Head of the department of defense contracts interview USC Anatolia Shlemova

"I have already signed more than 95% of the planned state defense order contracts, including a contract for the construction of five modernized" Boreas-A ", — said the head of department of defense contracts USC Anatoly helmets. He noted that some issues remained on the modernization of nuclear submarines in the third generation light of the recent orders of the government. These documents are in the Ministry of Defence.http://ria.ru/defense_saf…y/20120831/734172778.html 

He also said that Russia is developing underwater drones to perform specific tasks, in his words — "a work in progress, it is a very promising direction." He stressed

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What do they think about the provocation Pussy riot famous people?

What do they think about the provocation Pussy riot Patriarch Kirill, Archimandrite Tikhon, Metropolitan Hilarion, Andrei Kuraev, Alexander Gordon, Maxim Shevchenko, Alla Pugacheva, Anatoly Wasserman, Alexei Navalny, Valeria Novodvorskaja, Leah Ahidzhakova, Nikita Dzhigurda, Mikhail Leontiev, Nikolai Svanidze, Alexander Nevzorov and ordinary people——————ROC letter with a request for clemency to the condemned herehttp://rusk.ru/newsdata.php?idar=56387————PS The music on their antics left a girl at home, which has been proved in court, and therefore I believe in the right to use the same technique. In my case, they dance to the German march Im Wald, im grunen Walde (/ watch? V = Yl8tdBArXb>

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The point of view of hamster-antikorruptsionera

Here I thought that if targeted to absorb only the most-most negative abundantly vyssyvaemy every criticism of the authorities (and they themselves are out there and tear that neillyuzorno delivers in terms of assessing their mental component), it can turn into a classic hamster Bulk or someone else thread there.

And then any infopovod work very back wall of the brain, and even skull.At the output will be about the "analysis" of information.Hereinafter

TitleText messagesComment enlightened hamster

So there you go.

In the Kirov region opened a farm with 400 headsAugust 11 "Agri Sredneivkino" in Verhoshizhemskom district of the

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Russian 3D-printers

3D-printer "Chameleon" — the printer, working in three-dimensional space

Three-dimensional printer "Chameleon" is a device enabling the models developed using 3D-modeling systems. The printer connects to a PC via USB and gets it necessary commands for the production model, servicing and tuning. The material used in printers is ABS plastic rod or PLA, diameter 3 mm. Possible to use materials such as with dyes or without.


3D printer Gen X

SKB "Cypress" — a team of enterprising specialists!Our core business is the production of three-dimensional rapid prototyping devices (3D printers), bearing the name of Gen X.Gen X

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Overview of new museums

In July, I have already published an overview of the new 7 museums. Since it is summer, the holiday season and so on, the number of museums in the country to successfully increase. In this survey — 6 new museums for 23.07 — 09.08 and material for February-July, which was not posted on the site.

1. August 9. Naberezhnye Chelny. Museum of swallowed objects.

For the past year vet Stanislaus Warriors collects unusual collection: a bullet, which he operated on wounded animals, objects, swallowed four-legged — tips for pedicure, Christmas tree ornaments, needles. In the

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In the village. Ufa (Sverdlovsk region). Started production farmstekla

In the Sverdlovsk region opened the first factory in Russia to produce farmstekla. Production is placed on the base of former Ufimkinskogo glass factory in the village of Ufimka Achitsky area which produced glass containers of small dimensions.

Co-owners of the company — Russian and Japanese investors. The cost of the project — 2.8 billion rubles

Setting up the production of the first two lines of sealed literally started in May 2012. In addition, last week launched a line of vials. Ampoule and vial of the line made in Italy, cartridge — produced by the Japanese company "Nipro". In

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In the Yaroslavl region develop tourism

August 3 in Yaroslavl opened the first object "City Park 1000th anniversary of Yaroslavl ‘- a new hotel complex« SK Royal »class" 4 stars ". In the near future close to the complex «SK Royal» will open another object — a concert and entertainment center.

Log in for the next two years in the top three on the annual CFD number of tourists and sightseers — the task for the Yaroslavl region designated in the regional program for tourism and recreation in the 2011 — 2014 years.

On the territory of Pereslavsky district is building the region’s largest resort "Golden

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Landfills TSB began a large-scale field output Corps of Engineers

More than 500 military engineering units of the Eastern Military District embarked on a combat training missions on 3 training complex in Buryatia, Sakhalin and Amur regions, as part of training sessions.

Personnel of the engineering units TSB for three weeks to work out a wide range of issues, the engineering mechanized infantry, armored and artillery units. The soldiers Corps of Engineers TSBs will spend engineering training places crossing water obstacles on the county landfill. Military divers will conduct a survey of the river bottom in traffic areas of heavy equipment.

As part

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In Adygea, near the village of Dahovskaya opened multifunctional center of extreme sports. The center includes a skate park and trails stretching slozhnoprohodimye two kilometers or more, combining a number of artificial and natural barriers: jumps, logs, rocks, swamps and ditches.

The center will be held championships in extreme sports at various levels.



July 19 at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur, after the second phase of the renovation has opened new sports complex "Change", owned by OAO "KnAAPO." At the second stage of reconstruction has been spent over 100

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Modernization of the Russian air command posts

Report The Experimental Machine-Building Plant named after Myasishcheva for 2011 contains some interesting data as the outcome of and the prospects for the next three years. The main programs implemented EMRs in the modernization of the state defense order is a special aircraft and anti-submarine aircraft, created on the basis of IL-18.

Il-22M11 RA-75925 after upgrading them to the EMR. Myasishcheva


Modernization of the air command posts IL-22 is held in two directions.

The first direction — Repair it with the refurbishment of aircraft modification Il-22M11, Aircraft equipped with a relay

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