The legend of the vampire

In the annals of the Middle Ages are often stories of the dead, whose bodies remained incorrupt many centuries. The corpses were mummified because they had a pinkish skin and lips red. Some thought is given only to the saints is incorruptible body after death, and some of the dead in suspected vampirism.

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By centuries of legends about vampires, the most

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Horses burned to death!


In Nizhny Novgorod, where the second week of struggling with African swine fever, started prosecutor's check into the ill-treatment of animals. In one of the horse-breeding farm veterinarians, disinfected and burned horses. According to eyewitnesses, the animals have entered is too small dose of sleeping pills, they burned to death in terrible agony.

ReportNTV correspondent Vitaly Kalugin.

In place of a horse farm Dzerzhinsk — wasteland. The smell of chlorine is carried per kilometer, the area surrounded, measures are being taken to eradicate African swine fever. Veterinary officer rush to journalists as

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Statue of Crazy Horse. USA

Crazy Horse — it is nothing like a great memorial, fully carved out of the rock. It is located in South Dakota. And this sculpture is dedicated to the most famous Indian chief, who was incredibly warlike. His Lakota tribe opposed to the end of America's government, which took away from them the land where they lived.

The leader, who bore the name of Crazy Horse was known as early as 1867. It was then that terrible war broke out between the local Indians and Europeans who invaded the continent.

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Aphorisms: Marriage, Wedding

Society Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: How people treat marriage when young had significantly different age? Khotenko: Often uttered: "We got married, the young and the old horse horse spreglisya." Heard the same — in this saying is condemnation. Like, nothing good will come of it. But most of the uneven-aged marriages just were considered more successful for zluchnasts very young couples or elderly women do to a man. After all, by the youth of one of the other spouse is rejuvenated too. That is confirmed now health. But that was criticized mercilessly and violently, then perastarstva — a phenomenon that when a

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Island of Buyan

December 15, 2011 14:40

"On the sea, on the ocean, on the island of Buyan is white-combustible stone Alatyr under that stone is hidden mighty force, and the power that there is no end …". Begins with the following words most ancient conspiracies. But what is the island in question?

According to the Old Slavonic folklore, carrying a duck in its beak over the ocean Alatyr-stone, which suddenly began to grow in size. The bird did not keep their discovery, dropped it into the water. At the crash site immediately arose island of Buyan, which towered a huge Alatyr

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Arkona — the ancient shrine of the Slavs

West Slavic Baltic tribes (Wendy), settled between the Elbe (Labe), the Oder (Odra) and the Vistula, reached a high development of IX-X centuries AD, built on an island wound (Rügen) sacred city of temples Akron, which holds for all Baltic Slavs role of Slavic Mecca and Delphic Oracle. Slavic tribe runs formed in their midst priestly caste (like Indian Brahmins or Babylonian Chaldean), and no serious military-political matter was not addressed other Slavic tribes without consulting with injuries.

Wounds (ruany) owned Runes Wend tradition schedule is very different from the known major and minor runes (and probably the term

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In the southern Urals derive an entirely new breed of horse

In the southern Urals derive an entirely new breed of horse 

In the Chelyabinsk region are trying to cross the Bashkir horses, Yakut breeds with Russian Heavyweights to get supergibrida. Farmers intend to market foals with predetermined properties. For this is going to bring a whole new meat and dairy breed of horse.

"Some people believe that in our time horse breeding brings some losses, and to engage them unprofitable. But is it, is it possible in the age of iron horses equine industry to achieve profitability? An illustrative example of

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Stallion of the U.S. skillfully wielding a brush, creating masterpieces

November 13, 2012 0:19

If you think that making art — especially the prerogative of man, you are deeply mistaken. Can create masterpieces and animal.

For example, a thoroughbred stallion named Justin has recently attracted the attention of the American public, because it has the rare talent to keep the brush in his mouth and skillfully use it to draw a picture. This ability of the animal to appreciate artists and collectors of art works. Collectors of rare paintings already offer for "horse" masterpieces fabulous sums of money.

For the most successful paintings some wealthy art lovers spread to

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From the stamping of hooves …

It is believed that every little girl dreams of a pony for her birthday. This is far from the truth, and if to be honest, such a gift would not mind and boy. Horses — friends of people since ancient times, in this sense, with only dogs can compete. How we managed to tame these amazing animals? The role they played in the development of civilization? First things first.


Not so easy to imagine that the ancestors of horses — Hyracotherium — do not exceed the size of today's Bulldogs. Stumbling in herds, they slowly walked through the

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Humpbacked Horse. The film — a fairy tale.

Director: Aleksandr Rou 1941 — Starring: Peter Aleynikov, Marina Kovaleva, Benjamin Guth, George Millyar,

Lev Potemkin, N. Urusov Mikhail Troyanovsky, Alexander Zhukov, Nikolai Gorlov Alexander Timontaev — an adaptation of the remarkable stories in verse Pyotr Yershov — the adventures of Ivan the Fool and his faithful friend Humpbacked Horse ..

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