If you ever stop to watch and listen to children playing you will be surprised to discover just how fertile their imaginations are. A large cardboard box becomes a Norman castle, the humble tricycle a chariot pulled by four magnificent horses, and a blanket over a clothes horse one of the most dangerous forests of South America.

This Viking longboat enters into this spirit of imagination providing the chance for adventure and seamanship from a bygone age, without the need for Lloyd’s to underwrite the project!

The construction only involves plywood, some large dowel rods, deck chair canvas and several

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My mate had to hold my head together!

DIY chap finds that work can literally do your noggin in!

HOW MANY times do we have to tell you, chaps? Motorbikes, lawn-mowers and DIY are not to be trusted. The latest fellow to fall foul of a little home improvement is Nuts reader Chris Ronayne, a project manager from Kent, who ended up with a spectacular headache and a wound to match when he was doing up his domicile.

“I was working on my town house,” he explains, “and had some scaffolding at the front. There were some blocks of wood sitting across the handrail, and I can only

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Makar Kilivnik

Visiting magazine party of the TV project «Everybody Dance» and «Show №1», dancer and singer Makar Kilivnik. Charismatic, charming, open and positive in his smile love with hundreds of girls. Today Makar opens its little secrets for our readers.

Makar, you and sing and dance. Still — Makar more than a singer or a dancer?

I like to do everything, I do not want to stop at the dance. The world is huge, it is necessary to try everything.

I love to experiment! First place will leave dance, and then the music. I think that everything ahead. Makar you

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Polish diplomats are trying to release detainees in Grodno

There are also Polish diplomats. As saidand Inessa Todryk of the Union of Poles in the department arrived Consul General of Poland in Grodno Andrzej Krentovsky and his deputy emperor Jakubik. They tried not to admit, though sovereign Krentovsky demonstrated his diplomatic card. As said Inessa accomplished szarpanina — fuss, no one of the companions of Mrs. Boris and Bantser not allowed. Policeman, who would not let them call Andrei Saiko, he — Senior Lieutenant.And it all started so Igor Bantser after work went to the bus stop, and there he was detained. He is currently editing Polish-magazine "Magazyn Polski

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Health Alexander Kozulin was no better

"He drinks medicine doctors examine him, because he feels still not well, although two months increment weight 2 pounds, "- said the lawyer relatives of Alexander Kozulin. According to Dmitry Harachka Alexander Kozulin approved filing complaints to the Commission on Human Rights United Nations concerning the violation of his rights. The lawyer says that the Attorney General’s Office of Belarus holds more than a month with no response against the verdict, which Last year Metropolitan Tribunal ruled Kazulina Minsk.

Ex-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin was sentenced to 5.5 years imprisonment on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots.

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Svetlagorck: apartment S.Mihalchanki conduct searches

The town was planned 11 social pickets, but they were banned by the authorities. Svetlana Mikhalchanka said:"We did not go to those places where planned to hold pickets. We took leaflets and went on the" youth "market. I was carrying a satchel and I was more 300 leaflets. I decided no action. But police took to the police station. "Olga Jankovskaja had with her about 20 leaflets and a few of them managed to porazdavat market. It also detained. Both ladies had a inspection of personal belongings and confiscated leaflets. Later called the investigator and searched the apartment. Policemen found

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Repression of opposition activists marched to the European amplified

September 27 after 10 days of arrest to freedom came UCP Sergei Klyuyev. Sergei commandos arrested on the street and forced to show that in the pocket. For some flyers about the "European march" Man was taken to the police. There he called "fast", since it was the highest temperature. The clinic doctors diagnosed bronchitis and prescribed bed rest. Despite this, Sergei was taken to the tribunal, and later in jail serving arrest. Favourite games Anatoly Lebedko with his colleagues met at the gate by Sergei bullpen."All the same, there are young people who, despite all kinds of obstacles, doing

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In Bobruisk going to protest against the abolition of privileges

It is planned that in the picket perceive the role up to fifty people. Share the founders meant to spend at the stadium on the street Urickogo 76 — in that place, which led to the power of such events.Past conduct trials protests local authority Amoy.• Bobruisk: pickets for liberation A.Kozulin not allowed, 30.06.2007 • In Bobruisk try to hold the pickets for the liberation A.Kozulin, 13.08.2007

Mogilev confiscated Youth Newsletter

Youth activists detained in 20 hours. They are in the center of town on the pedestrian street of Lenin spread "Youth Newsletter." Formal reason for the detention was a lack of publications output. Policemen drew a seizure. Now they are free.• Mogilev detained youth activists , 9.05.2005

Seviarynets politician Paul stopped by police on arrival at Soligorsk

At trial, the prosecutor claimed in Saligorsk sentenced Ivan Shyla without punishment. Ivan sentence be declared at 17.45Meanwhile Goats zachystsiv Soligorsky court adjacent to the area. With a dozen young activists got white-red-white flags and chanted slogans in support of Ivan Shyla, riot police began stripping action. Eight activists were detained, Three of them — in including one woman — cruelly beaten.One woman said by telephone that the bus detainees psychological pressure, sounded the danger of rape.The Tribunal continues to This time All charges are based on performances in Ivan Shyla media disk imaging and materials, found during the search.

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