From Intruders to SUPER HORNETS

Lt-Col Marshall Lefavor USMC (ret) describes the Fighter Wing US Atlantic Fleet’s new strike-fighter role.

FIGHTER WING US Atlantic Fleet is a US Navy air arm command in transition. The last decade has seen a rapid succession of changes in the way it conducts its mission and how it is gearing itself up for the year 2000 and beyond. COMFITWINGLANT (Commander Fighter Wing Atlantic) or ‘FitWing’ as it is known by its short title, was formerly a component command of the Navy’s Tactical Wings Atlantic which then comprised a dozen squadrons each of F-14s and A-6s that it continually provided

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In China, the Hornets zakusali to death 40 people

October 2, 2013. In central China, more than 40 people were killed and hundreds injured in an attack by hornets.

Incidents of insects occurred in recent weeks in the province of Shaanxi.

Authorities had to bring fire to destroy nests and Shershneva open special treatment centers for victims of insect bites.

According to local officials, the dry and hot weather, the well-established in the country, has led to an increase in vegetation cover, which in turn led to an increase in the population of hornets.

Source: BBC Russian Service

In Chernihiv forester bitten to death hornets


12.09.11.Strashnoy death forester died in Koropskogo Obolon district of Chernihiv oblast Viktor Davidenko — to death zakusali hornets.

Investigators have concluded that it really was an accident at work.

"He was at work, standing with his colleagues. On a mobile phone call master and brother began to depart from the group in order to better capture the mobile signal — says Sister Ludmila. — Then they heard as he shouted, "Hornets!". 10 minutes died. Its bite only 6 hornets. "

Doctors say that this is not the Hornets, but in the human body — there are people who stand

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Do hornets have solar panels

According to Israeli researchers, ordinary oriental hornet has built natural "solar cells", are able to generate electricity from sunlight. In order to understand how electricity is generated, the researchers studied the structure of the external skeleton hornets.

It was found that the yellow pigment of the exoskeleton, allows you to capture sunlight and brown pigments produce electricity, according to "Science KM.RU". The study also revealed that these "solar panels" have a very low efficiency — 0.34% (conventional silicon panels available on the market, show the efficiency of 10-11%). But exactly how the hornets use to receive electricity for scientists remains

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Insect killer attack

Roy mad killer bees, who took out of nowhere, a few hours paralyzed life in the prestigious suburb of Eros is the capital of Namibia, forcing locals tightly "corked" in their expensive mansions. The black cloud of buzzing immense size raced through the streets at the foot of the hills surrounding Windhoek, plastered and stinging all living things — people, animals, and birds.

Drivers of cars and released on the ill-fated hour on an evening stroll citizens, suddenly faced with the flying "aggressors", fled stampede and fast driving.

Reports from Windhoek reports, among the people there were deaths and

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