Or time to pay the prices?

Representative of the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis Olga Yakimovitch said that the real income takes into account the price index. And it was during this period of about 107.4 percent: "Revenue growth covers the rise in prices. And wages increased, and increased pensions, scholarships increased. Revenues from supplies also increased. So makarom, all components of the population of foreign exchange earnings for the period increased. Those revenues increased business. In municipal organizations. Interest on deposits and dividends. " CLADES sleep with one price and get up on the otherNear one of the shops I met in Minsk housewives who

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The recipient must pay ransom tax income

Theft sign Alliance Belarusian Jews immediately said to the police department of the Metropolitan District. And after some time to the German Embassy in Minsk called boy. He said about random at him, discovery and claimed credit for a thousand euros. For three months in Minsk and Bremen appeared both official and unofficial version of what happened. According to the official version, bronze plaque stolen bums. More vserasprostranennaya unofficial version: those who stripped symbol and those who found him belong to the same gang. Very suspicious behaved creator of "findings" In a conversation with a representative of Freedom Society "Remembering

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L. Zaika: Belarusians are not willing to take care of, they want to live here and now

Drakakhrust: "At a press conference on Thursday, President Alexander Lukashenko said:" I’m pretty hard on the legs. I know perfectly well where the country should go and how it should develop, "- said the head of the country. By him, Belarus budget revenues in 2007 may be exceeded, despite the difficult economic situation in the country. "Taking into account a two-fold increase in gas prices and the situation with the oil, it is — a victory," — said Lukashenko.It will be recalled that a week back, during the Easter Mass in Svyataduhavym Cathedral, the President said: "The one powerful blow

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Net income increased OAK 12 times

Net income of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) for the I half-year 2013 under the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) has exceeded 502,900,000 rubles. These data are presented in the unaudited unconsolidated financial statements posted on the official website of the KLA. Last year during the same period, the figure was 40,274,000 rubles. Thus, net sales increased by 12 times. According to the UAC, it is possible to achieve a net profit margin of more than 18% and reduce the unallocated loss by 23% — to 1.7 billion rubles. 

Sales Corporation for the six months was 2.72

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Inspect opposition candidates before the election

In Lelchitsy District Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties claimed UCP activist Nikolai Gavrilenko submit a declaration of income and assets for 2007. Allegedly, there is information about how to obtain income from the sale of activist car, although the car as stated Nicholas, he acquired exclusively in the store, "Children’s World" for small nephew.Filling also claimed declarations from his wife, mother and mother-in Nicholas Gavrylenko. In this 70-year-old mother-in-law, which due to unhealthy feet even hard to go to the store for bread, suspected of concealing income from entrepreneurial activity.Since Nicholas himself engaged in unleashing these problems,

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Tribunal: activist must pay 2115000 rubles

Now referee Viktor Central district of Homel Kozachek upheld the claim of regional inspection of Taxation enforcement proceedings with party activists created "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Constantine Zhukovsky 2 115 million thousand rubles taxes.Upon inspection, this tax assessed after filling sovereign Zhukovsky income declaration for the last 5 years.Tax, and after them the Tribunal decided that the costs when buying property activist exceeded available revenues.

What effect will the introduction of a flat tax?

Ministry of money announced its intention to introduce a flat income tax rate of 12%. What has caused such measures? How to react to them, most people? If they would give economic effect? On these issues reflect economists Dmitry Babicki Misha Zaleski. What caused the introduction of a flat tax?Valery Karbalevich:"The introduction of a flat tax, with a fairly low — a measure of constructive liberal. Even in almost all countries with developed market economy operates so called" progressive "tax scale, according to which the rich pay more taxes, and the poor — less. In Belarus, the severe market reforms

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Ivan Shun’ko: Shadow turnover Income not deduce

"Average came such income tax rate — 12%. Present. If we divide the total tax on the average wages in general. Ibid invited not only to change the rate, but generally offered to change approaches to income tax.Offered not only the rate of 12%, and proposed as a value that is not subject to, subsistence wage. And it is not for the poor layers peel, and opposite. " But, according to Shun’ko, these are just suggestions.And if it will work using innovation to bring income out of the shadows? It Shun’ko Ivan said:"One measures the income tax it can not

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Take a step forward and two steps later reversed

Ivan Shun’ko: Shadow turnover Income not deduce Deputy Minister of Finance in an interview with Liberty he explained it, where did the 12% rate. Stanislav Bogdanovich for small income without tax Past chairman of the National Bank of Belarus S.Bogdankevich believes that it is necessary to welcome the introduction of a single rate of 12%, as in Belarus very large shadow economy. V.Marahin: "The poor do not become poorer" Victor Marahin, Deputy Chairman of the budget, money and tax policy in the House, says that a few configuration options considered tax. Leonid Zaika: do not need 12% and 10%

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