‘Roll up! Roll up! Roll up! Test your strength on this mighty bicep bulging machine! Only the strongest need apply – test your muscle power and stamina. Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!’

This toy is really just for fun, but it does provide a challenge for both boys and girls. After some initial testing, the children will learn that it is not all brute strength, since a certain knack can be acquired when hitting the target area which will literally rocket the disc to the top.

Before letting the children ‘loose’ on this toy, do explain how it works,

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NGC 1277


The biggest black hole whose mass has so far been properly measured lies at the heart of a galaxy called NGC 1277, 250 million light years from Earth in the constellation of Perseus – and it’s a real whopper. While our own galaxy’s central black hole has an estimated mass of 4.1 million Suns, the black hole in NGC 1277 is around 17 billion solar masses.

Astronomers discover and assess black holes in distant galaxies by measuring the orbits of the stars that surround them. Many have now been found, with masses equivalent to millions or even

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In the modern beekeeping -prirost on apiaries produced by the artificial division of families. And yet the vast majority of apiaries bee swarm.

In some years swarming is strong, there is no other. Often swarm weak families, who propagated the beekeeper makes no sense. It happens so that the swarms time beekeepers do not have time to shoot swarms, and they fly off.

Removing swarms in all cases due to the difficulties, loss of time, and usually, the beekeeper are only those swarms that are grafted close and low.

To capture swarms I apply roeulovitel. This box from the separation

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Grand stand for China.

It’s a shame to hide fine china in the cupboard, showing it off only on special occasions. Instead, give your heirloom dinnerware a chance to stand up and be counted, WOOD® magazine’s Jim Boelling, inspired by the shape of an artist’s pallet, set out to enhance the elegance of porcelain with the richness of finely crafted hardwood.

For Starters, Let’s Make The Plate Rests.

Note: Our china display will accommodate a five-piece place setting. You can build it as shown or reverse the cup/saucer position by reversing the pattern. Before you proceed, we suggest you make some mockup plate rests

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Energetic black hole spawns galaxy with four arms

Astronomers create the most detailed portrait of the M106 galaxy.

The combined efforts of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and two amateur astronomers has not only produced the best view of neighbouring spiral galaxy Messier 106 to date, but the exquisite detail of this 20 million light-year-distant star factory could have helped to explain why it appears to have four arms.

One of the brightest galaxies that we know of, M106 has an impressively active supermassive black hole at its centre which devours material that falls into it, and this heavyweight object’s insatiable appetite is thought to be responsible for

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When golf course designer Peter Matkovich unveiled his unique Ebotse layout at Rynfield Dam in Benoni in 2008, comparisons were immediately made between it and the golf links of Scotland and Ireland. Matkovich had cleverly used excess sand from the quarry’ on which the golf and country7 estate has been developed to build natural looking dunes between the holes. He intentionally created a links feel, supplemented by elevation changes, deep-faced bunkers and long wispy grass in the rough.

So it comes as no surprise that Ebotse has now been rebranded as the

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Deck the walls Holiday Tree.

This season, celebrate Christmas with a different kind of evergreen—one made from hard woods! Our stylized tree brings together walnut, mahogany, and maple in one, attractive, unified design. Have a bare wall that could use a little perking up? Then try this decoration out for size. Enlarge or downsize our patterns to suit your special needs. For added beauty, consider hanging small ornaments from the boughs.

Make Your Tree One Bough at a Time

Note: We used 5/4 (five-quarter or 1 1/16) stock for this project. You can also go with

3/4, provided that you downsize the dowel rod for

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Daredevils Delight.


To make the fuselage (A), cut three pieces of 3/4-thick stock (we used oak) to 2 1/2 wide by 6 long. Glue and clamp the three pieces face-to-face, with the edges and ends flush.


Trim both ends of the fuselage lamination (A) for a 5 1/2 finished length. (We used a miter-gauge extension for support.)


See the pattern insert. (You could also transfer the marks to the lamination with carbon paper.)


Using a Forstner or spade bit, drill a 1 3/8 hole 1 deep in the top edge of the fuselage for the cockpit. Switch bits,

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A succulent read

What to do with a tattered, old book that you just keep for the most sentimental of reasons? Transform it into an unusual plant pot that can double as an objet d’art for your desk or coffee table. The unexpected marriage of a succulent plant and old book pages makes for a good conversation piece.


Hardbound book (must be at least 2 inches thick)

Elmer’s glue

Cutter or X-ACTO knife


Small succulent plant

Garden soil

Small plastic bag


Choose a thick book with a beautifully bordered title page or frontispiece, like an old dictionary or map book.

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Our, in your opinion, the best

Holes in the web, but there are statistics.Until the holes in the Internet age, to read out samizdat deficient novels and magazines on bad paper. In libraries, then chose the most books read out — and no mistake. Web — as tourism: a monument not wear what their gaze. Guests svabodykropkaorg as friends in an unfamiliar town, always recommend — there best cafes, and a new museum, visited that theater, and then you can spend the night …We journalists once a day using Google-Analytics analyze that interested readers draw conclusions from this daily, weekly, kazhdomesyachnogo kept secret vote of our

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