Alcohol and impotence

The terrible truth about impotence sounds improbable, but problem male impotence facing each drinker. Most of the drug alcohol men do not even think about the fact that there may be a problem. While these problems do not affect them. Usually impotence overtakes a man of 35-40 years, if not sooner. Many until faced with a similar ailment, just do not want to admit or even to believe that this all possible. Most listen to the advice of doctors, but believes that everything will cost. Especially in the early use of alcohol on the contrary a stimulant, increases

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What is it?

Impotence called the lack of penile erection in men, leading to the impossibility of sexual intercourse. Often, it is certainly a pathological condition is accompanied by a lack of desire (libido) and sensation of orgasm, rapid ejaculation, which, of course, greatly reduces the quality (and quantity) of sexual activity and has a negative impact on the psycho-emotional status of men, interpersonal and family relationships.

For a long time the diagnosis of "impotence" put all without exception, men who complained about the doctor to reduce the duration and strength of erections. However, a large number of these

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Impotence: the history of the continuation

"Impotence", the term of Latin origin. It was first used in 1420 in a poem by Thomas Hokkliva "De regimine principum" to mean "lack of power" or "helplessness", "His impotence not extend as far as his influence. " And in the sense of "loss of sexual power", the term was first used only in 1655 in the "History of the Church in Britain" by Thomas Fuller, where the impotent man was named the Pope himself. But, of course, the problem of male impotence existed long before there was a word "impotence".

Biblical History

Paradoxically, the first mention of

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The causes of impotence

The most common failure in a man's life — the so called impotence known psychotherapist Sigmund Freud. Since that time, medicine has achieved much in every detail worked out technology of diagnosis and treatment of impotence. But now, with potency problems — the strongest blow to the male ego.

The notion that impotence starts with the head and it is incorrect to blame for the emotional, long possessed minds. Now the weakness of the stronger sex more often due to all sorts of malfunctions and failures in the operation of the internal organs, as the mechanism of erection

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