Victorian Mirror and Shelf.

Try decking your hails with this striking pear of period pieces. The fanciful fretwork has enough presence to provide a focal point for any entry way. And with the aid of our new pattern insert, we offer you full-sized patterns for several fretwork, design options.

Let’s Start with the Mirror.

1. From 3/4″- thick stock, rip and crosscut two frame stiles and two frame rails to rough dimensions of 1 3/4×31″ and 1 3/4×20″, respectively. (We selected Honduras mahogany.) Next, rip and crosscut two molding stiles to 1 1/8×32″ and two molding rails to 1 1/8×21″. Now, resaw last two

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Children love things they can climb on to and if you can get inside and hide — well, that’s a real bonus! So the legend of this famous horse and the part it played in the downfall of Troy inspired me to make the ultimate hide-and-seek toy.

The timber I used was Nordic redwood, which you can buy easily in a ready-planed state, or you can save a great deal of money by just getting the timber sawn and planing it yourself. However, if you decide to do this you will find the assistance of an electric planer a great

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Stack-em-up pachyderm.

Meet Elliott the elephant, who has it all. Over Humpty Dumpty—because you can put Elliott back together again. In fact, lie stacks up pretty nicely in the hands of a three- to six-year-old. As the kids get older, they can park Elliott on a night table or bookcase and still enjoy his company.

Start by Machining the Head.

1. Remove the pattern insert from the center of the magazine, and copy the full-sized patterns for all elephant parts. (Note: Make two copies each of the upper body, lower body, and ear patterns.) Next, cut out the patterns (one copy each)

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Seeds to go.

For this bird-feeding season, we kept our eye on functional hospitality as well as on styling. That’s why we included retaining rails for tidiness and a foolproof feeding system with ample drainage. Practical as it is, we’re guessing that this feeder’s contemporary good looks will set your neighbors chirping right along with the chickadees.

Let’s Start with the Hopper.

1. To make the hopper walls, first rip and crosscut a piece of W-thick stock to 6×32″. (We selected redwood. Most S4S or «surfaced on four sides» redwood stock is milled to 11/16 or 5/8″ thick, either of which will work

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Organized tool storage

Mark Baker has, as you might expect, a large number of carving tools which, by their very nature, have a diverse range of handle and blade sizes. Add to the specification that they must be easy to select and the tips easy to view and still be stored safely, and the design for a tool rack begins to be a bit tricky. You can amend it to suit your needs of course.

It was decided the lower two racks would hold most of the smaller tools and have the same hole sizes. The top rack would hold larger tools and

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Logology. Fascinating Fasteners.

Logs take a stand against nature’s worst.

Old World Origins.

Log cabins built on the frontier or even in later settlements didn’t use fasteners. Logs supported themselves at the corners, which were formed where walls intersected. Although these early American dwellings weren’t erected with any intention of permanence, corner-supported log walls provided durability. They were the premise of log building and had been such long before Scandinavians introduced stacked construction to America.

In his 1942 work Der Blockbau (translated into English as The Craft of Log Building), German architect-scholar Hermann Phleps observes that log walls «derive their structural strength primarily

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How to add film sprockets

Nothing says film photography quite like exposing a roll of 35mm, sprocket holes and all. Learn how to recreate the effect digitally

JORDAN BUTTERS: Film emulation is big business in modern digital photography. Despite the resolution, crispness and clarity that modern cameras are able to obtain, part of us still yearns for the analogue look and feel that you only get from shooting film. This technique allows you to obtain a realistic-looking 35mm sprocket film effect using the power of Photoshop.

Sprocket holes are the row of perforations along the top and bottom of a strip of 35mm film —

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Dowelling magic

Dowelling can easily be dismissed as a cheap alternative to ‘proper’ jointing techniques, and reserved for budget work or flat-pack furniture. It is used extensively as a simple locator, a strengthening option or as a proper joint.

As a locator or joint it proves more useful than a biscuit as it immediately locks the connection rigidly where a biscuit has some play, Assembly is easier and it is a very solid method of holding components together, that can often work well where it can be tricky to achieve a traditional joint, it’s also incredibly strong under load. In some tests

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Doweling Jigs

If you have a drill press, you can perform most doweling operations by using a fence and stop arrangement (like Dana Batory’s on page 24) and/or dowel centers—little marking devices that fit into a hole and precisely indicate the center of the hole on a mating piece so it can be drilled to match. Those without a drill press, however, will need some type of doweling j’g’

Several factors should influence your choice of a doweling jig: the jig should be easy and quick to set up and use, accurate, and absolutely repeatable. The joints made with it should be

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Derby Worx

You can tune and align a competitive Derby car using little more than sandpaper and a power drill. However, several tuning techniques will be easier and the results more accurate if you use purpose-built tools. Derby Worx has built a business out of creating those tools, most of which are so unique—and useful — that they are patented or have patents pending. All of the tools include instructions and are available from the Derby Worx website,, and selected Scout, hobby, and craft stores.

Pro Body Tool II: Without a drill press, it’s nearly impossible to drill new axle holes.

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