Mogilev activists are suing the police

Plaintiffs demand that the police publicly apologized to pay two million rubles as compensation for non-pecuniary damage and announced a verdict before the staff of servants avtainspektsyi State.The reason for the court was the phrase uttered police during the trial on April 6 2007. Then they said that the activists threatened them with physical repossession. "If the government is replaced, police will hang on poles" — a phrase recorded in the court record.In court, the police confirmed that this phrase sounded, but directly from the plaintiffs who said it, they can not tell. What activists had read in the car,

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To strike businessmen arrived in Minsk city bureaucrats

Now entrepreneurs afternoon passed about a thousand signatures in the House of Representatives with its requirement to make out session on the development of business law.Businessmen also oppose the presidential decree number 760, whereby on New Year’s individual entrepreneurs fail to hire workers (except family members and relatives).In the first half of a day or entrepreneurs began to gather at the entrance to the mall "Parking".According to one of the favorites Makaeva Ales, now is not working and radio market in the construction market "Zhdanovichy" part did not work, "World of Fashion" shopping malls "Europe", "Kupala" and "Parking".To strike came

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A.Dobrovolsky: There is a certain insincerity in addressing Putin

"Quite exciting decision for me really suddenly — to become the first number in the list of the party that goes to parliament as president. Breathtakingly This is consistent with the constitution, as the president can not be a deputy.This means that there is a certain insincerity in addressing Putin. Certainly, Putin wants to support the "United Russia", but has some doubts. I think, that he should not have them as an electoral machine in Russia is already working virtually in Belarus, the only there still somehow find voice."One Our homeland" and so have passed. And Putin drew closer to

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V.Gorbachev: In a strike involving 30,000 business

"People need to cancel the decrees number number 760, 302, which are focused on the destruction of personal business" — says Victor Gorbachev — In addition, we protest against the collapse of checks and mass confiscation of products. "Victor Gorbachev said on sale now 100% of businesses involved in the one-day strayku.U Baranavichi — 95% in Moscow and Pinsk — 90%, in Svetlahorsk — 70%, in Bobruisk, Rechitza, Vitebsk — 50%. It also joined the strike entrepreneurs Pruzany Berezin, Uzde, grits. V.Gorbachev states that lasts collecting signatures under appeal to the deputies of the National Assembly. The interviewee explained that

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In Moscow stopped work in major markets

"The requirement to lure personal businessmen not in your own business employees other than family members and close relatives withmakes allx unemployed "- said S.Mitsyashova. • Slonim: Not none of the 3 markets, 2.10.2007 • Belarusian entrepreneurs want to strike, 2.10.2007

Entrepreneurs passed the House of Representatives signature

Entrepreneurs also oppose the presidential decree number 760, whereby with 2008 private entrepreneurs can not lure employees to work (except for family members and relatives).Signatures collected throughout Belarus.Details — later on our website and in the air • Slonim: Not none of the 3 markets, 2.10.2007 • Belarusian entrepreneurs want to strike, 2.10.2007

V.Konopleva may vary Popov?

By him, the House has passed a meeting of senior (not by age, but by the time the work) deputies. They hoped that, that took place Speaker Vadim Popov, head of the House preparatory cklikannya. "Aksakal" proceed from the fact that today’s deputies left to work for one year. And because it makes no sense to choose kutsee time manage a person who has no experience in this post. Together with the fact interlocutor journalist mentioned that the current legislation does not prohibit even which of the deputies during the election of the Speaker and advance his candidacy. In a

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Tribunal began on Paul Sevyarynets

Tribunal over Paul began with Sevyarynets standard on confidence trial. Seviarynets Paul said he did not trust the court in principle because, in his opinion, the courts in Belarus — is punitive structure. At this hearing was interrupted.Total detainees now made two protocols — participation in an unsanctioned rally and small hooliganism.Pope 2-juvenile detainees — Ivan Shyla and Luba Filyutsich — were not allowed to meet with the children. Protocols were drawn up without their parental role. Both before This time — and 10 hours — remain in the sector. • Baranovichi: paddy detainees in court yard, 10.09.2007 • Baranavichy

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Miron offers opposition to boycott elections

The meeting was held at the private apartment, and the names of the participants were not disclosed. According to "People’s news Vitebsk", within an hour Miron open a discussion with the present political situation in the country.How should the content of the interview, the government today said Myron illegitimate, as he was elected by illegal. As for upcoming elections, he believes that "society, that does not degrade, just needs to send the signal power in the form of a boycott."During the meeting, the person which read on behalf of Myron, specially concealed from his buddies face. He talked to him,

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Previous Minister of Economy of the Russian Federation: This is the last nail in the coffin of the Union countries

Andrei Nechayev believes that the decision of the National Bank of Belarus on the likely binding Belarusian ruble against the greenback purely political, because economic viewpoint it would be wiser to tie the currency stable at the moment currency, the euro, or immediately to the two currencies — the euro and the greenback.National Bank offers to abandon the "snap" to the Russian ruble, 15.08.2007 Interview with A.Nyachaevym on the website of radio station "Echo of Moscow", 15.08.2007 S.Bogdankevich: "Failure to bind to the Russian ruble — a political decision",, 15.08.2007

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