Sense and Sensibility

On radio and television in different time transfer out one called «Events, facts, comments.» Someone important is the information component and seemed to repeat, after the event synonymous with the fact, is not it? Other major link comments seem, by definition, belong to individuals and, therefore, capable to cast doubt on any of the most indisputable facts. It will be two types of perception of the world — focus on the objective and the subjective feelings of the mind, meticulous realism and creative reverie. Speaking psychological terms, we all either rational or irrational.

We should not think that irrational people

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Home and Interior.

General rule: designers recommend to keep the distance between the carpet and the walls of 45-60 cm.


If you want to roll out the carpet for the whole area, subtract the size of the room of 45-60 cm, it will be the size of the carpet. When the room is too large, it is divided into zones, each of which is a carpet or trail two identical, adjacent to one another. Prefer something less? Then you need the dimensions of the sofa. The carpet must not be shorter than your sofa. The legs can stand or not

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Swimmer’s ear

If using a special instrument to look into the swimmer's ear, with high probability we can see irritated and reddened ear canal with a small amount of sulfur. This is a classic case of the so-called "swimmer's ear", which is a manifestation of otitis externa.

All that is required for the "long-playing" an infectious disease called "swimmer's ear" is a pair of ears and neprosyhayuschaya humidity. In the ears constantly gets water during swimming, showering, washing with shampoo. When people try to dry them with a cotton swab to remove the top layer of skin along with the protective

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Oddities Russian-Iraqi weapons contract

Cash contracts can subscribe, unsubscribe and often canceled after the signing. Naturally, rescission hurt hitting prestige both parties to the contract, because immediately begin to appear speculation that repealing side — inconsistent partner, whose future promises better not to trust, and the party, the purchase of products or services which proved revoked, arouses suspicion in terms of properties of the delivered products. This situation leads to countless misunderstandings between partners and allows us to pose the question of the effectiveness of subsequent business contacts. More complicated situation is in this case, when there friction between the parties to conclude

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How to relieve the symptoms of toxicity?

Nausea — one of the signs of pregnancy that became literally the talk of the town. Toxemia becomes a scourge of most pregnant women. But few people know how to cope with this condition. Not every doctor prenatal give some advice how to win toxemia without medication. Yet such facilities exist.

Early (iethere is coming in early pregnancy) morning sickness — something familiar. While some may argue even these statements: "I am very excited. I'm 9 weeks pregnant, and there's no toxicity. Can I something not in order. I've heard that toxemia must necessarily be, or with a

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After Libya, Iran will be. After Iran — Our homeland

In Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, Iran, even with more or less clear — why are they "blow up" or could be undermined. In general, a few months back so you can imagine can only dream. Ben Ali ruled the state for 24 years old, Mubarak — 30, Gaddafi — 42. The best years of his life in the presidential chair, a political eternity …

Procedure overexposed not only local leaders, dictators, the U.S. with the growing ambitions of the world, "looking", the big South American media, oil gushing in the "liberation" fire, flavor oil in the taste of

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Buying Property in Bodrum

At this point, one of the most profitable investment of funds, considered buying real estate, thus, at least some, be it a house, apartment or even a villa overlooking the sea, all depends on the resources available to the client and his imagination. But still the most profitable option would be if the house was at some resort in Turkey, for example.

This country is quite popular in the middle of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation and the states that are close to its border. This is not so surprising when you consider all the characteristics to

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The crisis seven years

If the crises three-year old baby and a rebellious teenager somehow heard all, the crisis of seven years, is often imperceptibly. Lost something on the background of the first brand new backpack and which are old-old in kindergarten rods and hooks. Meanwhile, it is quite an important stage of development of the little man.

The crisis does not excuse to neglect themselves and if do not pay attention to him, can keep the memory is not the most pleasant effects such as poor performance, problems in communication, unwillingness to learn, and sometimes — and neurosis. But this can

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Parliamentary elections in Ukraine — again something went wrong …

In Ukraine, the elections to the Verkhovna Rada. Although the final results yet, so both protocols (in the electric version) processed only only 99 per cent, but at the moment we can do some trivial conclusions. The main amidst other is that the opposition has lost a chance for revenge …

Even in this case, if the opposition would be able to get most of the Ukrainian parliament, that virtually no individual configurations in the government still might not happen, because since 1996 all the configuration in the plan can only make the head of the country. Moreover, neither

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Treatment of genital herpes

After casual sex on the genitals appeared bruised ulcers. You feel the heat and fatigue. After examination and blood sampling doctor concluded that you have genital herpes.Virus not eradicate it in your body forever.

But do not despair. Most people carry the herpes simplex virus type 2 — Herpes simplex 2. And then there is other question: why do some people wear a virus years without evidence of disease, while others are subject to constant attacks of the disease?

Doctors believe that a person who is more stressed, depressed, hostile and easily angered, increasingly exposed to attacks. It

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