Boldly introduces multihull hives

In our farm multihull hives for 40 years. Now beekeeping farm has 500 bee colonies. Every year, we get high honey yield.

This year, I served one of 125 bee colonies in the multihull hives and received from them 60 kilograms of honey GDP, while the average for the last three guide family apiary gave more than 50 kg.

Tc. Dmytrenko said that, they say, they have the Ukraine steppe, poor food supply and apply hives multihull can not. Tambov is also not Primor and Bashkiria. And 50 kilograms of honey per hive — it’s pretty respectable figure. By the

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Who Does

I’m chairman of the board voir naturally worried about the introduction we need inventions. We found one invention, know that it has introduced a foundry Kupyansk (Kharkiv region) Send a request to expel drawings. The answer is that your request for a technical documentation. from. Number 414 033 to inform that the invention has been manufactured and installed on working sketches. Drawings 9a-nol does not have. » It wrote the chief engineer AI Karpychev May 20th. Such a response to our request does not come first. On implementation of the various inventions, we are corresponding with factories, authors and

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Defenders of the Minsk KGB park shooting

The inhabitants of the district demand that the authorities had finished cutting the park — the only greenish zone district.

First meeting people tried to speak into the microphone, but the chairman of the Executive Committee stated that it would accept only written appeal. Only a few people had the opportunity to speak."You, Nicholas, pronounced, which is unrealistic to implement park. All can be realized! In 1996 sold several acres of parkland under the church" Gethsemane. "Through two years sold under the ring road. Later sold under some luxury homes in which planned to live behind a fence and which

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BeST implement Turks

Responding to questions from reporters in Kiev, Economy Minister Nikolai Zaichenko styled Turkish company Turkcell more possible buyer Best.Turkcell interested in acquiring 80% stake in the Belarusian mobile operator, said at a meeting of the emperor Zaychenko Governing Euro Bank for Reconstruction and Development. As for disk imaging on sale "BeST" Managing company’s press service said Taisa Pastukhova so:"We generally do not comment on any statements on the subject. This can only do our founders. Other words we do not have the right to provide commentary on this topic . "Reporter: "How much do you currently subscribers?""We have about 190

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Belarusians get rid of bucks

For the first time a couple of years citizens banks sold more bucks than purchased — sold 884 millions of dollars, and purchased — 780 million.The same trend was observed in March, for the first three weeks of the month the population of commercial banks sold 362 millions of dollars, and purchased — 324 million, net — 38 million.Experts at the National Bank believe that such makarom population reacted to the fall of the dollar in global markets.

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According to the beginning of November, the total number of subscribers of GSM and CDMA standards in Belarus is 6 million 868 thousand. In terms of population, the mobile communication covers more than 70% inhabitants of the country."Velcom" — not only Belarusian company that sells This year. Also signed an agreement to sell shares of the plant "Motavela" Austrian company. On the first half of 2008 planned to organize a joint Austrian-Belarusian company based Svetlogorsk "Khimvolokno". Not so long ago Alexander Lukashenko said he did not exclude the implementation of another 1st strategic enterprise — Minsk "Integral" — Russian joint

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The second Uralmash crusher went to Kazakhstan

Uralmashplant shipped crusher KKD 1500/180 for the Sokolov-Sarbai mining and processing production association (Rudniy, Kazakhstan). This is the second of the three mills, which makes Uralmashplant for the Kazakh company. The first machine was shipped to the customer in June. Crusher crushing KKD 1500/180 are designed to implement the project to develop a new Kachar deposit.  Performance Uralmash Machine — not less than 1,900 cubic meters. meters per hour, fineness of the finished product is not more than 350 mm. The equipment will be used to implement vnutrikarernogo crushing in the complex cyclic-flow technology. According to the press

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Melitopol Engine Plant operates in the former regime

Yesterday there was information about a large state order — delivery of more than 600 cars for the disabled to the Fund of social insurance against accidents at work, who will perform the ZAZ. On the Melitopol Engine Plant until the job is in the same mode.

As the director of PP "MeMZ" Vladimir Gorban, if the order goes, the plant will begin to implement it, while no official documents on the PCB have been reported. Now the plant is working to implement the plan on making another order of 6,000 power units for cars. Particular attention

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The first batch of cameras Sibelektroschit shipped in Krasnoyarsk Electric Networks

The company "NPO" Sibelektroschit "mastered the production of a new product — the camera team-sided maintenance CSR-393 on the three-position switching devices SL12 rated voltage of 10 kV gas-insulated production of" Eltehnika. "

The first batch of cameras manufactured and shipped in Krasnoyarsk electrical network to supply pumping station.KSO-393 with a gas-insulated switches have the following advantages:Three-position design allows you to: — significantly reduce the cost of switching device through the implementation of a single unit of two functions— switch (disconnectors) and earthing switch; — implement a natural system of locks, eliminating the possibility of abuse.

Sealed switch

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Gazprom: BELGORODCHINE by 99.6% provided with gas — this does not exist anywhere in Russia

As part of the workshop head of the region Yevgeny Savchenko met with Deputy Chairman of the Board of "Gazprom" Valery Golubev. Guest said that the area provided with natural gas for 99, 6% — this is the highest rate in the country.

The meeting — the government of the Belgorod region and representatives of "Gazprom" — signed an agreement on the conditions for future cooperation. The most important was the inclusion in the investment program of "Gazprom" activities for the development of gas pipelines and gas distribution networks in the region.

Under this topic, discussed the relocation beyond

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