Treasure hunter

Rachel Ashwell, the founder of Shabby Chic, explains the lure of the antiques markets that inspire her work

Over the years vintage finds have become more and more desired, appreciated and actually understood. Whether apparel, furnishings or textiles, it seems to me that the thirst for uniqueness and eclectic treasures has grown. Sometimes it might be budget that drives the attraction, but often it is about having things that are one of a kind that blend easily into the decor of already-owned pieces.

Only in Round Top, Texas and the neighboring little towns could there be a flea market covering

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Well prepared for the opening of hunting

Not long left to wait for the coveted summer-autumn hunting on a feather. Passed during the breeding season. Growing up young upland, waterfowl and other game birds.

Due to the warm winter in the wintering grounds, returned home more than in 1970, aquatic and marsh game. Good traction Woodcock showed that with this kind of thing is well. Many wood pigeons flew.

Now, while young is not got no wing, especially the need to provide him rest in forests, ponds and around them. We must remember how much damage does broods capercaillie, black grouse, grouse, ducks and even a frequent

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FRENCH CAMEROON delicacies Spanish

Cameroon. A land flowing rivers, where gold is washed and catch shrimp.

You are so good to be on the Hunting Baby gift. HUNTING IN CAMEROON that thin DISH French ARSENAL SERVICE gluttonous passion. HE NEED TO SMALL ripen satiety. It was then, and understand his true taste.

OF COURSE, colleagues, the extraction major trophy in the West African country the best approach, already being a mature hunter. CAMEROON HIS SAVANNAH that rain, rainforest, will require you to a fair share of self-confidence, a sort STATE SPORTS maturity. It follows that with a visit TIGHTEN CAMEROON also not worth it.

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Accounting and breeding records in dog breeding

B. Kalach, the expert and the judge-Union category

In March 1955 approved the «Rules and regulations for hunting dog)», including the «Regulations on the organization of accounting entries in national and national studbooks hunting breeds of dogs.» For several reasons, this method of breeding accounting practices were not implemented, they were not open and studbooks.

In fact, breeding records of hunting dogs every society of hunters is to your sample and often unsatisfactory. This is partly to blame, and one of the points of the «Regulations», which states that the certificate of origin shall be issued only hunting dogs from

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With the VIII Conference of the Moscow Society of Hunters

DELEGATES VIII Conference of the Moscow Society of hunters was to discuss the activities of the Board of the Company for the years 1960- 1962, to hear the report of the Audit Commission, the Council to choose a new society and to give him a mandate.

Here, at the conference, people came to share their thoughts on how to eradicate the shortcomings that still exist, how to improve the work of the society, that needs to be done to ensure that staff of fifty Moscow hunters good land, ensure the

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Reasonable use of resources of the North

The vast territory of the northern regions of the Russian Federation.

But the natural wealth of the North is not enough used.

Issues of development of basic sectors of the economy, and the meeting was devoted foremost reindeer herding, fur farming, hunting and fishing, which took place in the city of Magadan. These workers come to the tundra and taiga Murmansk, Tyumen, Irkutsk, Arkhangelsk region, Primorye, the Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk territories and the Yakut ASSR.

Presentations were made by the chairman of the Magadan Oblast Executive Committee comrade. Chistyakov, Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Yakut ASSR comrade.

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The first field

GO agreed to after dinner.

Dmitry Ilyich ran up to the window at every creak of the sled, fussed, poking in a backpack and his wife prepared convolution. Every now and then returned to him the idea that he forgets something, something blundered and spoil crowfoot hunt. Especially as confused him that would go to the crowfoot his son Kolya, a man he had heard that hunting has experienced; in relation to him, Dmitry Ilyich felt a sense of jealousy and a novice in his eyes not to look like.

All have been collected, but the woman was imported

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Hunter «bugs»

We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic radiation in the range of tens of kilohertz to several gigahertz. It is created by mobile phones, computer systems WiFi and Bluetooth, poorly shielded microwave ovens and other household and industrial electronic devices. The professional and amateur circles are lively debates about whether physiologically harmless effects of radiation on the human body. There is no consensus on this matter and no.

But, in addition to effects on the body, non-compliance with the EMC electronic devices may cause interference for other equipment. Finding the source of interference is often a difficult task. The article

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Organization of the territory under ohotustroystve

First promhozy consumer cooperatives were organized in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 1958. At the same time, the decision of executive committee for their consolidated certain areas of hunting grounds, ie. E. Substantially based on the work of the special missions to the territory of the region was carried out inter-farm ohotustroystvo.

Almost all of the newly organized farms had significant wilderness areas. Initial consolidation of land for hunters made on the basis of already existing ohotpolzovaniya on the basis of applications hunters. The size of the plot, its equipment and landscaping determined willingness and ability of the hunter. The

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They called us!

FAST dark. Suddenly, from a distance came the desperate cry. Someone lost in the reeds, called for help.

— It is necessary to help out! — I said vybredavshim of water neighbors halt.

— Will choose if not a fool — I answered hung ducks uncle. — Our legs are not state-owned.

— Then turn the car lights though. Let people see, where to go.

— Battery charging will you give me? — Uncle asked grimly. — No? Well, go with God.

He turned and calmly walked to a broken tent nearby. Behind him stretched shortstop.

What to do?

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