Yana Rudkovsky

A girl from a simple family has become a successful producer, followed by a divorce, the battle for children.

But she survived, won and met true love. It sounds like a movie plot. But in fact this is a real story. Life story.

PUBLISHING: Jan, in the domestic show business you’re one of the few women who have achieved success, and as a music producer.

Yana Rudkovskaja: You know, when I started helping Dima Bilan, it did not know that I would become his producer. After the death of Yuri Shmilevich Ajzenshpisa, I had only one wish: to help a

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Herman Koch


The table talk two bourgeois families can open a dirty secret SHOULD Dutch writer’s novel, published in the publishing house «ABC»

I do not know who first complained to the Director of the school or the students parents. Be that as it may, one day, I was called on the carpet. The director, a man of the old school, was a rare instance by today’s standards: the head with a side parting, crowning brown suit «herringbone».

I’ve heard complaints about the content of the lessons of history, he said. inviting me to sit on the only chair in front

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The Father’s bosom

Actor Vladimir Dolinskaya doted in his daughter. Still: this clever, beautiful and talented actress, which extol and colleagues and directors. But this is not about a family oasis shlos without storms. For Dad drove her child out of the house, why he received a hostile reception to the novel as a little girl, and the girl managed to convince his father — all this and many other told us herself Polina.

After the release of the series on television screens «Maroussia», where our heroine starred her christened Russian Natalia Oreiro and «wild angel from Moscow», Polina and she laughingly calls

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Heavy Burden

Ginger Baker about his anger at all …

His brilliant play on the double barrel of the installation group Cream Ginger Baker turned into a superstar rock on drums. His game in Cream also considered to be the benchmark for heavy metal. You will think that this 73-year-old musician, who still tours regularly with his group Jazz Confusion, many reasons to smile. Not really. His great claim to numerous countries on which he had the opportunity to tour and occasionally live. He hates heavy metal and its presumable role in its origin. When we interviewed him, it seemed that he

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The mystery of birth.

Pregnancy was easy and relaxed, I was full of strength and energy: go to the pool (learn to dive and swim under water, which did not know how), finished Photo courses and read a lot of literature on the development of children.

My son, living in my tummy was not like the other children, of whom I was told other pregnant women. I think my child was very independent and lived their lives. Total 9 months he did not hurt me and did not cause inconvenience. I really wanted to quickly see a little boy. We were confident that deliveries

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Solomin two faces of a single soul

Beginners and very purposeful singer Svetlana Solomin, she — SOLOMINA, decided to conquer the listener with the Internet. On request «Solomin,» produces countless search results — links to the tracks, interviews, sots.seti … Today soulful songs Solomina gaining popularity outside of the World Wide Web. Its very fresh track «nice» sounds on several radio stations, and the song «chestnuts» — in Ukrainian-rotation radio in Chicago. Open and cheerful Svetlana on the example proves that nothing is impossible for even the most daring dreams.

You call your Internet producer. As he helped you in becoming a musical career? You posted the

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Roman Golubev: «Everyone has his own way»

Talent these guys not to take away, they are not the first to conquer the hearts of the people. They never sing a soundtrack and have a very unusual name «1400». Their songs have become popular even without advertising. All details about their work and the band lead singer told us very romantic and humble guy Roman Golubev.

Roma, tell me about your childhood?

My childhood was quite difficult, but very interesting, full of constant traveling: Volgograd

— Kharkiv — Volgograd. Who would be there that I did not say, but it is clearly different from the childhood of the

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River named Helen

IN RUSSIA finally got SERIOUS CASH FILM. Instead it SUPERSTAR — 32-year-old actress Elena Liadov.

You know, where is Birchwood? No? Then I’ll meet you at the metro station «Polezhaevskaya!» -and Now we wandered park paths. Big sunglasses, shorts, T-shirt, sandals: now in this adolescent women would not recognize the divine. Or «mysterious Russian actress», which in a long pearl gown posed for photographers on the red carpet before the screening of the film Andrei Zvyagintsev’s «Elena» is so easy, if it was at least the tenth world premiere of her career. Italian reporter, who was standing nearby, shouted like

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Adventure at sea stranger

To find happiness, I had to go to distant seas.

And nothing, not even beloved grandmother could not keep me on this journey.

All my little family so … peculiar, to say the least. Grandmother calls himself vorozheykoy, health corrects people, destroy charms shoots, making the secret police, in other words, amulets. But never agreed nor bewitch or to separate or direct damage, said that if something does, then all at once her strength gone. I do not understand it because my grandmother did not force me moved, did not pass it to my mom. But Grandma was not discouraged

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None of the athletes does not rule in his sport so completely as Serena Williams in women’s tennis. She does not stop even a split personality, with only afford a couple of cinnamon rolls

Who in today’s sports chief? Lebron James? Michael Phelps? I beg you. Forget about this weakling. Serena Williams. That it runs in women’s tennis, Kim Jong-un North Korea: ruthlessly, sometimes comical, a little lazy and occasionally suffering from a split personality.

Some facts. Serena — the number one tennis player in the world. Maria Sharapova — tennis number two. Sharapova — high white blonde, so

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