Brand new ground in the language of Taras Shevchenko

Zakonnikau poet Sergei, who will lead the current party, in an interview our radio gives the subsequent characterization of Valeria Strelko: "For the translator is very weighty work when it translates to more intimate language. A Ukrainian language is more close to the Belarusian. It just seems that if the languages are close, it is easier to translate. Indeed it is not. It seemed to me that Valery Strelko able to use all their knowledge and ability to do the translation and interpreter, in 1-x, very close to the original as well, in-2, where can not be translated literally, it

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U.S. Air Force prepared for major in history-1B modernization program

USAF announced as «the largest in the history of the B-1B programm modernization» anticipates a number of improvements within applets SB-16 (Integrated Battle Station and Sustainment-Block 16), aimed at ensuring crews B-1B over the highest level of situational awareness and more than High nonhazardous digital link.   SB-16 includes improved awareness display vertical (Vertical Situation Display Upgrade) in the cockpit, which will change the two monochrome monitor the pilot and co-pilot one screen with 4 colored function monitors; one hundred percent of the line integrated data and comprehensive system testing (used to detect and eliminate defects) in the aft

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Competition interested Belarusian prosecutors

"Nasha Niva"On this week 1908 continues antyalkagolnuyu theme: "In as much Shvetsii made cope drunkenness. 100 years to reverse the Swedes most drank vodka was 170 thousand taverns, and accounted for 46 kozhnago zhytselya Flats alcohol, now only 131 squash all the kingdom and on kozhnago person has a year less liters (quarts). This because people have fun in places other than zucchini. ""We students often visit the studio refueling ballpoint pens — a letter such content published in 1968" Evening Minsk. "- Serves here is very bad. During 1-x, seasoned pasta shpyani indeterminate color. Vo-2, Pasta is very watery

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A.Belosnezhny: Best prazdnichka celebration — it’s not a bad job

Snow-white"Best prazdnichek celebration — it’s work. Necessary to do something to honor the 90th anniversary of the BNR! For example, the club" Inheritance "notes approximation of days Will such efforts: in-1’s, do a web site. It will be called "reducing". 250 persons — state revival figures — submitted their biographies and works of art dedicated one way or another personality. In-2, we set the monument to the founders of the Belarusian People’s Republic of. Large sheets of armored iron, that the enemy is not damaged, attached to the wall, and on their own — 18 bas those founding fathers, who

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Now in Minsk — Rock Coronation

As observers, segodnyaschy ceremony "Rock-coronation" is accompanied by a number of aspects that add plausible result of the ceremony more intrigue.In 1-x, after the memorable meeting of Belarusian rock musicians manage ideological state service "Rock Coronation" occurs so to speak, in full format: none of the previously illegal companies has been excluded from participation in music Summarizing 2007.In-2, more than ever favorite Russian rock music, as if by agreement, issued in Last year new albums, because panelists ceremony certainly had to deal with the definition of the best in various categories.B-3, one of the more distinguished members of the jury,

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Parity is not feasible

RF still can not begin negotiations with the United States on the limitation of non-strategic nuclear weapons

Ability to maintain parity for certain types of weapons and, specifically, in the area of non-strategic (in American terminology — "tactical") nuclear weapons (TNW) is dependent on the current and foreseeable state of military security, which is an all-encompassing concept and implies the need for analysis of the ratio of different weapons and military equipment of the parties.

As part of the South American nuclear arsenal subsequent note. In the United States adopted four categories of readiness of nuclear weapons (nuclear warhead) for

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Russian industry is slowly dying

Over the past 20 years, the undisputed fact is the malignancy of basic configurations in. Their main result is that the total extinction and the savagery of the population, cyclopean social stratification, de-industrialization, and more. Very Many spoke of degradation in the field of culture, the dismantling of systems of health, social welfare, higher education. But is not yet fully understood the totality and destruction in Russian industry

Everyone has long been clear that most of the existing facilities, which we have inherited from the Russian times, has not been subjected to significant improvements and changes. Although in this case

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Shi Ying-Song. Unsafe toys in a series of Na Zha

Chinese designer, obviously having intense cravings for the robots and weapons, Shi Ying-Song, can even make out of the pram fighting machine. Maniac? Perhaps, but their work on Unsafe Children's Accessories he puts the soul …

Through sometimes provocative installations and something that can be called household items, designer initiates a dialogue between the Chinese traditional culture, largely based on mythology and contemporary reality, with its rapid processes of globalization.

A special surprise (and someone, for sure, and delight) produce works from the series «Na Zha» — line "unsafe children's

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Communication — Is any human interaction. It can be verbal and non-verbal, it can be personal or flow between groups of people. And even performance at work planning meeting is a complete act of intercourse, because communication is considered to be not only direct contact or sharing of information, but any joint activities, exchange of experiences and skills.

In any case, communication inevitably, as any communication satisfies our need to communicate.

What affects the quality of our communication with others? In-First, the extent to which we have developed communication skills. In-Secondly, our ideas currently. Finally, our ideas

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Plastic feet

Problem: The skinny leg

What to do? Set the silicone implant.

Operation. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, lasts 1-2 hours. Implant (you can choose from ready-made or make to order) is a silicone shell with silicone gel inside. It is injected into the region of the popliteal fossa and is placed between the two muscles of the lower leg.

Contraindications. Varicose veins or inflammation in the lower leg.

Possible complications. The implant can "move out" down the leg. In this case, it is removed.

The recovery period. You can go home the next

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