Polish spy given from 7 to 10 years

Vladimir Russkina, Viktor Bogdan, Pavel and Sergei Petkevicha Kornilyuk tribunal punished imprisonment. PETKEVICH Karnyuliku and were given 7 years imprisonment in a strict regime penal colony. Bogdan gave nine years and ten Russkina Vladimir Russkina, Viktor Bogdan, Pavel and Sergei Petkevicha Kornilyuk deprived military rank — lieutenant supplies, major, major supplies, captain supplies.The hearing was held behind closed doors. At sentencing journalists were invited. But they had throw at the entrance to the hall cameras and cell phones. Video during the announcement of the sentence were banned. Military Collegium Supreme Court the beginning of the trial behind closed doors on

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A day or figure: 34.4%

According to the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis, supplies of finished products accounted for 60% of the average production companies.Particularly difficult situation in the light industry. July 1, linen fabric supplies exceeded the average of the volume of production» least 5 times, woolen fabrics — 4 times, stocking — 2 times.

Figure a day or 322 billion rubles

322 billion rubles — such supplies of finished products was light industry of Belarus on 1 chervenya. It is almost equal six-week production industry. This is the highest figure of supplies from all sectors of the state economy. It is worth recalling that, according to forecasts, the EU’s decision to exclude Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences of the Union will be particularly painful specifically for light industry and exacerbate an already bad situation.

For sweet meat crisis is approaching

Hours supplies in warehouses, for example, 21 times greater than the average monthly volume of tissues — in 4,5 times. Supplies tights, socks warehouses — 252% of the average volume of shoes — 204%, TV — 180%. Economist, General Manager of the analytical center Mises Yaroslav Romanchuk put such diagnosis.Romanchuk: "Light Industry fell first, it just a situation where the company has Russian standard generally not adapted to market conditions. " The greatest value of supplies of finished products and monthly output has developed in light industry — 128.3%, in the food — about 89%. Particularly in those industries most

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Two-thirds produced is sold

During the first month of unsold products increased by 73 billion rubles. According to official statistics, as of 1 January 2008 industrial warehouses were filled with unsold products at the three 50 eight billion rubles.Sixty-seven percent — is 431 billion rubles. In the month of Mogilev enterprises produced goods to 748 billion rubles.

Considered a bad situation when supplies exceed the average monthly volume of

In warehouses of chemical products is yes petrochemical industry, machine-building and metalworking. There prepyadstviya with the sale of furniture and footwear local production. This is the production, which is practiced in the manufacture of a

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Dead storage means stores

In January, these supplies rose milrdav 456 rubles. The worst value of supplies of finished products and monthly output observed in light industry — 144 per cent. How changed the figure for the near future? How to influence the economic process filled warehouses companies? Questions Vitaly Tsygankova responsible economist Mike Zaleski.

Tsigankov: "What indicates changes in the amount of supplies of finished products? Somehow affect whether at this rate appreciation of Russian energy resources, which is the last year?"Zaleski: "First, let’s say that by European standards supplies of finished products are studied in Belarus in April 1994. But the most

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