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B&W stocks a wide range of Neutral Density filters, which can accentuate the amount of light that hits the sensor by one, two, three, six or ю f-stops. Whereas the B&W ND.3 (101) filter cuts out one stop of tight, the B&W ND 3.0 010) is its most extreme ND fitter and is capable of slowing shutter speeds down by 10 stops — equivalent to turning a 1/60sec shutter speed to a 15-socond exposure. Results were almost identical to those produced

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U.S. Attorney Generals Office authorized the execution of citizens without trial

Any citizen of the United States, representing a threat to U.S. national security and being abroad can be destroyed without the sanction of the court. This statement U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder issued a service Bi-bi-si. The prosecutor noted that the country is at war, and deal with the enemies to the laws of war — to indulge in consumption without charge or trial.

"When these people take up arms against their own country or collude with" al-Qaeda "to kill American citizens, can only be one answer. We must do everything to stop them, in full accordance with our

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New cup holder will keep 100,000 trees

New cup holder will keep 100,000 trees to save the planet

Looking to reduce the environmental impact Starbucks Coffee Company has recently announced the launch of new biodegradable cup holder, which is used in the production of less than unprocessed raw materials. In addition, the new product will link easier to transport. According to a press release, the cup holder EarthSleeve on 85% recycled materials, which is 25% more than the previous version.

In 2011 Starbucks customers in the U.S. has used and dumped nearly 3 billion cup holder. Of course, the problem can be addressed through the

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Holland found most bystromigayuschaya star




Dutch researcher Steve van Straaten found a stellar record holder. He registered the most rapid change in X-ray binary system of stars. Para-record holder consists of a neutron star and its companion easier.

Van Straaten studied the differences in the time of X-ray radiation for different binary

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Machine gun, Lewis

Machine gun, "Lewis" was developed in the United States, Samuel Mack Maple, with the participation of Lieutenant Colonel Lissack. Patent rights to sell the resulting instrument developers' Automatik Plastics Arms Company "in Buffalo. "Automatik Plastics Arms Company", in turn, asked the Colonel Isaac N. Lewis to bring the system to a state in which she had arranged for future buyers. In 1911, Lewis presented the gun to the Secretariat of Military Affairs and the Chief of Staff of the Army of the United States. Four copies of the test have caught (which are typically the first test was conducted in

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Antitank gun Vladimirov KPV-44

In the first years of his own life gun battle seemed a miracle weapon. All the same, and it there were flaws: bad rate leveled accuracy of fire, ease of use in fire points — a huge weight, etc. By the same remedies were not standing still, and on the battlefield appeared not only on foot or horseback fighters, and the crews of armored vehicles, protected from the rain of lead. The exit was obvious — the creation of specialized armor-piercing bullets and larger caliber bullets. New mnogokalibernye guns were more effective at the same time and in the zenith

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Printer from the designer LEGO (photo, video)



American teenager Leon overview put together a working model of the printer, using as a base material parts Lego. His unit 14-year-old boy named PriNXT. According to him, it's not even a printer, and a robot that is able to draw. In hundred pieces Lego mechanism includes metal components, wires, sensor, actuators and marker holder.

The robot was able to "print" Leon wrote a special computer program that translates the uploaded image into the desired format and transmits the information

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