Were All Photographers. Are We All Photographers?

Once Google Glass takes off, people may utter, “Glass, take a picture,” more often than talk to each other. It is already happening, come to think of it. Pictures are serving the role of conversations… I went to this cafe. I am at a party I am stupid. Instead of narrating such stories with a touch of drama, we Instagram our lives straight into everyone’s timeline. Photography was always a language. But earlier, it was used to make a statement. Now there are statements, with a lot of chatter and small talk in between. So considering the millions of stray

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Plastic anatomy. Human skeleton.

The artist must know the proportions of human, caused by features of the skeleton, which is a solid basis for the body. Conventionally, a human skeleton can be divided into the following parts: the trunk, neck, head, paired upper and lower limbs.

Plastic center of the figure is on the pubic bone and most coincides with the geometric center. The distance from the top of the head to the pubic bone will be half of the figure, and the distance from the pubic bone to the heel bone, too, corresponds to half of the figure. Deviations from this rule

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Wings and chains BIOETHICS

Less than a century has passed since then, as Academician Ivan Pavlov lamented that «someone out there» wants to control his vivisektorskuyu practice. Less than 70 years ago I put their monstrous experiments Nazi Josef Mengele, less than half a century ago, was awarded for his work Hisata Yoshimura, one of the doctors, butchers Japanese «Unit 731». And now in a number of countries have adopted laws recognizing apes for almost human rights. A tiny cut in the history of mankind — and a giant step for bioethics. The further we go down the path of civilization, the softer

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Opposition will have to adjust its political niche

Drakakhrust: "This is the fourth time the October Square in Minsk area becomes demanstravannya after the vote — the 2000 presidential election, referendum and parliamentary elections in 2004, presidential, 2006, when the area became for some space with large bukovkoy, and eventually the current day. Your prediction — will be like the current area?. "


Tsigankov: "I think nowshnyaya area will not be like the past — less than the rate faced by people who came to the square. This is not a presidential election, when it seems that the fate of the country. Now we we see,

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Developed by other development plan Shklovschiny

Public activists offer their vision of the district. It is based on a market economy and the ability of the local population initiatives. Other ways by developers beliefs lead to a deadlock. Although now officially considered Shklovschina not ideal unless economic policy management in Belarus."If we analyze the economic situation of the area Shklovsky, we come to disastrous conclusion — on Actually nothing to be proud. This also applies to the economy and the social sphere, especially in real incomes and unemployment, as well as prospects, too, "- said Peter Migursky.Scholar argues that the unemployment rate here of 25%. While

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8 myths about the treatment of depression

About depression in our country know so little, and the available knowledge of it is so distorted that to write about the myths even strange. Actually, all that is known about the man in the street of the disease — one big myth.

Myth 1. Depression — not a disease, so it is not necessary to treat  

Depression can be different:

Exogenous — Caused by external causes (eg, job loss or death of a loved one).

Endogenous — Caused by internal, often unconscious reasons.

Circulated myth that exogenous depression — it's normal, endogenous — a sign

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Whores are prepared to go cap

Earlier it was reported that during the upcoming G20 meeting in St. Petersburg, Barack Obama planned to meet with representatives of Russian NGOs, including the Moscow Helsinki Group, a human rights association "Agora", the movement "For Human Rights" movement to protect the rights of voters " voice. "

Source in the Russian government has called Obama's decision "strange", "Either you meet with the authorities, and those who criticize them, or with anyone. All the more so by canceling the talks with Putin, Obama said he would go only to the "twenty". What does the NCB? Apparently,

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What is it?

HIV infection— A slowly progressing disease of the immune system viral leading to weakening of the immune defense against tumors and infections. Stage HIV infectionwherebybecause ofimmunosuppression in humans appear secondary infectious or neoplastic diseases, said acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

The first reports ofHIV and AIDS appeared in the early 80th of the twentieth century. Now these names are known even to a child. Such a global information campaign was a result of the fact that the disease is spreading at an exponential rate, the cure for it is still not found, and the only way to

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Russian human capital estimated above U.S. GDP

The cost of Russia's human capital is 600 trillion rubles (about $ 18 trillion). As in the issue of October 12 the newspaper "Vedomosti", the experts gave this assessment of the Higher School of Economics. For comparison, the GDP of the world's largest economy — the U.S. — is less than $ 15 trillion. The report is compiled director of the Center for Labor Studies Higher School of Economics Rostislav Kapelyushnikov. According to estimates of the HSE, the "cost" of every Russian in prices in 2010 was six million rubles. In this case, the value of Russian human

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The man on the palm. The unique technology will accelerate the development of pharmaceuticals and make them safe.

Capsule less than a mobile phone and the radiating tubes in my hands — neither more nor less than created by the country's first cellular model of human organs in one-millionth of magnitude. In this chip are all kinds of human cells — in every cell of your mini-organ. In one example, liver, other intestine, brain … Bathes them instead of blood culture medium — it provides the life of cells within four weeks. During its movement is responsible for microchannels small control unit, it allows configuration and automatic maintenance of the required parameters of cell culture. In fact,

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