Humanity is doomed

Today, a lot of talk about what is inexorably approaching end of the world. There are lots of versions of the apocalypse. Even scientists say that our humanity is doomed. In their view, irrational human activities will cause the death of all life on Earth.

Perhaps mankind and destroy supervolcano, but unreasonable activity precisely to good not finish. And about the supervolcano more information, please visit

Our planet is a very dynamic and live by their own laws, and the changes we are making in nature, are laughable.

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Volcanoes destroy humanity

Only in the last two weeks there have been three eruptions, but horrible and Katla Uturunku still silent

Scientists around the world have seen a sharp increase in volcanic activity on Earth. Had not yet recovered from all the dreadful eruption of Eyjafjallajokull that caused the most extensive since the Second World War, the closure of airspace over Europe, as it is time to prepare for new surprises.

Only in the last two weeks was told about himself as much as three volcanoes in different parts of the world, and this month the seismic activity was registered in five

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End of the world: how it is

At all times, in different cultures existing ideas about the end of humanity. But never have they been so varied as to the XXI century, with the development of science, not only did not reduce the apocalyptic fears, and even added new ones. How is modern man sees the end of its existence the species?

Net mysticism In traditional cultures doomsday and the loss of humanity associated with the anger of the gods. Such fantasies are popular and now in December of next year, we should ditch the Mayan gods. Most recently, American preacher urged mankind to

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The planet does not know how else to make it clear that she was tired of us

From the point of view of Earth, events like this have to make her intentions "very obvious."

From the point of view of Earth, events like this have to make her intentions "very obvious."

According to a report released Tuesday, the planet Earth "almost exhausted" to prevent approximately 6.9 billion people living on it is not their desire to get rid of them.

A series of recent devastating floods on the Mississippi River and the tornado that affected the majority of the United States, along with even more disastrous global natural disasters this year, suggests that the way

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UN warns of impending ecological disasters

Learning about environmental tragedies in the gloomy news, it is easy to fall into despair.

Last Rio +20 environmental conference ended a disappointing conclusion — the Earth is on the verge of the apocalypse. Although gradually humanity is trying to overcome the environmental disaster, which, like a hurricane bearing down on the Earth, the environmental destruction of the planet is slowly but surely pace.

During the environmental conference, Rio +20, the UN released a report on the environmental status of the Earth. 500 pages detail the environmental degradation and the coming changes. Pesticide pollution, desertification, deforestation and destruction

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End of the World: bang and all or a slow death?

British scientists have voiced several versions of doom, most likely from their point of view. Perhaps Hollywood writers have begun to embody the death of the earth and mankind in the new movie version. According to Nick Bostrom, a university professor in Okforde, in the destruction of living organisms on our planet there is nothing supernatural, it is a normal process. For example, results in the following statistics scholar of 4 billion live organisms that existed billions of years ago, before our time, and did not live one percent. And if so, can not be excluded that

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What will be the end of the world?

Half in jest, half in earnest British Guardian has compiled a list of various doomsday scenarios to answer the question of the future of humanity.

"In a world of infinitely many hopes, but not for us" — once said the Austrian writer Franz Kafka. Journalists and scientists agree with him: the human race is not eternal. From a scientific point of view, the danger to humanity harbors space geology of our planet and the man himself.

Danger from Space

Astronomers argue that the Earth's collision with an asteroid is just a matter of time. It is estimated that the

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Lack of fresh water will soon become a problem for humanity


12.01.11.Nehvatka fresh water will be the most pressing problem of humanity in the coming decade. These conclusions were the chief scientific adviser to the British government, John Beddington.

According to him, the rapid growth of the world population, followed by climate change and the expansion of urban cities, inevitably give rise to serious problems of water shortages, according to ITAR-TASS.

Beddington believes that the availability of water will be the number one problem of those who have to deal with the international community. Agriculture is closely connected with the problem, but lack of water will dominate

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Russian environmentalists predict a water crisis in the world by 2025

Russian experts predict that in 13 years would be faced with a "water crisis", reports "Interfax".

"According to the forecast of Russian scientists for years 2025-2030 the volume of fresh water, which consumes humanity equal to its resources. So humanity will face a serious water crisis", — said the founder of the association "Ekoklaster" Alexander Konovalov.

"Right now, our planet with a population of 7 billion people experiencing water shortages. This population growth continues, water use will increase," — he added.

The expert also cited data from the United Nations, according to which about 700 million people in 43 countries

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The Council of Nine unknown

Alliance of nine unknowns — the legend says in the III. BC Emperor Ashoka saw the battlefield and realized that the people of the earth can destroy itself if it is necessary in order to possess weapons, the wise king took 9 and founded Council of Nine, for the purpose of which was to be discouraged technological improvement of mankind …

Legend also says that the best scientists were chosen, magicians, astrologers and philosophers in order to extend their research but not to publicize their findings, such a group of

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