It is possible that the situation faced by Igor Rodionov from Ryazan, is typical of many people in the Russian hinterland. Igor himself lives and works in the city, and his parents — in the village. In the house they have a Russian stove, which during the winter «eats» not one cubic meter of wood. And they are known, it is necessary to prepare — to saw and chop. His father saw wood still can, but the stabbing — and the power, and not the vision that in his youth. Of course, Igor helps parents, but do occur days when out of town does not allow the time. That came up with Igor mechanical cleaver. For thick steel base (Fig.

Detail AA) welded pipe AB, which is inserted into a free labor _V58 / 40іYu0ba C. It serves as a guide — for it up and down moves freely splitter composed of parts IV, VA and AC. To bring the size fabricate themselves the same tool.

Use it well. Based on log set. On top of his ax falls. Now even the elderly person small impacts on Obukhov split the log in half.

Freedom Night with Valery Kalinovsky. October 4

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with the writer of Igor Kobrin Sidoruk, creator of "Night ABC" this week.• Poll — What is special and Polessye poleshukov? 2nd part:• "Night of research" — about the middle of the population of favorite television lottery. Who has the television lottery, and who makes them?• Survey in Gomel — Either you won the lottery?• Eugene Budinas: "Hunting at least in my old age read about love"• Report from the Metropolitan of Minsk a day or poetry festival "Word Order"• The students will show performance in Poland• Belarusian Web at "night of the

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Letters to politicians about the verdict A. Kazulin Attorney General does not motivate

Answer the Attorney General signed by the head of the municipal support charges Sergey Telezhevich. Fellow prosecutor referred to the fact that the creators of the letters "do not fall into the category of persons who may apply for a retrial." Said this "Freedom" last lawyer Igor Rynkevich Kozulin. In the General Prosecutor’s Office appealed opposition politicians Alexander Milinkevich, Anatoly Lebedko, Yuri Khadika Anatoly Lewkowicz. "These appeals not even formally considered, which is against the law. Though any citizen can seek a review of the sentence, and also to inform about the crime," — commented on the situation lawyer Igor

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Where to go to victims of political repression?

According to human rights activist Igor Rinkevich at the address has come several 10-s statements. "We believe that since the mid-1990s in Belarus for political reasons were brought to criminal or administrative responsibility of several thousand people. All these people we are ready to assist in preparation for rehabilitation. Certainly come a time when they compensate for the loss caused by the regime and restore their name in good faith, "- says Igor Rinkevich.Recall to make a public commission for the rehabilitation of victims of political repression, Congress decided Democratic Forces, which was held in Minsk in May. The

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Igor Kuznetsov: We must remember that this 1937

Exactly 70 years ago Belarus unfolded most violent terror Russian authorities against the people of the country. Only 29 October Kurapaty were killed outright 22 Belarusian writers. Historian Igor Kuznetsov his speech on "Minsk time of Stalin’s repression" tied specifically to the current funny day:"This meeting — a reminder of what was, and about what it led to. This parallel with the current funny day. Then there wasand other forms, and still is going on violence against the person. "Panellists received book "Kurapaty" Article Poznyak and documents research conducted in Kurapaty. And most importantly — gathered in the office of

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The middle shot in Katyn were ethnic Belarusians

In Katyn were killed by the NKVD executioners not only Poles, and Belarusians, who served in the Polish army, said historian Igor Kuznetsov."Presumably, the Polish army was in the midst of the officers and ethnic Belarusians or Belorussians, Poles are recorded, intellectuals, who lived the terrain of Western Belarus before entering into the BSSR in September 1939. "Researcher of the history of Stalinist repression Igor Kuznetsov gives this version:"As for executions of Polish officers in 1940 in Katyn, Kharkov and Copper, then this day Our homeland Poland and Ukraine submitted data to shot lists. And this list is missing about

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Ambasovische: photo

Salting U.S. to Belarus Karen St» Ewart and favorite British group «Lite Sound" Rusya and group "Indiga" "Krama" Leonid Narushevich ("Prince Myshkin") and Pete Pavlov Acts "Neyrodyubel" "Palace" "Krambambulya" welcomes: the song "Guests" Igor Varashkevich and Masha Yar Igor Varashkevich and Ales Kruglyakov leading "Ambasovische" Lavon VolskyPhoto by Alexander Pamidorau• Prize "Ambasovische" were not favorites, 12.09.2007

Crum raspishatstsa for those years

Igor Varashkevich: "We did it a year, and never had such""All life — weird dream" — the first of eight published "Kram" album, the recording of which stretched for a whole year. At the beginning of almost spontaneously formed a kind of social movement in support of the album. Means for writing and publishing drive going by numerous donations.The album featured many musicians as ever, are not the same band members. Among them — drummer jazz group "Apple Tea" Ales Sapieha, guitarist Leonid Verenich, lead singer of "Indiga" Rusya blues singer and Russian Nikolay Arutyunov. Last singing in Belarusian with

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Authorities have not allowed any of the 1st picket in defense Kozulin

In organizing a campaign of solidarity with Alexander Kozulin involved Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk), the Communist Party and the Belarusian-independent activists.For a day or two before the scheduled pickets (a jointly filed more than fifty applications), August 28, received neither the 1st permission. "In Grodno, Vitebsk, Gomel, Slutsk Uzde, Rechitsa, Rogachev — everywhere" — listed Acting Chairman BSDP (Gromada) Anatoly Lewkowicz.Commenting on these results, Anatoly Lewkowicz referred to them "organized blockade officials" and he explained it like this:"Power satisfied with the situation, when the chairman of the opposition party and presidential candidate is in the bullpen, and the public

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In grayish book include officials involved in repression

"We have approved the application form for people affected by the current regime for their political views, also approved the draft regulation on the committee that will rapidly begin our real work", — said Radio Liberty organizing committee member Igor Rinkevich. According to the approved project, the public commission will be subordinated to the political council of the United Democratic Forces, that is fully consistent with the decisions of the Congress, which was held in May. Igor Rynkevich also said that members of the organizing committee has already started to collect database repressed also so referred "Grayish-book" — a list

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