Whats the weather like on the other planets?

Alex Schmetkov

Mostly very different to what it’s like on Earth! The hottest and coldest places on Earth are in Death Valley, California and Vostok Station, Antarctica, which have official records of 56.7 degrees Celsius (134 degrees Fahrenheit) and -89.2 degrees Celsius (-128.6 degrees Fahrenheit) respectively. But it gets way more extreme in other parts of the Solar System.

Martian air is very thin, less than one hundredth of the density of Earth’s atmosphere, and so it can experience wild swings in temperature during a day, from highs of 26 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit) to lows of -129 degrees

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Year hours.

Earlier this year, leaked to the Internet and very vague rumors that Apple is in a situation of deep secrecy has been developing its own hours. No other information is not leaked, but to the fact that the clock will run on IOS. Subsequently, various leaks only confirmed these intentions: Apple iWatch registered trademark in some countries, as well as patented, flexible batteries, which are very reminiscent of the patent scheme bracelet watch. But anonymous sources with Foxconn to mention that the iWatch be integrated pulse sensor.

The rumors were not ignored competitors. After a very short time a

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Time is money

What could be better than a couple of small cars, which are desperately pushing tend to get first to the finish line? The answer is obvious (at least for the company Psygnosis). Thus, it is necessary to build 15 avtomobilchikov that would differ in their parameters, and everything else, look aesthetically pleasing. Experience of Micro Machines, DeathRally and other cartoon racing arcade brilliantly demonstrates that the type of «top-down» and the story called «race-non-stop" the game provides a complete success and immortal fame.

Despite the desire to present a wholesale «statins" violence, developers Rush Hour immediately decided to exclude

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Guest night air — Anatoly Lebedko

We also will tell about the first meeting of the Council of European integration and presentation of the new album, "HPM" "06." In "Night studies" is now talking about the female alkagalizme: registered in Belarus 32 thousand ladies alkagalichnuyu unhealthy dependence. Mogilev in our survey utter as, in their opinion, should consume alcohol a person to be considered an alcoholic.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story about the creation of the "Constellation", and "Night Primer" will sound poems poet Antonina Hotenko Minsk. After 23rd hours — regular review of your messages on the "Freedom" and 23.15 "Journey" Liberty

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Guest Night of Freedom — Ioannina Pushkin

The theme of "Night of research" — frisky spread slot machines and clubs in Minsk including in residential areas. Some players utter often they win.In addition story about the dangers of the Minsk authorities to demolish the memorial cross to the place of mass executions in Loshitsa that in Minsk, a report on the school year in the underground Humanities Lyceum Kolas, the message about the difficulties in the preparation of poetry festival "word order", an interview with another winner contest "Win the book" Freedom "Dmitry Nestsyarkovym from Lida.In the "record" Alexander Tomatoes begin the story of the creation of

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Guest night air — a physicist Igor Stashkevich

In "Night of research papers" we talk about fraud earthen plots near Minsk. We also tell about the Russian film about the "lost gold Napoleon", which was withdrawn in Grodno. Maxim Zhbankov recommend that look worth of new products Belarusian videarynku, in the program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will continue the story of a group of "Nagual", and "Night ABC book "you hear the story of Tatiana Borisik" droplets ".After 23rd hours — "Belarusian Atlyantyde" — why Belarusians did not own novel of the 20th century, "Journey of Freedom" in the harp village Dokshitsky district, in the program "Belarusian abroad" —

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Guest night air — Vladimir Skrabatun

In "Night of research papers" we talk about the case with the Belarusians, who received 14 years in prison in Russia for transportation allowed in Belarus pills, also told about the release of the Grodno students, who were sentenced to four years’ bullpen for a quarter of a gram of marijuana.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes continues the story of a group of "Indigo" and "Night Primer" sound story Israeli writer Uzi Weil, "Julie Andruz and missiles" translated Paul Kostyukevich.After hours 23rd — "Journey of Freedom" in Slavgorod in "Belorussian Atlyantyde" says historian Zahar Shibeko version Minsk origin in "Belorussian abroad"

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Match heroes Shejman & Maltsev, Liabedzka & Kaljakin

Valery hoe blogger notes: "After the change of ownership at the local match factory" managers set off the brain. " "Enrage profits" initially prompted them to print on labels portraits favorites opposition parties. But after criticism from "above" started producing portraits "siloviki". Repeated samples contact Tsapkov came to nothing. Then we went to another method.Lebedko: "Groups of UCP" Pinskdrev "no"The coming of Brest match factory located in Pinsk. I tried to find out if a company that enters into the structure of "Pinskdrev" attitude toward reklyamavannya official and opposition politicians. Hearing my question, a company representative at a loss: "And

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Martyrology of Liberty: Vincent I. Volsky

Vincent I. Volsky. Born in 1879, from the village. Kovaltsy Koydanovskogo p-well, Belarus. In 1923 he tried to go to Poland — not allowed, has relatives in Poland. In 1932, sentenced to 5 years of concentration camps, the term served. Arrested 09/25/37 in with. Siberian Vzhurskaga district CC number in 8289. Separator Machalav PM 26/10/37 NKVD troika QC sentenced to death. Shot from 24 hours to 24 hours 29.10 1:11:37 in Achinsk.

Guest night air — Victor Shalkevich

People on the streets of Minsk utter that prevents Belarusians be real Europeans.In "Night of research papers" we talk about the city noise. How do people live in the neighborhood with resonant objects: airports, train stations, transport interchanges? In our survey, people will respond to the sounds for their nastiest. The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will complete the story of the music Misha Casimir Oginski, and "Night Primer" will sound poems Zhirovichsky monastery monk, poet Znicha (Oleg Bembel).After 23 hours per program "Guest on" Freedom "record responses scholar and teacher, chairman of the Society of Belarusian schools Ales Lozko radio

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