Zh.Litvina: The media should take over the forum

The BAJ Jeanne Litvin said: "The press, which would be an authoritarian regime may be, should not serve political movements should not serve certain political party or individual. I think, in this pre-election period, one of the missions to be independent of the press — to take over the function of the forum. I very much hope that this meeting, which was our politicians to "Belsat" just, may be, and came to the fact that you need to "Belsat" assistance in this forum for discussion of the sore before parliamentary elections . "Ms. Litvin urged politicians to show a

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Reporters Without Borders urged to end harassment Radio Radio Station

"Reporters Without Borders" refer to it as "yet another obstacle to the work station to be independent" after, month as reverse Belarusian police executed a search of the Minsk office of Radio. "Belarusian authorities continue prosecution Radio The radio — one of the few sources to be independent disk imaging in Belarus. We encourage complete administrative prosecution, who is motivated only by political approaches "- said in a statement," Reporters Without Borders ".

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Why did the authorities stifle independent media in the regions?

Independent "newspaper Slonim" evicted from the premises. What general methods use pressure against non-state media authorities? Do regional demand for an independent press? How can you resist pressure from the authorities?Members: the chief editor of the newspaper "Gantsevichi hour" and "Nesvizhski hour" Alex Snow white and the chief editor of "Free Deep" Vladimir Skrabatun.Methods pressureValery Karbalevich: "Often, many of which regions of Belarus comes information about government pressure on independent media. On-independent newspapers forbid membership. They are not allowed to sell in kiosks, editorial deprive premises. Specifically, this occurs at the moment with the" Newspaper of Slonim. " Due to

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As the United States promote democracy in Belarus?

It covers 106 countries that the United States is interpreted as "undemocratic countries" or countries that run across to democracy. A separate chapter is devoted to document Belarus.The report noted that the main goal of U.S. policy towards Belarus is to promote a democratic, peaceful and prosperous country that respects human rights and the rule of law. The U.S. government, along with the European Union and other international partners to take positive action against Belarusian officials responsible for violations Human Rights, oppression of democracy and corruption. Immediately the U.S. supports civilian society in Belarus, in including -independent media, human rights

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Are independent and need to be right to have no boundaries …

Man: "Truly speaking, I can not even imagine what it might be useful for the Belarusians. About it I do not hear anything, and it feels like it does not exist. European Union If there is, then we’ll see that country each other help, respect, support. And here … can not see anything, did not counting the fact that they are fighting together, cues in the wheel pose. No utility is not … " Woman: "Totally no. To Belarus was really be independent, the utility would be greater. And people’s lives as adore display the averages of the number, it

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The European Commission has allocated one million euros for YSU

How should vserasprostranennoy consulate of the European Commission in Belarus and Ukraine, disk imaging, YSU present day Belarus is the only independent institution that gives Belarusian students an opportunity to study without political interference.The European Commission is the first donor, which transfers funds to a special EHU Trust Fund made by the Ministerial Council of the North.By this occasion European Commissioner for international policy and neighborhood policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner said:"Creating a Trust Fund is a fundamental step that ensures that all Belarusian students have access to higher education, regardless of their political views. I am proud that the Commission will

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Crimean Observatory scientists have discovered a new comet

In one of the first observatories in the Crimea from the territory of an independent Ukraine opened a new comet. The discovery has confirmed the Japanese, American, British and Italian astronomers.


"The new comet was designated C/2013 N4 (BORISOV) — this is the first comet discovered from the territory of independent Ukraine", — the "Ukrinform".

The author of the discovery was made by an employee of the Crimean Station of the Astronomical Institute. Sternberg MSU Gennady Borisov.

At the moment, the discovery of a comet, astronomers have confirmed Japan, the U.S.,

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Free space decreases

Belarus ranks 188th out of 195-minute free speech in the index for 2007, compiled by the South American research center "Freedom House". Either free media in Belarus?According to the Belarusian Association of Journalists, in the country there are about 30-independent political media. Half of them excluded from the state distribution system, and subscriptions. Some are required to be printed outside Belarus. On the way to the reader circulations often detained by the militia.Circulation "Vitebsk Courier", which was carried out in Belarus Smolensk printing, hitherto the police. According to representatives of the editorial Olga Karach, authorities do not want, that is

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They will try to stifle independent journalism

The call to make donations independent Belarusian journalists spoke Polish Foundation "Freedom and democracy", and other institutions. And currently being negotiated this issue, Radio The radio says editor Eugene Wapa:"We were approached by people from various institutions. Within days, hard to say in what form will this help organizations, investors and funds. By the end of the week leading negotiations this case. Getting ready for the latest situation in restruktualnyh change. But we have a discussion about it the following week. " Radio control is also preparing for accreditation of journalists in Belarus. Although previous experience indicates that such statements

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U.S. condemns harassment-independent media in Belarus

"We condemn the current tough measures against-independent media in Belarus, during which no legitimate reason were detained 30-independent journalists in 12 towns — said in a statement. — It came after an aggressive crackdown on the peaceful marches in Minsk on March 25, accompanied by dozens of arrests. Mode Alexander Lukashenko again proved to be a tough authoritarian dictatorship that openly violates human rights and fundamental freedoms. "State Department urges Belarusian authorities immediately release all those who have been arrested and imprisoned, to ensure that all the victims had been provided medical assistance, and bring all the guilty to justice.

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