With long-term view

Now all gardeners cares mouth full, because starting from mid-summer until the autumn only manages to gather the harvest. It turns out that the cellars and storerooms are filled, and the beds are released. But you can make sure that no inch of land in our garden was not empty up to the frost. And for that perfectly fit a variety of early maturing vegetable plants. «However, they should be sown in advance, even in mid-summer. This year, make it a little late, but armed with information for next season can be quite.

The first of the candidates in the

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Brest rejected opposition complaints

Earlier they were fined 62 thousand rubles for his role in the presentation of the book Paul Sevyarinets August 19 — Tribunal of First Instance considered unauthorized meeting presentation.A few weeks back the referee Natalia antimony rejected the appeals of 3 other participants of the presentationOctober 19 have to see the next appeal.Now NIGHT MODE was released Andrei Sharenda, youth activist, who was serving 15 days for a company presentation on August 19.Together for this peaceful rally punished 14 people.

Belarus promises now quite settle with Gazprom

Meanwhile Various sources refer to different amounts of payments already made. For example, a source in the state administration said the agency "Interfax" that still third in August on account of "Gazprom" donated more than 300 million dollars. A first Vice-Premier of Belarus Vladimir Semashko says that in one day was paid 190 million, and for the next day — about 60 million. He said, Belarus to pay the debt previously scheduled "Gazprom" period — August 10. Payable to "Gazprom" appeared for the reason that in the first half This year Belarus pays only 55% of the total price of

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Russians build a nuclear power plant or the French?

He recalled on June 30 at a meeting on nuclear power plant construction, Alexander Lukashenko identified that need again officially invited to participate in the construction of the nuclear power plant of the French, the US-Japanese and Russian companies.These companies had reply before August 1. As a result, the answers came from French and Russian companies."Our circle narrowed till 2 companies — said V.Semashko. — On this day Russian" Rosatom "said definitely positive that this project it is fascinating. It is ready within the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Belarus to implement this project is ready submit related credit. If

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China told the United States to «shut up» on the issue of disputed territories

Chinese media have accused Washington of «development issues» in connection with the State Department criticized Beijing’s policy in respect of the disputed territories in the South China Sea, reported Agence France-Presse. The State Department on Friday, August 3, said that China’s «increasing tension» in this region. Washington’s statement followed the way China has announced the development of the town Sansha on the disputed peninsula Woody (other names — Yongxing and Fulham), which also claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam. In response, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC on August 4 asked the U.S. to respect the sovereignty

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Platform for chemical plant chosen power

Activists active groups sent a signature in government, regional and district executive committees. Immediately Russian management company "August-Bel", which is preparing for the construction company, said that renounces their plans do not want to.Active activist group Sergei Obrozovsky reports that almost six thousand signatures on a letter of protest were collected for 4 days:"Let usvoyut authorities that this case the region already. And people confront not only the plant "August-Bel", and the local administration. There will be other events, but, we hope, authorities hear us. What if many signatures collected for These days are, that it means, that the whole

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Tribunal members rally in friendly postponed

His blame the organization meeting protest construction of a chemical plant personal Russian company "August-Bel", which took place on March 22.Yesterday in the 21 th hour of the evening the police handed Sergei Obrazovskomu summons to the court in the 10th hour of the morning. Previously, he received a summons to the court on April 10. In the court of the emperor Obrozovsky said that he was not aware of the case and also put the petition regarding witnesses, by the representatives of local authorities. Ultimately, the tribunal has been postponed to the previous period on April 10.Obrozovsky believes that

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UFO in the sky, Scotland August 9, 2012. Online

Watch UFO in the skies of Scotland August 9, 2012


UFO in the sky in Sweden. August 2012

Enormous amounts of UFOs seen in the sky, Sweden August 12, 2012


Quest for Depth

After the battle of Smolensk (more details in the article IN: Smolensk battle 4-6 (16-18), August 1812) Russian army left the city, crossing the night of August 18 at the right Preserving the Dnipro River. The Russian rearguard, which was abandoned in the suburbs of St. Petersburg, could not keep the French army, which captured a bridgehead on the right bank of the river. During the same day or the French engineers repaired the crossing, and on August 19 the enemy went after the retreating Russian troops. Napoleon had the opportunity to pre-empt the Russian troops 50 km east

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