The mystery of the Karelian sledovikov

October 15, 2012 22:35

In Europe found a lot of so-called sledovikov — stones with imprints of hands or feet. These marks on the stone is rumored to saints or deities. They vary both in size and associated ethnographic evidence, and even the nature of the images themselves.

I wonder what these unusual stones, really? This was explained by the famous Karelian ethnographer, vice president of the society, "race" Alexei Popov.

Stones of the Russian North

— Alex, why his research did you choose Karelia? — The fact that Karelia, which is located in north-west Russia, can be called

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Display the image of her late husband on the wall


The frightened widow was forced to ask for help of a Catholic priest after the image of her late husband began to be shown on the wall in the bedroom. 41-year-old Andrea Samuels (Andrea Samuels) says that four years after the death of her husband, the image of his face began to appear all the more clearly on the wall of her bedroom at home in Carlisle (UK). Andrea also says that he heard howling her dead dog when he is in the bathroom.

On Wednesday, her father came Dedson Paul (Paul Dadson)

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Man Ray

Man Ray was a society in the art of the original, as well as many talented painters but unteachable left.

Learn to prevent such people exaggerated idea of his own genius and left-wing ideas that prompted them to overthrow the world.

With perakulvannya Art Man Ray and began by joining the "Dada" — (nonsense) of marginal antymastatskaga direction, which set the goal (no more, no less) to destroy European culture through the expansion of art and aesthetics of destruction. (By the way, now it is effectively done by others).

The revolutionary anti-art lasted six years (1916 to 1922), leaving a

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Age of the Ural elk is defined


Set the approximate age of the detected last year geoglyph on a plateau at the foot of the Zyuratkul in Satka district, Chelyabinsk region. According to the archeologist Stanislav Grigoryev image "moose" was created from VI to III millennium BC. If the hypothesis is confirmed, "Ural elk" geoglyph will receive the title of the oldest in the world.

Establish a more precise date after the pollen analysis. It is possible that older Ural geoglyphs known representatives of the Peruvian "life" with the Nazca belonging to the middle of I millennium BC.

Looking at

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Phantom of the grandmother saw the ultrasound of a child


Spouses and Famela Marcelo de Souza (Marcelo and Phamela de Souza) were shocked to see an ultrasound image of their unborn child, like the face of his dead mother Marcelo.  

Strange "face" appeared on one of the pictures suddenly from somewhere out of the uterus  



The procedure was performed at 10 weeks of pregnancy and the future father immediately noticed a strange image on the screen, but I was afraid to tell his wife about it. However, she soon saw that person in the photo and showed it to

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Belarusian Flag over Vilnius

Society This photograph I have often printed on the cover of the magazine, and in the books and made sure that Belarusians it is especially pleasant. I think that picture to much, as the image is beautiful. Getae amateur photo was placed on the Web years back without the author (or rather, the author identified the pseudonym "Cornflower"). (For Belarusians it is typical — not to celebrate their work and achievements, they say, and did well. But for the national culture is bad. Creativity must unintelligible).

Photo well done on the composition and correctly through the world. Kantravoe light beautifully

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Old Russian yazyk. Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb

Topic: The Old yazyk. Search Key to the image of an ancient proverb.

1)Definition of an ancient proverb. 

2)The saying, "One Rod keeps hair."


My father escorted guests to the road govoril:

'Ride with God, and we are left with the apostles, We have a lot,we have these popoChrist and can cope".

I remember this expression because we are always strict father suddenly ckazal is "a funny place" word.



Now I understand the deeper meanings of the images, "folklore."

Semantic (popo + Christ) in another form expresses the proverb "One likes to pop, and another priest's wife"

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Published amazing shot sun pillar

December 23, 2012 2:54

Website "astronomical image of the day» (Astronomy Picture of the Day) — a joint project of NASA and Michigan Technological University — continues to make amazing images of various natural phenomena.

We have already published the image falling meteors, the moon's shadow and "trees" on Mars. Now comes the so-called "sun pillar". The photograph was taken last week near Östersund in central Sweden.

As explained by the "Wikipedia", solar, or light, pole — one of the most frequent types of halo, an optical effect which is a vertical streak of light extending from the sun

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Word images in Russia: Joint Vedane Genesis

Framework of modern Russian grammar, unfortunately, do not reveal the essence of the word without interpretation and etymological investigation, and glossaries offer us the interpretation of the word in its current use.

For example, "The etymological dictionary of the Russian language," Alexander Semenov explains the meaning of Rainbow: "The etymology is unclear, there are several theories as to its origin. According to one of them, it is derived from the Proto-Slavic root rad, whose value is similar to the Anglo-Saxon rot (joyful, noble). Another etymological hypothesis root rad is derived from Arda (the name of one of the Slavic

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Astrakhan scientists presented an interactive display screen without

On the Day of Russian Science company Displair demonstrated innovative display advertising business without a screen, responsive to the multiple touch

The inventors have developed a unique product of Astrakhan. Now the project has become a resident of Skolkovo. The device is an interactive display that creates an image directly into the air. At the core of the invention — protected from the wind thin two-layer flow of cold air with tiny particles of water created by cavitation.

Particles of water is so small that due to the size and the strong

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