Cucumber Festival

In the kingdom of Far Far Away trouble: Princess Nesmeyana from all dishes he refuses capricious «gimmick Give!» Father is not the place itself, sends messengers, they say, who will feed the daughter, to give her in marriage, nui, as expected, half the kingdom to boot .. .

It is in this theatrical performance in Shklov, who has long been dubbed Belarus «cucumber capital», opened the traditional feast of cucumber.

Ban Cucumber

The action takes place near the bronze statue of a cucumber with noticeable wear. After the installation of the monument in 2007, Shklov-chan appeared Special features: to

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Association in 1925 and ODVF Dobrohima changed the status of a holiday — in 1925 and 1926. He became known as the Day of Soviet aviation and chemistry (Aviakhim). The list of celebrations at the Central Airport name Trotsky (Khodynka), in addition to traditional flight entered and «pollinate» viewers from the air, land and «fights» in gas masks.

In 1927 there was another escalation, and Aviakhim merged Society of assistance to defense (CCA). Giant Osoaviakhim and demanded a grand celebration and in July instead of one public holiday, a whole week — Week of Defense. Unfortunately, in this week’s

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Deck the walls Holiday Tree.

This season, celebrate Christmas with a different kind of evergreen—one made from hard woods! Our stylized tree brings together walnut, mahogany, and maple in one, attractive, unified design. Have a bare wall that could use a little perking up? Then try this decoration out for size. Enlarge or downsize our patterns to suit your special needs. For added beauty, consider hanging small ornaments from the boughs.

Make Your Tree One Bough at a Time

Note: We used 5/4 (five-quarter or 1 1/16) stock for this project. You can also go with

3/4, provided that you downsize the dowel rod for

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«It depends on you the mood of the people»

PC & CA on July 26 at a solemn event dedicated to the Day of trade. Decree on establishment of professional holiday was signed by President Vladimir Putin on May 7, 2013.

Congratulating the workers of trade, Nikolai Merkushin noted that it is important to obtain an official holiday status.

«In the sphere of trade and services running every five. Such a large number of employees is not in any other industry, — said the head of the field. -This Is the most popular professions among the working population. The industry works every seventh, agriculture — every 20 minutes.

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Vote more students

Polling station number 510 is housed in Minsk Radio Engineering Institute. There are constantly on duty policeman and two members of the precinct commission. Commission Chairman Parafianovich Tamara says that premature vote is very intense:"We are voting residents of the area, the people who go on the weekend days of cottages and now take the opportunity of early voting. Addition, the students — the inhabitants of the hostel Radio Engineering Institute, Institute of Communications, as students of BSU Informatics and Radio Electronics. Practically speaking, intensely vote first students. In total, two-thirds — are students and one — the inhabitants of

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Hands resting place created the Lithuanian and Belarusian youth

Good day! Belarusian Freedom invites you into another posture in the past, a day on July 25, various years.* On the pages of "Banner of Youth" in 1967 graduate BSSR A.Yarashevich A.Zinovev and write about noteworthy places of Belarus "On Polessye you can hear the old tradition. Once, long ago appeared on the Pripyat ship under sail. Walked it is from the south, from distant states. Cna In the mouth it is anchored, and saves came foreigner. Polessko Enchanted Forest, he settled on the banks of the Pripyat and spent their last days here. Was this Avida Nazon. daughter of

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Why grows the number of camps military-patriotic education?

The Armed Forces of Belarus includes 55 thousand officers, warrant officers and soldier. Any of the five soldiers in this will be educate the 1st student in the camps at military units. This follows from the balance of disk imaging Defense Ministry employee Olga Zhilinskaya:"In general, currently about 160 camps and more than 12 thousand teenagers. And applications was least, three times as much. "5 soldiers — one "heavy" childMilitary first must re-educate children and adolescents who did the crime or offense. There currently registered 17 thousand. In addition, this year in Belarus there are 198 schools in the military-patriotic

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Belarusians feel of their own health centers

Specialists explain tourism employment Belarusian sanatoriums foreigners big difference in prices on tours: in Belarus, an average of 250 dollars, and in Russia and the Baltic countries is twice as expensive. They say more about the difference mindset: neighbors prepared to stay long, and Belarusians only began to stir. "Imagine: in winter, when there is no such zapavnyalnastsi, motels they say that they are happy to cooperate, calling for people to send to them, — says Galina, which the company is responsible for tourism cooperation with spas. — And now all. They plan fulfilled. All tours were given Russians. We

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Paul gave Seviarynets stay

Regular holiday for "palithimika" had to start on 8 May. After receiving permission, Seviarynets off for the day to his parents, but soon, by order of the commandant’s office, it must return to the place of punishment.According to Paul, the authorities chose not to give him the other day, days of rest Victory.More from others for the reason indignant grandfather policy Seviarynets Paul. Pavel Petrovich — a war invalid. In 1944, during the battle for the liberation of Belarus, he was seriously wounded and returned to the front without legs. Currently Paul Seviarynets ’83. He lives in the village Vnorytsa

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Regional mini congresses start in the coming weekend

The formal decision to hold regional mini-conference, which will be preceded by a national Congress of Democratic Forces, the Political Council unanimously adopted on Friday, April 20. It is understood that in the coming weekend the first conference held in Minsk and Gomel regions.It is expected that the Congress of Democratic Forces will be held May 26-27.

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