Social housing

This provocative social housing project in Champigny-sur-Магne, the realisation of a competition win, took a unique approach to the design brief. Aiming to revitalise and renew an urban zone characterised by a jumble of different building types from the 1970s, the programme called for mixed use: housing, commercial space, and so forth. Instead of taking the predictable path of replacing the ‘mess’ with order, the mixed-up with clarity, the architects chose to celebrate the chaos with a strategy of ‘urban collage’. In effect, they refused to interpret the context and decided instead to incorporate it, literally, into the

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INSECT your work.

The completed bottom Atari 2600 housing should resemble the one shown here. Now we can move on to the top half of the Atari housing.

1a. Enlarge the case to fit the new power jack. First, the original hole in the back of the case intended for the power jack needs to be enlarged. The new power jack that was soldered on during the control panel preparation is slightly larger than the original Atari one. Simply use a small, flat file to enlarge the square hole in the back of the case (left image) until the new power jack fits

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Boldly introduces multihull hives

In our farm multihull hives for 40 years. Now beekeeping farm has 500 bee colonies. Every year, we get high honey yield.

This year, I served one of 125 bee colonies in the multihull hives and received from them 60 kilograms of honey GDP, while the average for the last three guide family apiary gave more than 50 kg.

Tc. Dmytrenko said that, they say, they have the Ukraine steppe, poor food supply and apply hives multihull can not. Tambov is also not Primor and Bashkiria. And 50 kilograms of honey per hive — it’s pretty respectable figure. By the

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PROMISE-catered for 1,000 families-Run

More recently, in January 1962, 360 households educational and demonstrative apiaries Kalacheevskogo inter-district department of beekeeping were assigned to four beekeepers. We also had helpers. If at that time I was offered two people to serve 400 bee colonies, I would have refused. Then I did not believe in this possibility, they do not believe some beekeepers still. This lack of confidence from them what they have not worked with multihull hive, do not know what it is.

Last spring, I have translated these hives 90 families. Exactly one year ago, from this same rostrum, I told the comrades

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Even though the successful flagship, the main fuel, on which the Finnish giant continues to move forward — a budget phone. Here is another proof that the Nokia is virtually no competition. 501 minutes with the bright buildings reminiscent of Lumia, and while filling it and does not try to keep up with the top-end smartphones (3-inch touch screen (240×320), 3.2 megapixel camera module Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0,4 GB of internal memory, a slot microSD up to 32 GB), because after all, the price had not comparable. In addition, this phone is designed to operate with

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ISRAELI modular charge.

The Israeli public corporation IMI has also developed a modular charges similar charges Bi-MC. Charge M662 beige firing zones 3-6 is similar to the charge of SCI Systems Bi-MC. Charge M664 green firing zones 1-2 is similar to the charge of BCM.

Furthermore, IMI Corporation has developed a system of modular charges UMACS (Uni-Modular Artillery Charge System), which uses only one type of module. Shooting of four modules with a barrel length of 52 klb. It allows you to get a muzzle velocity of 940 m / s, and with the shooting of the three modules of 39 klb.

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Liberty Poll: For elderly people almost all products out of reach

Reporter: "Rising prices for products or services which worries you the most?"Lady: "At home, of course, electricity, land and real estate. After all, we have the cottage, and there is already a huge calculation. "Man: "If you look objectively, it is not easily all pensioners. This transportation, and meals and other services. Well, it odezhki older people do not buy, even with donashivayu Russian timesand. They this topic discussions are conducted and are sensitive. "Lady: "On those products that we need every day. This milk, cottage cheese, and butter, bread and sugar. "Guy: "I drive a car — and felt

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Guest night air — Kolosovsky Lyceum Director Vladimir Kolos

In "Night of research papers" we talk about trends in the housing market in the towns of Belarus. Is there off-season on the housing market? Or justified auctions that organize city government?Now 100 years since a day or birthday Tired Zdislava — in "Night Freedom" mention of eminent actor Kupala theater.The program "Zwukopis" Alexander Tomatoes will complete the story of the Minsk Group "Postscript" and "Night Primer" feature poems poet Ales Minsk linden.After 23 hours per program "Guest on" Freedom "entry policy responses and historian Valentina Golubeva radio listeners’ questions, and 23:33 in the" expertise "Liberty" analysis intention of the

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Vetkovskiy district: fire victims until the country without the assistance of

Large fire in Tumarine happened on August 16. With unquenched peat fire spread to the village. Burned seven houses of sixteen, suffered a lot of commercial buildings and property of the villagers.In a large family Yuri Romashkina fire destroyed outbuildings and livestock. Three kids relatives took in Gomel — where they at the moment and trained. Family hoped to get some help to the beginning of the school year to collect the kids to school. But only recently received a message from Vetkovskiy executive committee.Emperor Yuri:"Only just received a letter from the Executive Committee that the accrued compensation for three

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38 thousand metropolitan families do not pay the rent

According to Director General of the disk imaging "Minsk City Housing Authority" Viktor Vorobyov praterminovaya receivable population is almost 6 billion rubles. Exclusively in the capital of more than 38 thousand landlords do not pay for utilities, 600 people do not pay more than 3 years. What measures can be applied to malicious non-payers, the lawyer explains:

The problem is that such dwellings swing strongly enough. Evict a person generally can not be on the street

"Debt Recovery Tribunal and penalties through the suit and resettlement ZHREO at least the equipped and smallest area home. To do this, the district

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