Holy Warriors.

The early Christians, who took in the era of persecution, cruel death for their faith, there were many of those who served in the Roman army in all the edges of a vast empire. Military leaders or ordinary soldiers, they shared the fate of many of his contemporaries, fellow believers — people of different nationalities and walks of life, different professions, who refused to betray their beliefs for the sake of life. The names of the most famous of them are preserved in human memory — they were canonized. Some widely revered as the Orthodox and Catholic churches.

Being a

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Prog rockers, ambient fans and brave sailors of the sonic seas will revel in this spacey new three-in-one pedal. Review by Martyn Casserly.

Electro-Harmonix may not be the first company you think of when the words multi-fX units are mentioned. The New York legends are of course more famous for classic stompboxes such as the Big Muff Pi, POG, and Deluxe Memory Man. But over the past few years the company has begun to dabble with devices that incorporate two or three of its solo units in a single frame. The Holy Stain started the whole thing off back in

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In Grodno not only Lenin

"We renew our tradition of honoring the patron saints. We encourage you to love your own city, know its history and traditions, to be indifferent to what he lived and live the city and that it is now made of different rank bureaucrats. We want to offer to you the history and Grodno tradition without ideology "- they say the organizers of the Holy Days Guberta.Decided to organize a conference after, in April this year official ideology for political reasons, the number of participants crossed scientific conference devoted to 880 anniversary of Grodno, Grodno 2-historians, medical sciences — Ales Ales

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In Vitebsk, prayed for the restoration of historical heritage

Worship at the former Cathedral Square rules priest Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Father Leonid Akulovich:"Here holy place namolenae, there must reign Spirituality, Word of God, not some dancing!’s Why you can not build something here spakushalnitskae!I think the authorities should realize that absurdity. Hope will be restored and St. Nicholas Cathedral. After all, it is necessary to think not only about the bread, and the spiritual — that we can quit for their own offspring, for our motherland! " After the service, everyone could put his signature under the appeal to the city authorities. This initiative co-chair of the organizing

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On prazdnichek St. Euphrosyne does not include all

Started prazdnichek festive prayer service in St. Sophia Cathedral, which is sent to the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus Filaret. After held a procession to the monastery of Saint Euphrosyne, where had pass the main celebrations. Total to pay homage to the celestial zactupnitsy walked over 2-thousand faithful. In the main, it was an old lady.Venerate St. Euphrosyne, but did not work out at all. Before entering the monastery people blocked the road cordon of police officers. Since both sides of the street was blocked by steel parapet, there was a crush. People were asked

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Easter in Belarus

Your photos: Easter in Belarus Victoria Povkh, v.Verhalesse Kobrin district:Nicholas Tsehan:Pavljuk Miscavige, Gomel:pike: Easter Saturday in GrodnoAbout KolozhiMore people now was about Svyatapakrovskay churchBefore svyantsits testicular require priests to pray Orthodox and Catholics celebrate VyalikadenMinsk Church of the Holy Trinity and St. Roch, which is Golden Hill. Catholic activist Nikolai Bauman, who helps the priest in the parish of St. Roch, says that people in the church began to come more:Do Orthodox Church St. Alexander Nevsky Military Cemetery people wason even more. They stood along the main alley, waiting for when the priest shall come and consecrate the food. A.Nadson:

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Minsk displays clay prazdnichkom

Plein Air from the series "Legend of the Sand" was set up at the foot of the mound, where the donations of the Roman Catholic community of St. John the Evangelist will soon begin construction of the church.

Sculptural composition received the title "Prayer of St. John the Evangelist." On a plan Gennady Loikaw, guardian of the faithful Catholics, Saint John the Evangelist, sitting at the foot of the mountain, will pray for a place where there will be a temple. Endorsed the idea of a Catholic parish priest Alexander. It did not happen without force majeure: in the

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Leonid Akulovich: I will continue to fight for the truth holy

Father Leonid Akulovich — priest, linguist, teacher, geneolyag, public figure. With a philologist, in 1967-2005 he worked in the Belorussian municipal pedagogical institute teacher whiteRussian language. Investigates Belarusian church history, he began to revive the practice of worship Belarusian becoming a priest Belarusian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.Reporter: "Father Leonid, I remember in 2006, when you try to honor the memory of priest Vincent Godlewski, police detained the cross …""So, detained cross which drove Anatoly pure white, and we were detained after the rally. Entire bus, all the participants, the elderly were taken to the police, he was held until haze, all

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The procession will be free in Mogilev

This was told to its organizers, Mogilev Roman Catholic parish church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the staff of the ideological department executive committee. Specifically ideological department sought from the organizers of the procession fees police, doctors and public utilities. Deputy Chairman of the Mogilev city executive committee Fedor Mikheenko said, "Freedom", a corresponding decree was signed that executive committee chairman Viktor Shorikov after a meeting with the organizers of the procession:"If the order is signed, these documents will be submitted to the council Mogilev Ministry of Internal Affairs to ensure the rule of law," —

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Temples Irkutsk

Irkutsk — the old Siberian town, now a major administrative, industrial, transportation and cultural center of the Irkutsk region. To date, the center of Irkutsk is a very interesting combination of modern houses, restored mansions XIX-XX centuries and wooden houses, many of which have maintained their appearance unchanged over the past 100-150 years.

Of greatest interest are historically the oldest ensembles of the city, a part of which I want to tell you about.

We begin with a kind of symbol of the city — Church of the Savior:


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