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Price-Cutting Saw

Got $100? That’s about all it takes to buy Deltas MS250 compound miter saw—a saw that recently sold for as high as $170. Miter saws are great for the shop and as fix-stuff-around-the-house tools, and compound miter saws provide even more versatility. On a compound saw you can angle and bevel the blade. This is especially useful when installing crown molding.

With its 10-in. blade, the MS250 will cut through 2×6 and 4×4 (nominal) lumber at 90 degrees and at only 28 Ib., this machine is a breeze to move around.

A 13-amp motor powers the MS250. This

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My kochia and higher and more beautiful

I love ornamental shrubs, especially kohiyu. Familiar proudly showed me his half-meter kohiyu growth — a beauty! I thought, and you can grow it even higher? Before the rain fed by a bush conventional potash fertilizers — soon grew kochia, it counts twice!

And plants can give quite any form. I take two wires: steel and knitting. I form a steel frame — for example, a ball or animal figures. This design fetter binding wire. The completed form carefully sit down on the plant and start a haircut. Indescribable beauty!


Do you want to get a cheap and

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British scientists have "artificial volcano"

British scientists have "artificial volcano" save the planet

It is known that volcanic eruptions, similar to what happened in the Philippines in 1991, have the ability to cool. In Britain since the end of 2011 an experiment to pump water at a distance of one kilometer from the ground into the air to test a new model of climate cooling, with which to launch into the stratosphere, sulfuric acid particles, capable of reflecting the sun.

A new experimental model of an artificial volcano is necessary for possible protection from damaging effects of climate change. The experiment is the first of

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Russian Helicopters and Eaton opened a co-production

Russian Helicopters holding company "Helicopters of Russia", a part of United Industrial Corporation "Oboronprom", and a diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation launched a joint production of Teflon tubing technology for Eaton in Russia, the press service of "Helicopters of Russia". AEX.ru

"Eaton Teflon hoses are available at the National Center helicopter (NCV) in the Moscow suburb of Tomilino, where" Helicopters of Russia "united under one roof intellectual assets design offices Mil and Kamov. Installing hose on the aircraft will take place at the industrial enterprises of the holding, which are located throughout the Russia, including Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Ulan-Ude and

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