In Irkutsk, construction of 130 quarters (PHOTOS)

The reconstruction of historic buildings quarter, June 2012.


Children's Creativity Center VSZHD


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Why the Russian foreign arms purchases?

In recent years, Russia is gaining momentum overseas arms procurement process, go to the West and leave a lot of money, which could support the development of the Russian military-industrial complex, do jobs, wages increment of our companies, to give impetus to the creation of new weapons systems , also commonly known that by developing new weapons systems, "in passing" are 10's, hundreds of new products and technologies that can be used in the civilian sector. In addition, it leads to the ultimate degradation of Russian design bureaus in several promising areas, creates the risk of dependence on the

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Western coalition increases the ability to strike its own forces

Western coalition increases its impact on the ability of the Libyan front — London and Paris announced the transfer of the conflict zone of several 10-s attack helicopters. According to French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet, British helicopters will be sent "in the coming Days" will be based on the royal Navy amphibious assault helicopter carrier England Ocean.

According to the newspaper Figaro, another May 17 with a French naval base of Toulon to the coast of Libya, headed nepokorlivoy helicopter Tonnerre ("Thunder") class "Mistral", he takes to the war zone 12 helicopters. This information was confirmed by the French Minister

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Task: to find a stealth

One of the most debated topics in recent years are the stealth technology. Despite the fact that the first aircraft to their application appeared more than 30 years ago, to this day do not abate controversy about their efficacy and practical utility. Each argument is its own pro and contra as always happens. With all of this aviation industry advanced countries, it seems, has made his own choice in favor of the introduction of stealth technology. With all of this, as opposed to of early projects, the new aircraft are made taking into account the reduction of radar and thermal

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Mysterious C-500: known details

By completely understandable reasons, the data about the development of anti-aircraft missile system S-500 while too little. It is completely understandable, because more are being developed, and most of the details secret and well, and part of the design work is not yet complete. Yet, some aspects of the project are already known, that allows you to make your guesses and conclusions. Let's try to gather all appear in the public domain information on the C-500.

The first mention of the development of new anti-aircraft missile complex 5th generation relate to 2002 and 2003 years. Then it became clear that

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Ended air show ILA-2012

Last week, the Berlin Fairgrounds «Airport» (Berlin ExpoCenter Airport), opened in July of this year, took his first exhibition. September 11 with the participation of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was accomplished festive opening ceremony of an international aerospace exhibition ILA-2012. In the halls and outdoor areas were products of more than 1,200 companies from 36 countries. Besides, everyone could see the 282 aircraft on display in the halls and parking areas.

Against the background of the past exhibition ILA 2012 is exciting not only because it specifically for the terrain of the airport Berlin-Brandenburg built a new Fairgrounds. In the

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Ros and Russia, two states — two worldview

In the history of the Slavs has two interesting titles that, for all its similarities to two separate time, territory, and the value of public education. We are talking about states Ros and Russia.


Ros of the name is closely linked with the dominance of the Slavs ancient worldview (volhvizma), in which the concept of "growing up" meant spiritually enlightened man who owns the ancient world view, knowledge (mirozdancheskogo law), the one who wills to be meaningfully Forefathers (Magi- ukrov Rakhmanov). Abbreviation "grew up" in this case, means — "(a) exactly the Fathers of the Holy",

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Behind the scenes, test the IL-76MD-90A

So true. The new military transport plane Il-76MD-90A after a couple years of development and construction for the first time rose into the air. After a certain number of days after which the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory "Aviastar-SP" the signing of the contract for the supply of Russian armed forces 39 copies of the new aircraft, "the truck." This agreement will have positive consequences for the customer and the manufacturer. In the future, perhaps, the Defense Ministry will order further still kind of new aircraft of this model.

Among other actions of the last days are exciting because in Ulyanovsk signed

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The only sure way for the Russian Federation and Belarus — is the creation of one of the country

Belarus makes the Patriots a "split mind": on the one hand, Alexander Lukashenko managed to keep almost intact the Soviet economic system, the army Belarus considered in the post-one of the best (along with the Armenian), in her younger people go, as in the best years of the Union, with the desire, there are no problems with the "bullying" and "fraternities", selection committees may select the best, because so many people the army is not needed. Lukashenko is one of the only comparable independent politicians in Europe who do not bend to the U.S. and the EU.


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Egyptian armored wheeled transporter Fahd 240/30

By order of the military department of Egypt developing an APC on a wheelbase of West German company engaged in "Thyssen-Henschel." The original title of the BTR — TH-390. Armored got a wheelbase of truck firm Daimler-Benz «LAP 1117/32." In the development of APCs were used aggregate nodes motor and box 2-axes truck has four-wheel drive. Demonstration of an experienced reference was accomplished in 1984. In mass production armored troop-carrier received in 1985. Create an armored transporter was established in the town of Heliopolis factory Kader Arab industrial organization. The first batch of finished cars entered by the army of

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