The mystery of birth.

Pregnancy was easy and relaxed, I was full of strength and energy: go to the pool (learn to dive and swim under water, which did not know how), finished Photo courses and read a lot of literature on the development of children.

My son, living in my tummy was not like the other children, of whom I was told other pregnant women. I think my child was very independent and lived their lives. Total 9 months he did not hurt me and did not cause inconvenience. I really wanted to quickly see a little boy. We were confident that deliveries

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Ways of development of hospital construction

L. Yurovsky, the candidate of architecture

New organizational forms of medical care, carried out by the Ministry of Health in recent years (the association of hospitals with polyclinics) and in the common organic fusion of inpatient and outpatient care, in a rather largely change the structure of the old hospital, regardless of its organization (decentralized, mixed, centralized ).

In this regard, the architects there is a problem — to develop a new structure of the hospital, while ensuring appropriate conditions for hospital and outpatient.

One of the major issues that have a significant impact on the bulk composition of

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Do I need a hospital nurse?

Much has been said and written about the fact that hospitals do not have enough middle and junior medical staff. I can not explain how such status with nurses, and this is why few among physicians of boys, I know firsthand.

I think it is not necessary to prove both need strong male hand in the hospital, but that’s reluctant to take the guys in medical school for learning how to tend to think «female» professions. Above guys make such a choice, laugh, consider them frivolous people. Through it all, I had to go this summer.

On the medical

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Escaping the

Discount Trap

Beautiful,” Cora Milano said, looking up at the soaring spires and Gothic arches of the immense charity hospital.

Her colleague, Augusto Tolentino, barely paused. He was in a hurry to get to their meeting—and to make a point to


The two worked together at Bosi e

Faora, a São Paulo–based medical device manufacturer. Augusto was ofcially the head of operations, but his real job was as the right-hand man of the company’s diretor presidente, who had informally dubbed him “head of customer satisfaction.”

Cora was the sales director.

Augusto and Cora were on their way to see

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STAR Dr. Dolittle. «Sector General James White.

People usually make a hero of science fiction, the story is related to space adventures? Brave pioneers, valiant soldiers, swashbuckling treasure hunters ,, dodgy criminals clever spies, at worst — inquisitive scientists and cunning diplomats … (Heroes cycle James White became doctors, Dr. Dolittle space, which had to endure a lot of adversity in order to save their alien patients. Even with the patients resemble crazy glitch drunken dinosaur …

Soaps of different doctors — one of the basic formations television «soaps.» And medical stories this niche occupied long before the «House». After all, along with the police and

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New York City Mayor urged to pray for the city dwellers native of Belarus

Together with their parents, Leonid and Tatyana Timoshenko 9-year-old Ruslan moved from Bobruisk in New-york in 1993. The family settled in Brooklyn. New South American friends Ruslan could not get used to his name and soon began calling the boy Russell.Russell, which is performed for various school sports teams also keen design. Even entered the New York City College in order to teach architecture. But, as he often repeated desire to create "own beloved native New-york city harmless" still overpowered. In January 2006, Russell graduated from the police academy and went to serve in the 71 section of New York.On

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35 Weeks Pregnant


Check withobstetrician-gynecologist all issues related to the upcoming birth — you may need to be hospitalized inpre-hospital (especially with plans to caesarean section). Engage in one hospital. It is advisable to learn more about the methods of pain relief in labor, choosing a posture for delivery. In advance Find out whether you allow the presence of a husband or other relatives in childbirth in your chosen hospital.

If you are going to enter into a contract for the delivery and give birth to "their" doctor, get choice of a suitable hospital or insurance company.


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Man must live and die without pain

In a small fishing line with oaks, chestnuts and pines in the village Kiselevich that in 10 minutes by bus from the bus station is Bobruisk interdistrict oncological clinics. In him and arranged the first hospices in Mogilev. About hospital-hospice patients and talk to the main dispensary Dr. Vadim Bogdan:"We should act Hospice unhealthy with the fourth group of medical oncology diseases. Unhealthy Those who do not fall under what special healing, they only prescribed narcotic pain management. Man must live and die without pain. Psyhaterapevtychnuyu render assistance unhealthy and their families and care" .According to Vadim Bogdan style hospice

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In hospitals, for the sake of saving electricity shut off the elevators and light

In Mingorispolkom Health Committee does not show that there is a special order of the city authorities to conserve electricity medical institutions.Employee committee: "As for such orders, the I do not know. Or maybe just do not know. Besides, and Deputy Chairman committee that oversees this branch, also while on a place will not. "Meanwhile, employees of a number of clinics say that we should once in afternoon shut off electricity for two hours. In some medical institutions save mode is not such a specific and only applies to works of lifts — or stop them as well, or run

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Precinct bypass all apartments in Minsk

Acting Head of disk imaging and public relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Konstantin Shalkevich denied that the cause of the explosion on July 4 have already been arrested more than 70 people. In an interview with BelaPAN he said that figure is "very exaggerated", but how many people actually are behind bars, he never said.Disk imaging on lawyers and relatives, including detainees — former activists and opposition groups today Victor Leszczynski, Igor Korsak, Miroslav Lozovskiy and Sergey Numbers BPF members Illya Bohdan and Anton Koipish also students of major universities Pyakun Tatiana and Oleg Sheleg.Meanwhile, the police

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