The last of the money

COMPLETED at Hawker’s factory at Langley, Buckinghamshire on July 27, 1944, PZ865 was the last of the more than 14,500 Hurricanes to be builtTo mark this milestone, the fighter had The Last of the Many! adorned on both sides of its fuselage, just aft of the cockpit.

PZ865 was rolled out bedecked with banners listing notable campaigns and theatres of war during the type’s service career — including the Battle of France, Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, Malta, Russia, Africa, Burma, Italy and Normandy.The fighter then carried out its maiden flight in the hands of Hawker’s chief test pilot

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The hawker dodo

TO SUPPORT the large number of RAF and Indian Air Force squadrons flying the Hawker Hurricane in the campaign against the Japanese in Burma, a significant training organisation was established in India.Amongst the training and conversion units that flew the Hurricane were 151 Operational Training Unit at Peshawar and I Service Flying Training School (India) at Ambala.

Although by 1945 the latter unit was using around 100 North American Harvards, to give its new pilots some fighter experience before they proceeded to the OTU, the Ambala FTS was issued with around a dozen Hurricanes. However, it soon became apparent that

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Remembered with honour

WEST OF NANCY in the Lorraine Region of France, is the French National Cemetery of Choloy. In the northwest section, are headstones of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.At least one of these dates back to World War One, but most mark the final resting place of Allied servicemen who died in 1939-1945, the majority of them airmen. In all, there are 1,650 French and 461 Allied war graves.

In 1950 the commission relocated some 100 war graves from a number of local churchyards and civil cemeteries to Choloy.There, in Plot 2, Row G, Headstone 8, is the grave of Fg

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Most weather-related accidents occur when pilots don’t realize they are heading into danger or won’t admit to themselves they are flying into conditions that they and their airplane aren’t equipped to handle. This isn’t a problem with hurricanes. They are so fierce and hard to miss that any pilot who hadn’t heard the news that a hurricane is nearby would almost surely recognize the danger in plenty of time to avoid it.

Hurricanes are born over oceans with surface water warmer than about 80 degrees. They begin weakening when they move over cooler water

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In the eye of hurricane Sandy.

How Alure Home Improvements managed its business during Hurricane Sandy while also helping employees and Long Island residents with recovery.

As Hurricane Sandy made landfall the evening of October 29, 2012, the storm surge rapidly overtook the south shore of Long Island. Reports described water rising 3-to-8-feet high, which completely flooded most of the coastal communities.

Jimmy Quinn, construction consultant at Alure Home Improvements and a resident of Amityville, N.Y., was a victim of the flooding. Located less than a mile from the shoreline, Quinn experienced a storm surge of more than 3 feet in his home.

«The water rose

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Hurricane masterclass

EW introductions are needed to the work of Hawker Restorations Ltd based in Suffolk. Just look at the likes of Peter Vacher’s Hurricane I in the UK,Vintage Wings of Canadas Mk.lV,Tom Friedkin’s Sea Hurricane X at Chino,California, USA, and the Alpine Fighter Collections Mk.lla in New Zealand, and you’ll get the idea!

HRL was set up under the expert guidance of Tony Ditheridge in 1993 specifically to rebuild Hurricanes.And it’s a particularly challenging task as Sydney Camm’s fighter is one of World War Two’s most complicated structures to re-create. Hardly surprising then that the most respected warbird operators, such as

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Hurric ane sortie

HERE IS absolutely nothing routine about your first warbird sortie.As an experienced pilot it is normal to get into a ‘routine’ with regard to any flight. Whilst any sortie requires thought about how to get‘up and down’, the majority of the planning process is spent on the execution of the mission in the middle. Quite the opposite when dealing with your first Hurricane ride!

I am absolutely pre-occupied with not only how I am going to get it airborne, but more importantly how I am going to get it safely back on the ground. The plan is simple enough: take-off,

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The capital of Romania hurricane

May 25, 2013. On the eve of Bucharest strong tornado swept through. As a result of the disaster 18 people received injuries of various degrees of severity, one of the victims was seriously injured and is now in a coma.

Approximately 17,000 residents remained without electricity. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania, the wind speed reached 80 km / h The hurricane caused the partial collapse of the roof of residential house, tearing the roots of trees and overturned dozens of billboards.

Four planes, which at the moment of the hurricane was in the air

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Eric hurricane caused flooding in the western Mexican state

July 10, 2013. Despite the fact that Pacific hurricane Eric the first category of danger after approaching the land was going down and lost its hurricane status, he could cause flooding in the western Mexican state of Nayarit. Flood victim was 44-year-old Mexican, who washed the flow of rainwater into the river flowed near Indio.

The police have information that during the movement of the hurricane on the Mexican coast, in the region of Jalisco lost three travelers. In their quest sent a group of rescuers, the task of verifying the banks of the Indio, where water rose

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The hurricane knocked in Odessa more than 1,000 trees, one man was killed

May 31, 2013. The hurricane knocked in Odessa more than 1,000 trees, one person was killed and many wounded.

In Odessa cleared element! Ten minutes had hurricane knock down dozens of trees and off the light in the center, a fountain and Tairova. In particular, suffered green spaces in the city garden.

"When the whirlwind came, people vacationing on summer dining areas, climbed in the window establishments, and some even dragged" — says Eugene Odessa, who met in the center of the bad weather.

According to him, badly damaged scene, prepared for the festival of ballroom dance "Cup

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