Wilderness Awareness

I picked up my first SLR at the age of 13, a good old film-I loading one (35mm format). My dad had photography a, I his hobby, and he introduced me to the colorful world o capturing images with a camera. When I was 17, I got my first D-SLR, and that’s where my photographic journey started.

Initially I tried to explore every genre of photography I hearc about, but at some point I realized that nature photography gives me more pleasure than anything. Then I was introduced to magazines like Smart Photography, and websites like India Nature Watch(INW) (INW

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Indian Defenders to Myanmar

DESPITE PROTESTS from the UK, the Indian Navy transferred two of its Britten-Norman BN-2B Defender maritime surveillance aircraft to Myanmar in August.

Plans to supply the aircraft were announced on January 12 (see More Sea Harriers for India, March, p7). On January 30, British High Commissioner Michael Arthur said the UK would not provide spares or maintenance support for the aircraft if they were delivered, due to its opposition to Myanmar’s military administration. European Union guidelines preclude the sale of military equipment to Myanmar and Western nations have previously suspended military sales to the country in protest at its suppression

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India Photo Tour with Magnums Martin Parr

Magnum photographer, Martin Parr will be leading a 12-day India tour from 16-27 February 2014. The tour, which will center around providing tips on photographing great travel shots will navigate along the lines of India’s golden triangle—from Delhi to Lucknow, via Jaipur and Agra. Additionally, participants will also get a chance to have their images critiqued by Parr himself, a man who is known for his with a witty yet critical photographic style.

Martin Parr is not new to India. He has shot the country extensively, and in 2010, even released a book, Martin Parr in India. The photo tour,

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India and Pakistan on the brink?

On may 26, 1999, India launched — for the first time since the 1971 India-Pakistan war — a series of air strikes against non-aligned Islamic forces intruding into India’s sector of the disputed Kashmir region. It now appears that these forces were armed, equipped and trained by India’s rival, Pakistan. Moreover, as this article was being written, evidence emerged that troops from the Pakistani Army had also crossed into Indian territory. The Islamic irregulars are largely Pakistani nationals, but include many former Taliban fighters from Afghanistan and other hard-line Islamic countries. They have demanded a withdrawal of all Indian troops

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India — Pakistan tension rises

FIGHTING BETWEEN India and Pakistan over the disputed Jammu and Kashmir region has escalated to its most serious level since 1971. India has mounted a fierce and ongoing ground and air campaign against what it claims are Pakistani-supported incursions into the north of the Indian-controlled Kashmir region. This resulted in several hundred casualties and the loss of three Indian aircraft, one MiG-21, a MiG-27ML and a Mil Mi-17 helicopter. Clashes have involved considerable artillery fire, and hand-to-hand fighting has been reported.

Despite an agreement by both governments to engage in talks over the upsurge in fighting, the clashes look set

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Exploring the Cafe Sitters in Mumbai

Chirodeep Chaudhuri has been photographing for the past 20 years in India. Amidst the myriad of assignments that he receives, he always takes the time to shoot personal projects, the city of Mumbai being one of the subjects.

One of his recent personal projects has been photographing people frequenting the cafes of Mumbai. He describes the images in this series as part of an India in transition. He considers the coffee shop chains as a metaphor for a new, emerging India. He believes these coffee shops function as a small window into the lifestyles of the rapidly increasing middle class.

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Delicate and beautifully detailed, antique Vizagapatam work makes a subtle statement in today’s interiors, says Clive Stewart-Lockhart.

England, high summer, 1817. A young lady, let’s call her Emma, sits on the terrace of her country house, working at her sampler with a group of friends. As she reaches for her elegant, beautifully etched ivory work-box, she can’t help but feel a certain one-upmanship over her more provincial friends with their plain mahogany boxes. Hers, made in Vizagapatam, India, was a gift from her husband who is stationed there with the army and although she really does love it, her sense

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South African MRAP Casspir Mk 6 chassis Ural

 Photo source:livejournal.com

The South African Department of Corporation BAE Systems (BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa) 17 August 2011 introduced a new armored vehicle Casspir Mk 6, which is a further development of one of the founders of machines MRAP — South African car Casspir. Curiously, while BAE Systems itself states that Casspir Mk 6 as early machines Casspir, «is minozaschischennym armored personnel carrier, and not a machine category MRAP», and that the mobility and relative permeability of light vehicle Casspir Mk 6 exceeds that of "real" machines MRAP. As can be seen, such a division of BAE Systems

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Ship Repair Center asterisk gave the Indian Navy modernized submarine Sindurakshak

Ship Repair Center "asterisk" / is a part of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" / transferred to the naval forces of India upgraded diesel-electric submarines (SSKs) "Sindurakshak" Project 877 EKM (NATO Class «Kilo»). It is symbolic that the transfer of the ship took place on January 26 Republic Day — National Day of the Republic of India.

The contract for the performance of medium repair and modernization of diesel-electric submarines "Sindurakshak" was signed by a ship repair "asterisk" and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of India June 4, 2010, and in August of that year, the

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TSAMTO. Top 10 most significant exports of Russia in 2011 in a segment of the Air Force

 Photo source:nationaldefense.ru

In the top 10 most significant events in the segment of Russian exports of military aircraft in 2011 TSAMTO included one contract, two intentions and 7 of delivery of programs (by previous agreements).

The rating includes only those programs for which in 2011 were carried out activities that involve the completion of a stage (that is, it is, for example, contracting, negotiating the terms of delivery, completion of a stage for the joint development, licensing program and the actual delivery).

In this regard, a number of major ongoing programs for which the year 2011 was

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