Tatarstan builders work like a clock: for the quarter — a quarter of the annual housing construction

Nearly 600,000 square meters of housing introduced for the 3 months of the year stroyorganizatsy Tatarstan, announced today, April 7, 2012, Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Republic of Tajikistan Irek Faizullin.

Citing the data at a meeting on the construction and commissioning of housing, held at Government House in RT videoconference with the President, the Minister said the total volume of the input components: the program of social mortgage — 118.2 sq m (also 25 percent of the plan), the program of construction of apartment housing investment 244.1 sq m (25 per cent of

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Life in England: the housing problem

On peculiarities of the housing stock in the UK

Residence permit? -No, not heard

To begin with, the concept of "residence" in the UK do not exist. Proof of residency is a utility bill or a bank, sent to a specific address. But this does not mean that legalized very simple. For immigrants often becomes a problem. To open a bank account, without which it is impossible to get a job, you need proof of address, and do not take off your house without a bank account. But the work is hardly built up without a bank account. If

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Stavropol region: apartment buildings equipped with solar panels


Nine blocks of flats village Essentukskie Foothill region of Stavropol equipped with new equipment, saving energy, reported in the management of the regional government gosinformpolitike.

"In order to achieve economies of resources in a number of houses have been installed motion sensors that will ensure a reduction in electrical energy consumption to 50% in the common areas. Automatic control of lighting in basements, porches and attics depending on the ambient light level is made possible by the use of relay FR-7H and LED luminaires SPV-01. Other innovative solutions — installation of LED lights such as "Focus"

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Three days in Pennsylvania

This trip has surprised me a lot of different abandoned objects encountered on the way. And this despite the fact that I was not looking for them specifically, but just saw the car as I drove by. Moreover, it was not just crumbling empty houses, and huge mansions, farms, hotels and even a small city. And all this is in excellent condition. As if all the people gathered in one day and just went on vacation, from which he still had not returned. Most of all I was struck by the old city that I met on one of the

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Sochi homes for settlers

New homes for settlers whose homes were seized during the Olympic construction, being built at several sites: the village "Nekrasovskoye" (112 cottages), district merry-Psou (6 blocks of 5-storey houses, 77 cottages), st. Tauris (171 cottage), ul.Urozhaynaya (47 cottages), st. Jan Fabricius (50 houses and 2 apartment buildings), the area of "Small Stream" (29 cottages) near the village Kraevo-Greek (37 cottages)

All homes will be equipped with a centralized gas supply, water supply, sewerage, the area will be landscaped, there will be objects of social, cultural and residential use.

photos of houses

A merry-Psou — takes the

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The consequences of a tornado March 2, 2012

The consequences of a tornado March 2, 2012 Natural Disasters

Despite the fact that the weather forecast the Midwest threatened tornado 5 times a year, no one expects the wind cave in their city. This year, as a precaution thousands of schoolchildren in several U.S. states were sent home, and some schools do not open.


Powerful storms and hurricanes destroyed several small towns in the south of the state, whole rows of houses razed to the ground, destroyed many buildings and school buses otshvyrnuv house and restaurant.

Stunned residents Genrivillya roamed the city in search of

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Heavy snow in Europe

Heavy Snow in Europe Weather and Climate

February 11, 2012 snow buried house 10,000 villagers, imprisoning them in their homes, and the number of victims in Europe has grown to 550.

More snow fell in Italy and the Balkan Islands, and the Danube closed to shipping for a hundred miles, for the first time in the 27 years covered by ice in Bulgaria.

In the Montenegrin capital Podgorica fixed 50-year record for snowfall, which reached 50 centimeters. As a result of the unusual weather was suspended rail links with Serbia and closed the main airport.

In Romania, killing another eight

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Cardboard America

The so-called "one-story America", which is so admired our teleakademik Posner, actually represents a ticky-tacky flimsy shacks, literally falling apart from one blast of wind. Even in two-and three-story homes intercommunication overlap such feeble, of such thin wooden bars that just when you walk through the rooms, everything shakes. But dancing is not quite officially advised on any floor of the house above the ground.

Not stronger and walls. In the best case, they are made on the frame of a wooden block with a shoulder about 6 inches on the outside are thin 8-mm chipboard or hardboard, and

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Earthquake in the Philippines takes the lives of over 40 people

Earthquake in the Philippines takes the lives of more than 40 residents of Natural Disasters

February 6, 2012 in the central islands of the Philippines, a series of earthquakes from 4.8 to 6.7, the most powerful of which was recorded at a depth of 46.6 kilometers. Events took place in densely populated areas near the towns of Ayungon (20 km), Tayasan (12 km), Kantaup (16 km), Dzhimalalud (6 km), Apanangon (6 km).

According to the first official data from several landslides caused by the most powerful earthquake that killed about 40 people, more than 100 injured and many are still

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Orphans of Yakutia and Irkutsk MVD received new apartments

December 25th district head Sergei Vinokurov solemnly handed over the keys to new 24 well-appointed one-bedroom apartments for orphans and children left without parental care. A nice addition to the keys are money certificates.

Housewarming took place in three new comfortable houses located in residential areas with good infrastructure and built specifically for orphans.Head of the District congratulated the young settlers and thanked the builders, all professionals who were directly involved in the fact that this happy event took place. Letters of thanks were given to contractors, LLC "Promstroymontazh" and "Plant basaltic materials." At the ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended

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