Hunger Games


If I could have had one wish as a teenager, I would have asked to be thin. I wanted to be hipless and bustless and able to wear spaghetti-strap tops with no bra (it was the Nineties). In my quest for the perfect grunge body, I starved myself, then binged, and finally stuck my fingers down my throat. I didn’t tell anybody. My weight yo-yoed: I was never thin enough to cause worry. Most of

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Young Social Democrats reminded of fasting A.Kozulin

These shares are demanding the release A.Kozulin planned in Minsk near Bangalore Square, Orel Street, near the circus grounds and park in the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution.Young Social Democrats believe dedicate anniversary hunger strike pickets A. Kazulin. • A.Kozulin "Excellent feel like life vorachivaetsya the body", 12.12.2006 • Alexander Kozulin began a hunger strike 20.10.2006

Another hunger strike in prison

Kostyshev hopes that the hunger strike will be enticed by his attention to criminal case, which he calls "a manifestation of lawlessness." Kostyshev convicted of robbery, theft and forgery. main arguments unfounded sentence — Kostyshev was not on the court, and the main witness has long written statement that slandered convicted.Nicholas Kostyshev — Russian citizen. July 6 2006 by sentence Orsha city court he found guilty. Penalty — 12 years imprisonment with confiscation of property. In the courtroom, Nicholas was not. According to his lawyer Olga Little Sheep, this is only one of a series of violations of judicial proceedings:"Not

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Vasily Siliverstov finished hunger strike

On last week Siliverstov study took place in the center. He asked to learn due to his illness and disability caused by radiation.Consultation center said that he could not qualify his illness and disability as a consequence of Chernobyl without additional inquiries from the military unit where Siliverstov served in 1988. In response, Vasily Siliverstov hunger strike.But most of all outraged Chernobyl liquidator paragraph 4 writing tips consultation: "In connection with multiple demonstration and blackmailing behavior hunger strike three times in the past and the danger of a hunger strike after consultation — be screened in the criteria of the

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Alexander Kozulin extended a special output mode of hunger strike

An extension of the special output mode of the hunger strike Alexander Kozulin said lawyer Igor Rynkevich policy in the administration of the colony Vitsba-3:"Alexander Kozulin thrown to the former regime of detention in prison for the current month. This means, that in April it will be powered by normal dietary and 5B will be released from work. And in the rest mode for it is no different from other prisoners mode. "Over the past month A.Kozulin scored only 1 kilogramThe decision to extend a special regime for Alexander Kozulin made on the basis of medical examination of the prisoner

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Alexander Kozulin allowed another month does not work

Olga Dashkevich: the absence of complaints from the offspring — diplomatic westFavorite "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich contained in Shklou colony, visited by the head of the OSCE mission in Minsk Ake Peterson. That’s what my mother Olga prisoner Dashkevich told about how there was this meeting, according to officials of the OSCE mission."No matter what he did not complain, was that relate to it perfectly. Apparently, respected as a political leader. Newspapers same reading, writing them reach. Problems with him at their no."With all this Dashkevich Olga recalled that earlier in the offspring in the colony imposed three penalty Tipo

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A. Kazulin extended output mode of hunger strike

"Alexander Kozulin another month released from work and have allowed him special dyyabetychnae food. But he participates in all the activities the company officer" — said Ruslan Priymak.According to the policeman, "Alexander Kozulin feels excellent, satisfactory analyzes it. "Recall that in the end last year ex-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin kept in prison a 53-day hunger strike, during which lost over 20 kg.

I. Rynkevich: output mode of the hunger strike should continue A.Kozulin

Recall, for more than 2 months in prison Alexander Kozulin has the right to stay in bed and not work. Also it has the ability to specifically eat. Earlier it was reported that this mode of Alexander Kozulin last until March 1.After last year last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin announced a hunger strike for 53 days.

Figure a day or 18 thousand babies a day die from hunger

These numbers are said Executive Director of the UN Global food programs from James Morris. By him, most kids are starving in India — least 100 million, and China — about 40 million.For recent years fraction of people who are starving in the world decreased from one-fifth to one second, but the absolute number of people suffering from hunger due to rising population, increasing annually by 5 million people.

The Tribunal rejected the liquidator Vasily Siliverstov

According to the conclusion of seventeen professionals in Belarus studies have not confirmed that the health of liquidators influenced by radiation.Siliverstov: "If the Ministry of Health Republic of Belarus on present day has no research, as the effect of radiation on military liquidators that have long lived and worked in a very dirty area, we will help the Ministry of Health own life and their health. We will come out with a proposal to the President of Ukraine — assist us to solve this dilemma, since we participated in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster on the territory of Ukraine.

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