeting went ahead — in both cases, scored Linus Forslund.

At the 34th minute, Sergei Lomanov after a corner leveled the score, but three minutes later, Daniel Berlin for

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In Tobolsk open ice palace Crystal

The governor of the Tyumen region, Vladimir Yakushev inaugurated the Ice Palace "Crystal" in Tobolsk. Over the past few years in the south of the Tyumen region built five hockey rinks — three in Tyumen, one — in Yalutorovsk and now in Tobolsk.

The head of the region emphasized that all sports facilities are being built using the latest technologies. "In the" crystal "really created a comfortable environment for dealing with hockey and figure skating," — said the governor. Vladimir Yakushev added that there is no limit to perfection, and expressed confidence that the sports facilities

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