Huge LQG


Our giant is one of many super-structures that make up the known, observable universe. These galactic superclusters are made up of smaller clusters and groups relatively near to each other that, gravitationally, move in harmony.

A single supercluster typically contains thousands of individual galaxies: our own Milky Way galaxy, for example, is part of the Local Group of over 50 galaxies that is part of the much larger Virgo Supercluster. This contains more than 100 galaxy groups and clusters for a total number of galaxies that number in the tens of thousands. The Virgo Supercluster spans a

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It Alexander Prohanova Forum Seliger 2013: Russian victory, she won!

Today, the world is a terrible, deadly clash of ideologies. Merciless. And this battle is accompanied by strike attack aircraft and aircraft carriers out of their bases to the sites of these ideological battles.

The Russian Constitution, adopted in 1993, the year I call it bloody constitution, because it was adopted on the bones of the tanks shot the Council House, it denies the right of Russia to have a constitution. It is said that the Russian — ideology-free country, ideology-free state. This is a tragic thesis, which appears in the end, will be revised,

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A huge pyramid found in Zone 51. Video


One of the researchers found abnormal on the cards Google Earth Map huge pyramid in a secret American zone 51. See it can be anyone entering the coordinates 37 ° 5'45 .66 "N 116 ° 5'35 .77" W.

Right near the pyramid shape with a bit truncated top you can see the base with extensions, which probably goes into the earth.

Coast of Chile sweeping 7-meter wave

July 5, 2013. Coast of Chile sweeping 7-meter wave. Hundreds of kilometers of coastline of Chile overwhelmed the huge waves. Local residents say they see it for the first time.

On the Pacific coast of Chile struck huge waves. Locals say this has never seen.

Local resident: "Yes, we used to be and high waves, but that such a huge, five meters, is — for the first time."

In some places the waves reached a height and seven meters. The reason for the abnormal phenomenon — the tide coupled with strong winds.

In the city of Vina del

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Texas tornado surprised all huge hailstones

Texas tornado surprised all huge hailstones Weather and Climate

8 km to the south-east of Hale Center hail in the U.S. state of Texas there was a tornado. Funnel brought to the staff terrible weather and hailstones the size of which is comparable with the ball for baseball. Diameter of some specimens in the early onset of the tornado reached 5 cm appeared later hailstone about 7 cm in diameter.

Such huge ice formations could not prevent damage to private property. Glass many cars parked in the parking lot near the center, were broken or cracked. In neighboring

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Other country. Russia 11 years later …

I do not know what else you can cover it. About the growth of the industry I’m talking about, but this is only one aspect, on the other, too obvious, a marked improvement. I think that the enemies of Russia, as otherwise their name well, not if they are in denial, there is only one argument, "I would have done even better." But this is not serious, and probably thinks Putin is currently analyzing the hindsight, he thinks, "damn, but could do better here, and here." But when the front of the unknown, and you are holding a huge country

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In Russia flew the first of a new generation of airship

The huge aircraft, launched today in the sky, has two engines — each 170 horsepower. But in the air it did not fly, but swims.

This evening the sky above the city Kirzhach up huge, fifty meters in length, the airship — the largest in the country and the only one officially registered as an aircraft. Today, he made his first flight.

Radiouho of Tolstouhova

Completed the modernization of one of Russia’s largest radio telescopes. The diameter of the main mirror — 64 meters. The huge radio telescope — one of the attractions of the Tver region .. Here, a huge antenna is called "ear", because it is near the village of Tolstouhova. Soon radio telescope will participate in the research project "Radioastron."

Lopatinsky rudnik.Ekologicheskoe miracle

A striking example of how industrial development can not disfigure the Earth, but on the contrary, in their own way to ennoble and embellish the original nature.

In the 20th century, in the south-eastern suburbs was a huge Lopatinsky mine where mined phosphate rock.

Now at this point kilometer career filled with pure clear blue water and dumps aligned with upset magnificent pine forests.

So on the south-eastern suburbs formed a huge lake country with mountains covered with pine forests.

30 amazing winter photolandscapes Sergei Wanderer Lopatinskii with mine.

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Before the flood lived giants

Another story

There is overwhelming evidence that people lived on the earth giants. Archaeological finds from different years, found throughout the world, podtverzhadayut this fact.

Historical chronicles of the XIX century often report the findings in the different countries of skeletons of people abnormally high growth.

In 1821, in the U.S. state of Tennessee have found the ruins of an ancient stone wall, and under it two human skeletal growth 215 centimeters. In Wisconsin during the construction of granaries in 1879 were found enormous vertebrae and skull "unbelievable thickness and size," as evidenced by an article in the

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