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Fortunately, there’s a better way. Markdown lets you apply complex formatting using common characters like [, ], tt, -, and *.

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Titanium Valley in Volgograd


08.10.2012g. Titanium Valley in Volgograd.

In Volgograd, the new plant "NPO ALLOY-T" started production of titanium alloy VT16 fasteners by cold heading for high performance automatic presses. The factory provides aircraft industries with high-strength fasteners made of titanium alloy VT16 on industry standards and shipyards titanium welding wire. Analogue technology abroad is not. We have much to be proud of!

Table transfers the Russian Premier League

Juan Coolio in "Ruby", Louis Agyar in "Dinamo", Yuri Zhirkov in "Chelsea", Ari, Kocsis and Kovac in "Spartacus," Nick Piliev at CSKA, Bojan Vruchina in the "Moscow", Noel Pamaro in the "Locomotive" — gathered all the possible transfers summer off-season championship of Russia 2009 in a single table. Last update — June 8. [Url =] [/ url]

Why Russian to kill …

Excellent, persuaded. Putin's own recent article leads us to recall the times of the Cool War:

I will not argue with the natural. Yes, it is. But let us for the sake of completeness we'll see more on other countries. For example, in the U.S., which led Cool as a war against the Russian Union and continues to lead it against the Russian Federation, without pauses, interruptions and "reboots".

About the Jackson-Vanik amendment, from which most definitely implies that our homeland is the enemy of the United States, and which to this day has not been abolished, I've written

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MAX: the hand of the state of the market better hands.

"Productivity in Russia is among the lowest in the world. On the example of the same sad Superjet, who for seven years already collected 32 pieces, and the price of the entire project has caught up with the American program of sending manned stations on the moon, where they will live and work astronauts. "

These kind words addressed to me dislike the Superjet oppozitsoner post it to the community, "It is time to bring down" less than a week ago:

And yesterday — surprise — at MAKS sold 77 regional

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Overview of new museums. June 2013

In June, Russia has opened 20 new museums. 1. June 1. In Vladivostok, the museum was opened telephone.

 At present, the exhibition features about 400 exhibits — telephone and telegraph apparatus,  radios, television sets, switches, and other devices, as well as more than 1.5 thousand of documents and photographs depicting the development of the telecommunications sector in the Primorye Territory.The most interesting and valuable is on permanent display in the museum and exhibition centerfor example, the song "The workplace telephone operator in 1907" to the telephone switch brands.

Ericsson end of the

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Overview of new museums for April-May Part 1.

Spring has brought us a nice museum "harvest", so had to make a review in 2 parts: the April and May. In April, the Russian Museum opened on 21. 1. April 1 In Volgograd, entertaining science museum opened Einstein — is one of unique exhibits that demonstrate the laws of physics, chemistry, geometry, optical illusions and natural phenomena in the area of 500 square meters. Everyone can see not only in action, but most do wonders.

2. April 1 In Upper Sinyachikha opened a museum-theater of the Romanov dynasty During the celebration of the 400th anniversary of

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Overview of new museums in April-May Part 2.

In May, opened 22 new museum and mausoleum was opened after restoration and the estate "Kholomki" 1. May 8 On the eve of the Victory Day in the village Kelermesskaya Giaginsky district solemnly opened a museum of military and labor glory countrymen. It is located where a monument in honor of the villagers — the Great Patriotic War. There are exhibits on the Cossacks which, collectivization, the everyday work of machine operators, field-crop, livestock farm "October", which was once a village. Particular attention is paid to kelermestsam — participants of the Great Patriotic War, the home front. 2. May

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Overview of new museums in Q1 2013. Part 1.

For 1 kvratal 2013. Russia opened in 19 museums of various subjects.

1. March 2. In Chelyabinsk, has opened a museum of history of hockey.

In the Historical Hockey Hall of collected artifacts: stick with autographs of famous hockey players, hockey skates, from "Snow Maiden" and to contemporary models, hockey shape, programs, posters, souvenirs. A special stand dedicated to the veterans of the "Tractor". Another exhibit — an installation hockey game mid-50s: a wooden box, the pieces of real players "Tractor" middle of the last century, overcrowded stands, in general, everything

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New schools and a modern sports complex appeared in the villages of the Odessa region…remennie_shkoli_3111.html…desskoy_oblasti_2540.html 

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